Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Open Forum

Rowland sells his place by the lake.

New London considers a strong-mayor form of government.

Joe Lieberman may receive a frosty reception when he returns to the Senate.

Lastly, a poll:

In local races for state representative, which are you more likely to vote for?
The incumbent
The challenger
My district has no challenger
My district has no incumbent
Don't know/don't care
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What else is happening?


CTRevolution said...

Republican Governor Rell is probably thinking of ways she can take credit for the legislature's accomplishments while at the same time doing nothing on energy and health care.

AnonAndOnAndOn said...

Oh, I don't think ANYONE running for Governor would want to hitch their wagon to "the legisalture's accomplishments." Those illustrious dunderheads haven't exactly racked up too impressive of a record. All they're going to do is rain down the direct mail to tell their constituents how much money they "brought home."

"Fighting for You."
"Leadership that Counts"
"Experience that Works"
"Your voice in Hartford"

Ghengis, you should start a thread on the campaign slogans, so we could vote for the corniest ones!

Rell has one thing that JDS will never find in his ten-point plans, and that's the ability to connect emotionally with the voters on the gut level. That's not a knock on John, it's just the way it is right now.

CTRevolution said...

Rell also gives me a feeling in the gut. Like I just got punched there. Like the feeling you get when you realize your electricity rates are going to go up while Rell is hanging with her Rowland cronies. I'm glad she's so focused on the car tax while property taxes and energy prices skyrocket. Sweet.

RedCT said...

The great thing about Rell is she doesn't do anything. Last time I checked the state is doing pretty well. We don't need tax and spend DeStefano as governor with his 44 point plans. If you're too lazy to get a job, you don't deserve health care. If you can't pay for the energy rates, why don't you got another job. Everything can be solved by hard work, not the Governor.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

That feeling, CTRevolution, would be the sudden (and for you, apparently deeply disconcerting) realization that being Governor does not, in fact, mean a repeal of the laws of supply and demand (or physics, in case you were still confused).

You seem to have confused JDS with King Cnut. Alas for you, the tides remain unimpressed.

bluecoat said...

In Rowland seels cottage by the lake nothing is said about how the family of US Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor was losing a good friend as a neighbor. Nothing was said about how O'Connor's wife worked in the Rowland Administration. And nothing was said that despite the circle of corruption around Rowland O'Connor had a hands off policy with the FBI when it came to looking at Rowland. Nothing was said how Rowland was never really exposed for his crimes as a result and nothing was said about how O'Connor finally recused himself and let the investigation go when the press starting putting on a full press. Kevin O'Connor for US Senate - never!

demchick said...

Funny story in the Torrington paper today - this paragraph in particular...

"We get a lot of requests for Ned," campaign spokesman Liz Dupont-Diehl said Thursday night when asked why the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate has not made any personal appearances in the city so far. "I'm positive he will be in Torrington before the month is out," she said late Thursday, Aug. 31. As of midnight, Aug. 31 or month's end, Lamont had not visited the city.

Lamont still a no-show in Torrington (

CTRevolution said...

A Diff. Anon,

Nowhere in your post did you come anywhere close to making sense. I'm sure DeStefano will be quite upset when he hears he can't repeal the law of physics, that was the centerpiece of his campaign.

Anonymous said...

You're right, we must stop DeStefano from repealing the laws of supply and demand!!! Let the market take its own course I say. If people can't afford to pay property taxes, then take their houses. And if people are so poor that they can't afford medicine, then let them die!!

bluecoat said...

there's something wrong with the Post a Comment setup on the Debate thread but in any event I know beleive LWV has a policy of not inviting petitioning candiditaes, which is waht Lieberman is, to debates but I am not 100% sure on that.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

The Joe article points me to the notion that Joe will be radioactive in public. Not necessarily in private- and certainly not after a win. He might more valuable property as a centrist.

Jim Jeffords never had it better- and he never affiliated.

FrankS said...

Is Rell's response to the lastest West Nile virus cases too little, too late?

Rell's offering to help towns and cities kill off mosquitoes now, after they have hatched, spread viruses, bred and before what's left of a tropical storm hits the State, begs critical questioning of her leadership.

Mosquitoe population control programs have been developed and should be in place every year, especially wet years, yet it seems Rell's administration was unprepared.

Mosquitoes trapped in Stonington on August 22nd have tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis virus. These are the first mosquitoes identified with EEE this season.

disgruntled_republican said...

Frank S -

Many towns, for whatever reason, do not want to spray for mosquitoes. In all honesty, I have no idea why...I questioned it in my towna few years ago and can't remember their reasoning but I do remember that it made sense to me at the time.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


You were the one who raised the issue of energy prices. If the connection between energy prices and the law of supply and demand eludes you, then I feel sorry fo ...

Oh, wait. You're a DeStefano supporter. Of course the connection eludes you.

My mistake.

bluecoat said...

If one town sprays and another doesn't because of home rule as usual, it's an absolutely ineffective public health and safety policy.

FrankS said...

Spraying is not the only method of control. Rell also authorized the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to purchase additional supplies of larvicide for municipalities to use in the control of mosquito populations, especially in areas where disease-bearing mosquitoes have been identified in high numbers. Larvicide is contained in pellets and other non-spray forms to kill larva in mosquito breeding areas.

Earlier and greater distribution of larvicides doesn't require much forethought.

CTRevolution said...

A Diff Anon,

A Diff. Anon.

The price of energy rates has a direct relation to the Governor's leadership on the issue. The lack of a push into natural energy sources, the lack of energy price relief(instead she cuts the estate tax), the lack of investment in more efficient use of resources. There's a connection for you.

Oh wait, you're a Rell supporter. Of course that connection eludes you.

My mistake

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

CTR says: The price of energy rates has a direct relation to the Governor's leadership on the issue.

GOV. DESTEFANO: I'm sorry, Speaker Amann, I have to hang up now - the King of Saudi Arabia is on the other line. He wants to check with me before setting global oil prices.

CTR says: The lack of a push into natural energy sources, the lack of energy price relief(instead she cuts the estate tax), the lack of investment in more efficient use of resources.

As we speak DPUC is seeking bids for future energy contracts from diverse fuel sources. Rell has ordered all state agencies to lower energy consumption by 10 percent, offered municipalities the chance to get in on state-discounted energy purchases and asked the Legislature in February to cut the utilities consumption tax by 225 percent (the Dems declined). And the estate tax is right where the Democrats set it.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzt -- thanks for playing.

The True Gentleman said...

How many among us would support alternative forms of energy to lessen electric and oil/gas prices? All of us I would imagine. And how many of us support clean energy projects like windmills? Again, I would think that most of us would like that too. And how many of us would allow those windmills to sit in the Long Island Sound off our coast? I bet the number of supporters drastically falls because Republicans and Democrats who live along the shoreline do not want to look out at the LIS and see windmills (a la Ted Kennedy and the Cape Cod project). Just remember, there are many obstacles to developing a sound energy policy and that WE, as consumers, have a lot of say in what we want and don't want.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

D'oh - that's 25 percent, not 225 ... not that I wouldn't support a 225 percent decrease in taxes ...

bluecoat said...

California just passed a law that is touted by its supporters who include venture capitalists as being a market driven energy policy that sets clean energy standards and greenhouse gas emmission standards without dictating technology or govt funding it as CT does. I heard about it on the news but I haven't read about it enough to comment.

FrankS said...

Our political leaders also had a right to make choices, the Cross Sound Cable is adding demand and diminishing supply for Connecticut Consumers.

tessa said...

Very sad weekend in Milford. 21 year old Jordan Pierson was killed in Iraq and his remains were brought back today.

Eight honor guard marines brought the casket into Cody-White Funeral Home in the center of town. I have been told they will stand guard inside all weekend.

His mother and father and 11 year old brother stood on the steps of Cody-White.

Our communal sorrow is palpable.

On Monday we will have a whole-city event to line the streets of Downtown for the funeral procession at 1 pm. Bring American flags.

From the paper:
Friends may call on Sunday from 2 to 8 p.m. in the Cody-White Funeral Home, 107 Broad Street on the Green, Milford. A Memorial Service will be held on Monday, September 4 at 2 p.m. in the Calvary Evangelical Free Church, 498 White Plains Road, Trumbull. Interment will be held with full military honors on Wednesday, September 6 at 2 p.m. in Arlington National Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to Foran High School Scholarship Fund, 80 Foran Road, Milford, CT 06460 or the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation at

CTRevolution said...

A Diff Anon,

If you want to see solutions from a real leader, check out

If you want to see continued failed results, choose Republican Governor Rell. It seems to be working really well for the state.

Or maybe you want to look to another state for environmental leadership.,1,4469043.story

But never ever expect to look to Rell for the leadership, because it's not there.

Anonymous said...

Frank S. we also import power from NY and other states. It's called a grid.

It is remarkable how CT pols reflexsively oppose any and all energy projects and then scream bloody murder when rates increase

The True Gentleman said...

Thank you for the post, Tessa. Our prayers and thoughts are with Corporal Pierson's family and friends. We will never forget the sacrifice he made in the name of freedom - and more importantly, that he made that sacrifice trying to help another country achieve that goal. He will be missed.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Qouth CTR: It seems to be working really well for the state.

You're damn straight. That would be why MJR is beating JDS something like 70-30.

Please, continue to deny that reality ... it only helps.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

FrankS: Our political leaders also had a right to make choices, the Cross Sound Cable is adding demand and diminishing supply for Connecticut Consumers.

Has it occurred to you, Frankie Baby, that the cable runs both ways?

GMR said...

the Legislature in February to cut the utilities consumption tax by 225 percent (the Dems declined). And the estate tax is right where the Democrats set it.

How can you cut a tax by over 100%?

GMR said...

Ooops, just saw that other comment!

Anonymous said...

Fedele will be Governor when Rell
decides to step down within 12 months
after the election.

Get used to Governor Fedele.

Anonymous said...

Andrew McDonald is the only buffer against the evil genius, Michael Fedele.

Anonymous said...

Fedele would be a better Governor than DeStefano.

FrankS said...

On the Cross Sound Cable, from the link

"Cold Spring Harbor, NY -- July 14, 2005 – In operation for one year, the cross-Sound cable has carried 1,195,895 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity to Long Island – enough to power 127,000 average residential customers – and has saved the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) approximately $17.5 million in energy costs."

The cable is hardly a two way street, Long Island saves money by purchasing power from off-island sources.

Yes, Connecticut already imports power, adding Long Island's demands to those needs only creates greater burdens on the transmission system.