Friday, December 08, 2006

Rell Shuffles Staff

From the Courant:
Judd Everhart is out as Rell's chief spokesman. Chris Cooper, who twice served as the top press aide to Gov. John G. Rowland, is in.

Anna Ficeto is taking over as the governor's legal counsel, a sensitive post that has been vacant since the resignation of Kevin Rasch in July.

Ficeto, 42, most recently was deputy to M. Lisa Moody, the governor's chief of staff, longtime confidant and most influential adviser.
Cooper, 54, will be Rell's third press secretary in less than three years. Despite Rell's high approval ratings and personal popularity, Moody frequently has been dissatisfied with the gubernatorial press office since Rell took office July 1, 2004, after Rowland's resignation. (Pazniokas)

It's worth noting that Rell is apparently re-arranging her staff on Moody's say-so. Ficeto, the new legal counsel, was Moody's deputy, and Moody was "dissatisfied" with the way Everhart was running things.

So why Cooper? He worked as Rowland's press secretary until 2003, when he was fired as part of a reshuffling intended to distract from the governor's mounting troubles. He was a registered Democrat, and may still be. He became Rowland's spokesman again during the twilight of his administration in April of 2004, when Dean Pagani left. Basically, he's a guy with a long history in the Rowland administration, although he hasn't been tainted with the scandal that brought the governor down. Apparently, this is what Moody wants--and she gets what she wants.

Pazniokas, Mark. "Changing Of Guard On Rell's Watch." Hartford Courant 8 December, 2006.


Anonymous said...

So why Cooper? He's Smooooth!!!!!!

ken krayeske said...

To answer whether or not Cooper is a register D, I checked in the statewide registered voters database. There are two Chris Coopers born in 1952:

Chris C. Cooper of Newbury Road, Newtown, born 10/22/52, is registered as an unaffiliated. This Mr. Cooper voted in the 2004 presidential, a 5/6/03 town budget referendum, 11/5/02, 11/7/00 and 4/25/00.

Christopher F. Cooper of Ripley Hill Road in Coventry, born 5/12/52, is a registered D. And he has voted eight times from 1997 to 2005.

My bet is that Gov. Rell's Mr. Cooper is the latter, and he is still a registered D, according to information from the Secretary of the State's office.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Lisa get what she wants? The Governor's approval rating is sky high and she just stomped her Democratic rival.

Shoot, if I were governor, I'd listen to her, too.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cooper is just another Rowland guy repackaged. No big suprise.

Anonymous said...

He worked for Grasso and O'Neill for 16 years before Rowland -- so if he's repackaged, he's a really old package.

Anonymous said...

Long history in the Rowland administration?????? The only person who has a long history with Rowland is the hot tub girl.....

Anonymous said...

Bob Ward to be named commisioner of insurance sometime this week.

Also, Rell meeting with two finalist candidates for chief justice - 1 man and 1 woman this week. Gee, I wonder who will get it....