Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ward to head DMV

Anne Gnazzo Picked for Administrative Services

Retiring Minority Leader Robert Ward has been tapped to lead the DMV, according to the Associated Press:
Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Tuesday tapped veteran Republican lawmaker Robert Ward to run the state's motor vehicle department.

Rell, a Republican, appointed the outgoing House minority leader as her new commissioner.
Rell also announced she is appointing Anne Gnazzo as the next commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services, which handles state purchasing and human resource management.

Gnazzo is deputy secretary of the Office of Policy and Management. Rell seems to be making as many moves as she can before her inauguration--and the start of the session--on January 3rd.

"Rell appoints Ward to head Department of Motor Vehicles." Associated Press 26 December, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Two exceptional people -- although I think Ward could have been used somewhere else, like Insurance or DCP.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

The Dept of Motor Vehicles has been ignored and treated poorly for entirely too long.

From a funtional standpoint the place is probably the best run dept. in the state save for the fact that they're terribly understaffed and hamstrung via antique equipment.

The parade of negative swift-kick-in-the-butt commissioners they've suffered under pretty much since DelPonte (the last excellent DMV commissioner) has taken a terrible toll on the place.

They need and deserve a commissioner that will champion them for a change. The CT DMV collects more money for the state than any other dept except that designed soley to do so, the DRS.

Despite this, it took decades to replace the branch office in New Britain that required 11 (that's no typo) buckets every time it rained.

The negativity on top (one cranky commish after another) has done massive damage to the morale in the dept. The refusal to allow flex schedules, comp time etc creates backups in some locations (Old Saybrook) that literally cause traffic problems on I-95.

Ward is exactly the "let me give you a hand with that" , positive, upbeat kind of person that can FINALLY do the job right.

Anonymous said...

I think Bob Ward is an interesting choice to run DMV.

I think he can get DMV out of its bad reputation.

GMR said...

One time while standing in line at a DMV to get my license renewed, I was talking to the woman in front of me or behind me. She had just moved from Indiana or Ohio or someplace like that. Anyway, she said that in her state, AAA offices could handle license renewals and I think registration, as well as the local DMV. AAA was always a breeze in and out.

Anyway, it was interesting. Anyone here have any concrete experience in dealing with DMVs in other states? Or private contractors for the DMV?

Anonymous said...

GMR, AAA offices handle license renewals in CT.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see a Republican bash past DMV Commisioners. The last one is now head of ConnDOT. Well anyway, the bottom line here is that Ward was as loyal as you get during Moodygate unlike the seven commishes REll defended before the election but has since just dumped.

Anonymous said...

Thought we'd hear about a new deputy commissioner for DOT that Rell announced a nationwide search for a while ago?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that anyone with talent would want to relocate to CT to work for Carpenter, Moody and what's her name Rell!!!

Anonymous said...

AAA handles drvivers license renewals in CT as long as there are no changes. And that's all they handle.