Friday, December 15, 2006

Courtney Sees "Fiscal Mess" Left by GOP

Congressman-Elect Also Names Staff

Joe Courtney is blaming the outgoing GOP-controlled Congress for the fiscal problems the new Congress will have to deal with:
"Nine out of the 11 budgets have not been enacted," U.S. Rep-elect Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, said Wednesday in a meeting with the Norwich Bulletin Editorial Board. "What that means is that the new Congress will, in effect, have to deal with two budgets -- finishing the '07 budget and then working on the '08 budget."

The Republican-controlled Congress adjourned last week after adopting continuing resolutions that allowed the government to operate, but without fully funding government agencies for the full fiscal year. Those continuing resolutions will expire in February, just as the president presents his budget proposal for the new fiscal year that will begin next October. (Hackett)

Nice of them. Courtney is pledging that Democrats will act responsibly:
"We're going to be responsible," he said. "One of the remarkable things in our lifetime is that the Democratic Party has become the party of fiscal responsibility." (Hackett)

I have to hope that the Democrats will, in fact, act responsibly in fiscal matters. The out-of-control spending of the past six years simply can't continue. Perhaps divided government will help: President Bush will almost certainly veto more bills during the next two years than the single one he's vetoed so far. It's worth remembering that divided government during the 1990s led to budget surpluses.

Also, according to the Norwich Bulletin, Courtney has named Colchester First Selectwoman Jenny Contois as his district director, and Jason Gross, who is the director of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign, as his chief of staff.


Hackett, Ray. "Courtney blames GOP for leaving 'fiscal mess'." Norwich Bulletin 14 December, 2006.


ctkeith said...


It wasn't divided Government that led to surpluses it was Clintons 1993 tax increase on the top 1.3% which every Republican in the house and Senate voted against.

Please stop repeating Fox News and RNC talking points as if they have any bases in reality. Republicans have proven quite convincingly in the last 6 yrs. they are the BORROW AND SPEND party and can't be trusted with our money or our National Security.

Anonymous said...

Joe seems to be whining about everything. I heard him today on the radio blaming the Republicans for work slowdown at EB. I don't know how he can balance being fiscally responsible and doubling the annual construction of subs (which is the only thing that will stop the EB reductions). Nearly half of Congress is Republican it does little good for our rookie to be doing too much bashing and blaming. He was elected to be refreshing not be so cynical. Just get to work and stop complaining.

MikeCT said...

I have to hope that the Democrats will, in fact, act responsibly in fiscal matters. The out-of-control spending of the past six years simply can't continue.

Actually a majority of the increased federal debt incurred over the past few years was created by massive tax cuts that almost entirely benefit the wealthiest Americans, at the expense of the rest of us. The first step toward genuine fiscal responsibility and a healthier America is reversing those tax cuts. The next biggest culprits were our two wars, defense and homeland security spending. Next step toward fiscal responsbility is bringing the troops home now. A small fraction was due to other domestic spending, the only place Republicans are interested in cutting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe-Stop your whining. You only won by 86 votes.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. He wants to raise taxes?

Anonymous said...

I hope Joe is not using his tenure as a state legislator as evidence that the Democrats are fiscally responsible

It is a sad commentary on GOP congressional "leadership" that they did such a pathetic job themselves now the other party passes the laugh test by claiming they can do better

Anonymous said...

I am confident that Joe and the Democratic Congress are going to bring real results on so many issues that the American people will be shocked to see a federal government that is finally working for them (that is if Bush doesn't get in the way). Also, I am glad that Joe is staffing his office with people with a wide range of experience who also know eastern Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain how raising taxs on the "wealthy" is good for CT?

We ARE the wealthy! That "richest 1.3%" starts about the point someone mortgage qualifies in most of Fairfield County

Hardly anyone in the reddest of the red states will pay the higher rates, BTW

Then again, once upon a time the use of leeches was state of the art medicine

Anonymous said...

Rob Simmons is revealing his true self (despicable, hypocritcal) as he launches his campaign for '08. Let's get this straight. He fails to get his job done and deliver the things he campaigned on and it's Courtney's fault?

wtfdnucsubsailor said...

The Rs left town without passing all the required appropriation bills. The Ds will have to clean up that mess. It is unfortunate that some worthwhile projects in SE CT won't be funded immediately because of the poor performance of the national Republican Party. However, if those projects are worth while, they will survive the scrutiny of the next congress and be funded appropriately in the FY2008 budget. I think it is smart for the Ds to just to a continuing resolution to finish up FY2007 and concentrate on getting the FY2008 budget "right" and on time before OCT 1 2007. Rob Simmons got a number of authorizations that he could point to with pride but the appropriations were not forthcoming. IT is the money that counts, not the piece of paper saying it is a good idea. The 2008 campaign has begun.

Anonymous said...

Simmons in 08? I'll let all you political scholars banter over issues and policy but here is the bottom line…. Simmons is with George Bush and Courtney is not. That is the only thing you need to tell voters. It worked in 06 and it will work in 08. Game over.

Anonymous said...

Simmons got it done... Courtney will be another partisan hack toeing his best friend Nancy Pelosi's line.

Anonymous said...

Courtney and Brian Farber need to realize that the campaign is over. Farber especially does nothing but bash Simmons in practically every statement he releases. It's time they realize that they actually have to do work for the district now, and it helps no one to keep whining.

Also, I saw clips of Courtney's press conference at EB. was a mess. That man is a terrible public speaker. He has no idea what to say if he doesn't have his talking points. God help the 2nd district.

Anonymous said...

It should come as no surprise that Courtney would point fingers at the fiscal issues in Washington. I might be tempted too as well. However he should also be careful when doing so. Both he and Murphy were members of a General Assembly that have helped create a real time bomb for the taxpayers of this state with the huge under funding of teacher and state worker pensions. The fact that they both have been able to leave this issue behind them in Hartford in no way relieves them of their share of responsibility there.

I would suggest to Congressman elect Courtney. We voted for a positive change, now just be quite, and make it happen. Don't after getting elected now pretend the very problems you pointed out when running for office may get in the way of delivering on that promise. In other words, do your job. Don't whine about someone else not doing theirs.

Anonymous said...

In the most Democratic district held by a Republican in the US, in the best year for Democrats since 1974, mighty Joe Courtney wins by the smallest margin in the country in a recount.

"Landslide Joe" would do well to hunker down and stop quibbling--he's in DC on a wing and prayer.