Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dodd to have a "Conversation With the Mirror"

From the AP:
Sen. Chris Dodd said Tuesday he plans to have "a conversation with the mirror" over the Christmas holidays to decide whether he'll join a growing field of Democratic presidential contenders.

But Dodd, a 25-year Senate veteran, added, "If I had to make a decision in the next thirty seconds, I'd say, 'Let's go."'

That should be an outstanding conversation. I wonder what the mirror will have to say?

"AP Interview: Dodd set to join growing Democratic presidential field." Associated Press 12 December, 2006.


CT Bob said...

He already had that conversation.

The mirror replied,

"Diputs, nur t'nod."

cgg said...

Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Who has the fairest hair of all?

Anonymous said...

GC... I thought this was a joke until I clicked through.

TrueBlueCT said...

For the record:

I prefer Dodd to Hillary, Obama, Biden, (ugh!), Vilsack, Bayh, Kucinich, etc.

Senator Dodd is neither full of himself, nor full of shit. Plus he would be a competent and damn good President.

My only problem with Chris is his apparent lack of passion, which translates into a seeming unelectableness. Maybe we know him too well?!?

Anyway, outside of an oversized ego, what does Kerry or Hillary have over our homegrown Senator? Answer = Nothing.

Matt said...

Hey I have an idea, Genghis... why don't you subject McCain to some ridicule for a while? Might be fun -- in the spirit of being nonpartisan and all.

Anonymous said...


You admitted to voting for Rell,Schlesinger and Nader in 2000.

Perhaps your continual bashing of Dodd is an oman in his favor.

cgg said...

Come on guys. Dodd is quoted as saying he plans to have a conversation with his mirror. No matter how you feel about his presidential ambitions, that's funny.

Genghis Conn said...

The idea of a Dodd presidential campaign is just... silly. I can't explain it. It just is. Maybe it's because he started all this off by saying he had "the itch" to run.

And I never voted for Nader! I was a Green, but that was after 2000.

Anonymous said...

Dodd can't win. And he can't get the nomination. End of story.

Don Pesci said...

"Dodd can't win. And he can't get the nomination. End of story." -- annon

Probably right. Even as the head of the Banking committee, he'll have a problem in the money sweepstakes, relative to the other candidates. So, supposing he knows all this -- what makes Dodd run? Does he want to become a banker for other more promising candidate. McCain/Feingold will allow Dodd to make contributions to other Democratic candidates. Or, is he fishing for a spot on the national tickeyt of Hillary, et al? Can we have a serious discussion?

Genghis Conn said...


Sure. Dodd wants to be in Hillary's cabinet. He's a smart guy, he must know he has little to no shot.

Could just be a fun way to go out. Why not? I'd do it if I were him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Remember last time, when the dems were crazy about Howard Dean, and the media was showing off how he supposedly had so much momentum?

In the end, Democrats went with John Kerry, a candidate they percieved to be more experienced and level-headed.

This time around, Dodd can be the more experienced and level-headed candidate. What did John Kerry have in 2003 that Dodd doesn't have now? I think that if nominated, Dodd will turn out to be a better candidate for the Democrats than John Kerry.

I know he's still a long shot, but I woulnd't write him off so fast. Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

I would of supported Dodd until he went and supported Ned Lamont.

I will not support that Liberal witch Hillary Rottenham Clinton either.

Anyone who supported Lamont publicly and vehemently against Lieberman will not get my vote.

Barack Obama and Evan Bayh are better candidates than the same Northeast Dribble(Dodd,Kerry, Biden)

I wouldnt vote for Biden Because my friend's dad went to Law School with him and told my friend some stuff on how he is a cheat.

Forget Hillary Rottenham Clinton she is just a liberal carpetbagger and she has no chance Another Ned Lamont is all.

Anonymous said...

I also prefer Dodd over Hilary.
But do not forget John Edwards. He
has a great sunny disposition and
is still "new" on the scene. He is
the one to watch. Out the most repected politicians in America he was ranked sixth and Obama I think
number two. Here is the thing: the
other people ranked are Republicans
or they cannot or will not run. So
for Democratic nomination it is
between John Edwards and Obama.
mark my words.

Hilary will just get the feminist
vote only and will be a 3rd place
finisher in these primaries.

The Phantom...

Anonymous said...

Edwards/Obama ticket.

Southern and Midwest is the only way the Dems are winning back the White House. Northeast doesn't play nationally anymore and hasn't since 1968.

LitchfieldAngelina said...

Dodd is no different from Kerry?

I didn't realize that Dodd's wife has hundreds of millions of dollars available if necessary ...

In 2004, Kerry was about to lose big-time in Iowa ... then he found a way to suddenly pull millions of dollars out of one of his houses in Massachusetts. Having a ton of money available for your campaign in the snap of a finger is extremely helpful. I don't think that Dodd is similar to Kerry. If Kerry did not have that money suddenly available in early 2004, then I am certain that he would not have won the Democratic primary.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Obama is running for Veep just as Edwards was. Edwards has been all over the country since 2004 as a guest speaker at college graduations, Katrina relief, an outspoken critic of Bush and so forth.

Also, his One America Committee has been a huge source of financial support to Dem candidates large and small and has backed all types of ballot initiatives for minimum wage and poverty relief across the nation.

Believe me it is a forgone conclusion this thing is Edwards Obama written all over it. I do not consider Hillary even
a factor in this race once it starts up. Quite a statement I know but I believe that is how it will play out.
She said she may make an official announcent as soon as next month that she is running. She wants to force Obama's hand and get some press. Edwards will come in much later and swoop them all.

The Phantom...

Anonymous said...

LitchfieldAngelina: Point taken, but Dodd ain't poor, and I don't know how he stacks up against the other candidates. I'm not saying that Dodd has a great chance, but its certainly not impossible.

Edwards, on the other hand, has more national exposure plus some more experience than last time - he might be able to pull though. I'd give him better odds than Dodd

LitchfieldAngelina said...

Dodd is a dud.

Edwards is not at all a joke. I'm not convinced that he will be able to raise much money, but here are my main thoughts about him:

-- Trial attorneys are important for Democrats and he's as good of a connection to trial attorneys as the Dems will find ...

-- His 2004 VP candidacy gave him great national exposure, so he is somewhat of a known commodity at this point (a good thing for him, of course) ...

-- I was very unimpressed with his performance against Dick Cheney in the 2004 VP debate ...

-- He's a good-looking guy and that's always helpful ...

-- He didn't do so well in South Carolina in 2004 ... given the heavily Black voting population for the Democratic primary in South Carolina, Hussein Osama (a.k.a. Obama) might embarrass Edwards big-time in South Carolina (kind of like Gore losing Tennessee in 2000) ...