Thursday, December 21, 2006

House Republicans Plan for Session

From the AP wire:
There may only be 44 of them, but members of the state's House Republican caucus said Thursday that they'll make their presence known when the legislature meets in January.
The group plans to push for a bill to create a new first-time home buyers fund. The state income taxes of recent college graduates who remain in Connecticut would be put in investment accounts that could be tapped to buy homes.

House Republicans also hope to exempt senior citizens' pensions from the state income tax and create new portable health care plans that workers can take from job to job.

The idea of a first-time home buyers fund for college grads who stay in Connecticut is intriguing.

"Small House GOP caucus vows to be heard next session." Associated Press 21 December, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Rell announced she accepted the resignations of Commissioners:

Dunbar (DCF), Abromaitis (DECD), Cogswell (DOI), Wilson-Coker (DSS), and Ramirez (DMV). She is also giving the boot to Jennifer Aniskovich, Director of the Tourism Commission. That last one was probably particularly sweet for Relloody, who have made it a sport to crap on all-things-Aniskovich (you're better off mentioning Rowland's name in their company).

Anonymous said...

Cafero begging Amann to be taken serious.

Anonymous said...

the UI execs who make a ton of money, the state mployees and teachers who enjoy great pensions and a whole lot of other folks who have their pensions funded by pre-tax-dollars would never pay raxes on their earned income if the Republicans have their way. sounds fair to me. and makes sense since Cafero's old man is a greedy old CT public eduction employee himself - Cafero wants to give back on the backs of the current taxpayer. states that don;t tax pensions - or IRA's or 401K's - don;t allow the deduction up front - that's smart and fair. .

TrueBlueCT said...

First-time home buyers fund?? Huh?

Do the Republicans realize that down payments are no longer the problem they once were for first-time buyers? I mean to slide into a home these days, all you need is $5-10K.

The real problem is the affordability of housing, and the fact that no CT town wants to allow the development of "starter" homes.

If the legislature wants to do something creative, instead of trying to bribe college students into staying in CT, I suggest they think about any program that might encourage towns to allow construction of 1000-1500sqft homes. An idea I have is that the state should pay the school expenses for children living in new "starter" homes. That way towns could allow the construction of $150-$200,000 homes, without having to worry about the increased educational bill.

AnonAndOnAndOn said...

Anon 5:29: Lemme get this straight. You're attacking Cafero's FATHER??? What the hell is your problem??

And Anon 4:50: Time will tell, but the way things went with the Lamont split, the 44 Rs might just be the largest consistently united voting blok in the House. (A pitiful state from either party's point of view.)

Anonymous said...

Cafero's father isn't the former HS principal from Norwalk? And all public education employees aren't greedy? OK, glad to hear the Republicans are turning around on that.

Anonymous said...

Cafero is still in campaign mode with gallo by his side. Don't they get it, they lost the election on this stuff. Seniors are buckling under the property tax, not the income tax. Not all of them get government pensions and healthcare and not all of them sheltered their money from taxes in retriement plans along the way so they are dipping into savings but not retirement savings. They'd be smart to try to find consensus on property tax reform to accomplish what they want. Less reliance on the property tax would help the senior citizens in tough spots as well as young homebuyers. BTW, this giving kids a break straight out of college sounds more like a way for mommy and daddy to help their kid get a house than some smart public policy. How many college kids buy houses right sfter grdiation?

fedup with flashy Larry said...

A vocal but irrelevant minority. Anything else that's not new?

Wolcottboy said...

Trueblue said:
Do the Republicans realize that down payments are no longer the problem they once were for first-time buyers? I mean to slide into a home these days, all you need is $5-10K.

ONLY $5-10K? Even being out of school for six years, I'm not planning on aspiring to join the ranks of Gold Coasties yet. Many my age are getting married and starting their families. $5-$10 K is quite a bit of money!

Any help in making a down payment- while I'm trying to get ahead in making the largest payments I can for college loans as well as other loans I've taken out (other courses, car, and others) - would be a huge help. I don't have kids yet, but many my age do - and that's qutie a bit of money.

I agree with you on the smaller-mid sized "average" homes. Famiies in neighborhoods with average sized homes produce true communities where kids can walk to each others' houses and play in the street safely.
I think any incentive to help starting families will help. And don't forget by doing so we're not just keeping 2 people in the state- but they're children too!