Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Larson Becoming More Powerful

Apologies for light posting during the holiday week

A piece about the increasing influence of Rep. John Larson ran in the Courant today:
The man has friends. A lot of them, and it's why, as Democrats take control of the House next week, Larson begins 2007 as a major power broker.
Larson is a Pelosi loyalist.

"We're not joined at the hip," he says, "but I'm one of the top 10 she calls for advice, and that's a good thing."

Let's face it--unless Larson runs for governor (he tried in 1994), U.S. Senator or some other office, he'll be a Congressman for as long as he wants. He has plenty of time to amass power and influence. We may see him rise farther up in the ranks if the Democrats are successful this term--or even if they aren't.

Lightman, David. "Larson Powers Up His Career." Hartford Courant 27 December, 2006.


Anonymous said...

How does he know he is among the top 10? Does Pelosi publish a list ala Letterman?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Larson is good for something. I still don't know what he has done or plans to do. He just seems like a career politician to me.