Friday, December 01, 2006

Plans for Inaugural Underway

Jodi Rell is planning the first inaugural ball and parade since 1999 (Rowland cancelled the festivities in 2003 because of a budget crisis):
Governor Jodi Rell says there are three committees working on her January third inauguration. One is working on the parade, one on the inauguration ceremony and one on the ball.
Rell says her office is waiting for some guidance from the office of state ethics on how best to fund the inaugural ball. New laws taking effect ban contributions from lobbyists and contractors. In past years, both helped to foot the bill. (AP)

I actually went to Rell's first inaugural. I stood way in the back.

I had just left my job as a high school teacher, but was a few days away from starting my new job at the library where I now work. I was also about six months away from starting this site. So I had time to kill, and, seeing that the inauguration was on a warm July day where I had nothing better to do, I drove down to Hartford.

I'd been following the Rowland scandal, and I, like just about everyone else in Connecticut, was relieved to see him finally leave and let his likable yet unknown Lt. Governor take the reins. I parked in Great River Park in East Hartford (it's free-I'm too cheap to pay for parking in Hartford when I can avoid it) and hoofed it across the Founders Bridge into the city.

I got there far, far too early and spent hours wandering around downtown listening to the bagpipers warm up and finding places to sit in the shade. When the time came, I gathered with a small crowd of regular people (those not sitting in chairs in front of the Capitol's north side) to watch the procession, the swearing-in, and then Rell's speech.

I remember a parade up the north driveway led by pipers and the Governor's Foot Guard. The swearing in was done by then-Chief Justice William Sullivan (I assume Justice Borden will do the honors this time, as no new chief justice has been named), and then Rell gave a short speech promising to clean house and restore trust in government.

And that was it. I have to wonder how this one is going to be different. What will Rell say? I think I'll try to go again--although this time I don't think I'll be able to get away with wearing shorts and a ratty t-shirt.


"Plans underway for inaugural parade, ball." Associated Press30 November, 2006.


bluecoat said...

Planning the innagaural ball is important, very imposrtant for pomp and circumstanece, Jodi. In fact, it;s more important than attending this week's Republican Governor's Association get together where Rell might have discussed some of the common challebges facing the various states; or even recruited some talent for Commisioner jobs; or just talked about how to rebuild the GOPstory on the get together here
at least New York Republicans Gather to Survey Damage and Elect a New Party Chairman

Anonymous said...

jodi not attending the RGA is no surprise. she is "non-political" and also a "non-republican"

Anonymous said...

Jodi running away from her party was the smartest thing she could do. Do you think she would be so popular if she wore the Republican banner?

Anonymous said...

There is no escaping the fact she is GOP. I don't really dance much anymore, so I don't see the benefit of a ball. Seems a little anachronisitic.

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to Malloy's inaugural ball. I hope my tux still fits me in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Do you think she just forgot to put REPUBLICAN on her lawn signs web site, mail,TV..etc?

Anonymous said...

I think she had "Republican" in her initial commercial.... one of the words that flashed on the screen. The only time we saw the word too.

Anonymous said...

The idiot with the Tux better Forgetaboutit.

Jim Amanns already lining up support for his run for the governorship in 4 yrs.

He played Malloy and JDS like a fiddle and Jodi may have already agreed to retire for him,LOL.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

What will Rell say? I'm guessing she'll use the EXACT SAME SPEECH she gave at the first one. She's not very creative and does not like to exert herself.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:19 you are right. Don't forget, in 2010, when Amann runs against Malloy he will "crush him."

Anonymous said...

Never have I been so disappointed in any CT governor as I am with Jodie Rell. She's lackluster. There is no shine or innovation. She's leading the citizens of CT down a path of mediocrity. She's Dubya Bush in drag.


bluecoat said...

The election is over. Rell could have attended the GOP guv's convention to learn a few things but she didn't. There are a few GOP guv's that are actually doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Apparently she was too busy laying off her staff with no notice and then leaving them high and dry.