Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shays talks Iraq

Shays had an "interesting" interview with Colin McEnroe (on Afternoons with Bruce and Colin) a few days ago. I really suggest you listen:

He's right about the Iraqi politicians not doing the "heavy lifting" and "making the tough decisions". But, he seemed a little confused about what our troop levels should be. And his idea of victory ("...victory is not that the fighting will stop...") seemed a little confusing and a little dangerous. I think he's the first person on either side of the aisle to suggest that the fighting can be allowed to continue.

Afternoons with Bruce and Colin. Bruce and Colin with Congressman Chris Shays (.mp3). WTIC. 9/10/06.

Updated 11:58am 9/10/06


The Architect said...

Link to the audio, don't embed it.

Genghis Conn said...

I actually like the embedding.

cgg said...

I prefer it too. People gave me crap for embedding video but eliminates the extra step.

turfgrrl said...

From a bandwidth conscious standpoint, embeds should go after the jump to the single page view. That way limited browsing viewers can load the main page.

Anonymous said...

on a substantive note...

Shays says that victory won't come when the fighting ends. That's just plain stupid. But he's not the first to say something like that. Nancy Johnson said on the floor of the House recently that we have already won the war we had to win in Iraq... and yet, the fighting continues and people -- Iraqis and American soldiers, including Connecticut kids -- keep dying. So what is it that these Republicans think we are supposed to be working towards over there? One says that our goal is not for the fighting to stop. The other says that we've already won, even though the death toll continues to rise.

It's disgusting. For years these guys have been backing Bush's war and now that they are 2 months from getting beat in an election they're trying to run from it.