Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Open Forum

A Connecticut soldier from Eastford was killed in Afghanistan last week.

A judge is reviewing Ernie Newton's sentence.

Dodd and Kerry go to Damascus.

Rate hikes have UI customers worried.

What else is going on?


Bobby McGee said...

Bush/Lieberman/McCain continue to ignore the joint chiefs/Iraq Study Group/reality and call for more troops.

FrankS said...

Ideas on spending the state budget surplus are growing, with a number of Republican legislators are suggesting spending $100 million dollars in surplus monies to fund a land preservation efforts on Lake Candlewood and other areas. Rell's reaction seemed rather cool to her fellow party members, but then Rell's own budget/spending ideas have yet to floated. They probably won't until close to the legislative session opening and her speech, after the political support for any such projects is assured.

One project had been a state power authority. Had the public shock over utility rates erupted earlier and a "power authority" enacted, the state could have bought the whole lake.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, why not?: