Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hartford Mayoral Race in the Works

I wanted to point out this Stan Simpson column on the upcoming Hartford mayoral race. Simpson mentions a few potentials, but suggests that none of them are quite up to challenging Eddie Perez:
But the cast of early potential rivals - former state Sen. Frank Barrows, state Rep. Art Feltman; onetime Deputy Mayor I. Charles Mathews and state Rep. Minnie Gonzalez - may be more distraction than real challenge to the mayor.

The next mayor, after Perez, must be one who can raise significant cash and connect with corporate Hartford while still having the credibility to mingle in its multi-ethnic neighborhoods.(Simpson)

Simpson mentions possibilities like Kevin Henry, State Rep. Kevin Roldan and Republican Corey Brinson as possibilities for 2007. One person Simpson leaves off his list is state Treasurer Denise Nappier, who has been rumored to be interested in Perez's job for a while, now. Is she no longer a potential candidate?

I suspect that there will be some sort of meaningful challenge to Perez regardless. He's made a lot of enemies, and Hartford has not made much in the way of tangible progress during his term. A lot of the hope people felt about Perez when he first took office has since disappeared.

Simpson, Stan. "Political Change Is Brewing." Hartford Courant 20 December, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Every one of the current candidates listed are doing it out of some spite or another against the Mayor. Not a single one of them is doing it because they bring anyting special that makes them the right candidate for the city. Not a great way to build a future for Hartford. After this term, though, Simpson did a good job at identifying folks that have their own talents. Denise Nappier could still be a great choice too.

ken krayeske said...

Just to be sure, Corey Brinson, Kevin Henry et al were listed as potentials for 2011.

Prediction: Perez falls to I. Charles Matthews.

Anonymous said...

I am no believer in the gospel of Fast Eddie...but he isn't losing to I. Charles, who didn't even live in Hartford until 3 months ago.

ctblogger said...

One word: Napier.

Genghis Conn said...

Nappier vs. Perez would be the matchup of 2007, if she decided to run.

Or maybe it wouldn't be. How much support does Perez command any more?

Anonymous said...

Bring Back Former Mayor Mike Peters or How about Soon to be Former State Rep Evelyn Mantilla.

MikeCT said...

Nappier going from Treasurer to Mayor? I don't get it, but I know nothing about it.

What happens if a Constitutional officer vacates her seat mid-term?

Here's an interview (mp3) Stan Simpson had with Frank Barrows on WTIC.

ctblogger said...

I bring up Nappier's name because as I person raised in the North-Ende, I can tell you without a doubt, she would get the African-American vote and if she's has that slot in her pocket, the mayor's chair is all hers.

All you need to do is give a reason for African-Americans to vote in Hartford and THEY'LL vote in HUGE numbers. There is little love for Perez among African-Americans for reason's I won't get into in this forum. Don't know about the laws if she vacates her seat mid-term but if I was her (with her family's popularity), I'd seriously think about it...very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I. Charles has no "spite" reason for running against Eddie. Actually, he was asked by a number of longtime community folks to consider it. People are fed up with Perez and his dictatorial style. Since Mathews announced, Hartford employees have been threatened with termination if they fail to stand with Eddie. Contractors have been offered financial incentives to step up - he even strong-armed a nonprofit, saying he was using photos to imply support whether the nonprofit liked it or not. Mathews support goes beyond the North End, folks like the Sullivans and Carbone are coming on board.

Eddie's got a fight on his hands, and it's about time. The day of the dictator and mafioso tactics need to end.