Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I'll start an "Election Results" post after the polls close. We ought to get the first results between 9pm and 10pm.

The May elections saw a slight trend towards Democrats in traditionally Republican areas. Non-incumbent Republicans did particularly badly. Will tonight be more of the same, or do municipal elections defy logic and trends?

Waterbury figures to be the big story tonight, but there may be other surprises. I'm keeping an eye on New London.

I'll be on the Bruce and Colin show this afternoon at 5:40pm on WTIC-AM 1080. Listen in!


mccommas said...

There might be a surprise in Windham too believe it or not. If not the top spot than on the Selectman’s board or the Finance Board. Or am I guilty of wishful thinking? A major advantage for the GOP is the presence of a well-known, well-spoken green party candidate and the so-called “Working Family” for selectmen. Also Paulus is so conspicuously young and inexperienced. His tenure has been rudderless. This might be a GOP pickup if people vote their wallets for a change in this town. Then again the folks rather meekly accepted a big tax increase this year so that might indicate less voter anger. Well we shall see latter to night; won’t we. Either way, the towns’ people will get the government they deserve – good and hard!

Another race to watch is Judge of Probate in Killingly. Fmr. Town Council Chair (defeated twice for chair but always kept his seat) David Griffiths VS well known (and well qualified unlike his opponent) Republican lawyer John Burlingame. I am thinking that Griffiths might not do well running town-wide. He always wins his district by a wide margin but I think town wide he might have serious problems given his anti-business record. Burlingame’s weakness is to the best of my knowledge; he has never run for anything before.

Also Brooklyn might be a GOP pickup. Roger Engle is very well respected. He may have a silver bullet issue with the Rt. Six mess. I don’t think its the incumbent’s fault actually but I see that working in Engle’s favor.

In Plainfield it hardly matters who wins because as this man so effectively puts it in this letter:


I too am ashamed. I am glad this isn’t my town.

Genghis Conn said...

Thanks for the info, mccommas!

MikeCT said...

I stumbled across the tail end of your WTIC interview. Colin praised Aldon's "brilliant" use of the DeStefano blog and his "encyclopedic" knowledge of all things Internet.

FYI, numerous volunteers for the CT Citizen Action Group (including me) were out at polling places around the state today asking people to contact Rell and their legislator in support of campaign finance reform legislation. Voters were very receptive.

DaMayor said...

Doughnut Nutty man in Statford looses. Thank God!

DaMayor said...

Now Malloy will be Governor. Rell
cannot debate him period!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Dannel Malloy will come across as more mature and prepared to lead than Rell. She is in trouble and no one knows it yet. Mark my words people.

Anonymous said...

Any news on makeup on next Stamford Board of Reps??

Guy that never posts said...

I heard that Dan Malloy is god; perhaps the bestest Mayor ever he'll for sure win the Governors mansion. -- You people are nuts. Leave that guy Aldon alone

Aldon Hynes said...

Mikect, thanks for posting Colin's comments here. I am touched.

I spent the day volunteering for various campaigns, so I missed all the blogging fun. I'll be writing more about my day later.

Guy that never posts said...

Upon further review, I am God.