Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Open Forum

Campaign finance reform should, after a lengthy and mind-numbing debate, be voted on today at some point. By tomorrow, it could be signed.

What else is happening today?


TrueBlueCT said...

Genghis, what are you, nucking futs?

You decide to donate a thread to some Right Wing, self-proclaimed SOB from Cincinatti, so he can smear our CT Congresswoman? (btw, Porkopolis is a fan of Jean Schmidt, the flag-lady Congresswoman who came close to being censured on the House floor for calling John Murtha a coward.)

Bravo Genghis, Bravo. This will win you credibility.

Brass Tacks said...

Trueblue: "Credibility" with whom?? Genghis runs a good blog here-straight down the middle. Tough on both sides. There are PLENTY of strong D blogs covering Conn. politics. Lighten up.

TrueBlueCT said...

Genghis effed up big time.

He gave a thread to a Republican from Ohio, who then launched an attack on our CT Congresswoman. And he was stupid enough to present the pig-guy, as "non-partisan".

Spend a minute on Porkopolis's site, and then come back and tell me he doesn't owe us apology.

Have we ever seen Genghis lend out a thread to a Democrat for partisan hackery against Simmons, Shays or Johnson?

Brass Tacks said...

TBCT: Porkopolis is as Porkopolis does, you're right. Total tool. But scroll down on Genghis' page, dude for some PERMANENT links. Ed's Daily Rant isn't "partisan hackery"??? And you need look no further for the supposed congressional district "watch" sites for your shots on your fave three congresspeople.

Anonymous said...

Moving on to a more serious note, the Wall Street Journal (11/23) reported that the Government Accounting Standards Board is requiring State and local governments to calculate and report the amount of unfunded liabilities for Retirement Health Care and the amount that would have to be in the Budget to fund it. This begins in F/Y '07-'08.
Since this benefit is generally funded on a pay as you go basis, these numbers are going to be huge ( Maryland was expecting a $5 million liability and the number came in at $20 million/ and a $1.6 billion annual cost.) . This has the potential to raise real budget problems since the credit rating agencies have warned that they will be expecting the various governments to start funding these liabilities.
Anybody know what's happening in Connecticut regarding this?

Anonymous said...

Aldon mentioned that Genghis called him to see if he wanted to " pull" my posting of Aldon's new arrangements....i was merely passing on a rumor i heard...Genghis is quite ready to be a censor i see...which is too bad for a purported librian

BTW Genghis Aldon confirmed that his contract IS up and that HE was approached by Lieberman

VotingIsSexyinNH said...

Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know about a great political event happening in New Haven next Thursday. I went to this last year, and it was a really good time. It is the Greater New Haven Young Democrats Holiday in the Haven fundraiser. Half of the proceeds go to a local charity, so you’re helping out the community as well. I wouldn’t miss it, and anyone in the area should stop by! Info on the event is below.

Holiday in the Haven, Thursday, December 8th, 2005, 6 - 8:30 PM at Neat Lounge, 124 Temple Street in New Haven. The suggested contribution is $20 and RSVP is appreciated, though not required, by December 6th to Jacqueline Kozin, or 203.980.6466. Food and cash bar will be available as will Happy Hour drink specials.

All Our Kin is a New Haven-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering parents and teachers, giving families child care choices, and expanding access to high-quality early care and education. Through their efforts, the organization works to ward off increased education and social costs that arise when quality early child care is not available to families. Research shows that one dollar invested in child care saves seven dollars in later educational and social costs. As study after study has shown, children who start kindergarten without the necessary readiness skills, (language, cognitive, social and emotional) will never fully catch up. You can learn more at

Hope to see you there!!


I wouldn't miss Holiday in The Haven for the world! I love Young Dems events and this one is by far the best one of the year!!

TrueBlueCT said...

All Our Kin Rocks!

So, does TGWNN. (The group with no name.)

Aldon Hynes said...


Let me correct a several different things. Your rumor was incorrect in at least two different ways, and Genghis was being responsible in speaking with me about whether the rumor were maliciously false.

It is worth noting that bloggers have been found liable for false information posted by commenters.

So, let me clarify a few things. I have not been fired, nor do I believe there were any intentions to fire me. Instead, we regularly review how I can be most beneficial to the campaign. Every campaign should regularly have these sort of reviews.

In addition, while I’ve spoken with Senator Lieberman about many issues, I have never been approached by him or any of his staff to work on his campaign.

All of this said, I want everyone to know that I am continuing on as BlogMaster for the DeStefano campaign and that I am very happy with the discussions we have been having about how to make the blog even better. I expect we will have similar discussions at the end of December and probably again at the end of January.

I believe that this ability re-evaluate progress on a regular basis is part of what makes the DeStefano campaign strong, as well as what has made Mayor DeStefano a very effective Mayor and will make him a great Governor.

Please stop by the blog later today as I talk more about some of the changes that will be going on and feel free to contact me if you have other suggestions.

ctblogger said...

Brass Tacks,

I think the problem TrueBlueCT had with the reference to Porko is that Genghis described the site as a non-partisan site which clearly it is not.

Genghis links sites on the left like mine as well as sites that are to the right such as Connecticut Conservative. It's just that his description of Pokro was off (and the story is a non-issue).

Genghis Conn said...

That's good news, Aldon. I look forward to finding out what changes are in store over at what is so far the only consistently updated campaign blog in state.

Matthew Gertz said...

After about 7 months without an update, Shayswatch, the Fourth District Congressional District Blog, is back online.

Please stop by and check it out. I would welcome any feedback you might have; bear in mind that I wrested the access codes from the state party literally half an hour ago. I can be reached at matthewgertz at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...


If you bother to read the post you will see that it takes on Republicans and Democrats...the facts laid out are the facts.

When did facts go out of style in political discourse?

In fact, I took on my two Republican Senators early on in the investigation.

When I contacted Genghis I noted the following:

"I run Porkopolis, an Ohio based blog that takes no prisoners (thought you might appreciate the pun), Republicans or Democrats, when it comes to pork barrel spending."

When I saw his post, I quickly responded noting that non-partisan was accurate with regard to pork barrel spending, but that I'm a libertarian/conservative otherwise.

I, like you, am prepared to defend my political philosophy but that's not what's at issue here.

If you read the fact-based research carefully, you will find a case made that Congresswoman DeLauro facilitated the transfer of federal land to two lobbyists in Arizona.

If I'm wrong...I will publish a full public apology on my site and anywhere else you ask me to.

But don't denegrate the message, just because you may disagree with messenger.

With regard to my 'support' of Schmidt, you clearly have not read my blog. If you check out all the posts I've cataloged on Schmidt at Porkopolis on Congresswoman Jean Schmidt you will find that:

1. I took her to task for the exact same issue I'm taking Congresswoman DeLauro to task for.

2. Took her to task for supporting an anti-Flag burning amendment.

3. Took her to task for being fiscally irresponsible in voting for the second wave of Katrina aid without conducting one hearing on what expenditures were actually needed.

Not exactly "Right Wing"....

BTW, I'm an X-liberal (Voted for Carter, Mondale and Bubba) turned libertarian...a personification of the old adage..."Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains."

TrueBlueCT said...


You may be smart, but we're not stupid. You know full well you were and are a Schmidt backer. And a biased Winger. So quit with the Fair and Balanced act.

Smoking Gun #1.
Smoking Gun #2.
Smoking Gun #3.

To quote, um, you, from your local paper: "We’re in a pickle because they’re spending too much,” [says M. Delgado, aka Porkopolis] about Congress. “A lot of Republicans are upset about pork." -- The Western Star 01/13/05
What I want to know is why are you guys so reluctant to admit your Party affiliation? Are you ashamed to be Republican?

I understand you don't like taxes, (nor Social Security), and your Grand Old Party is producing record deficits. Borrow and Spend. Borrow and Spend. W is a disgrace to the nation, Taft is scandal-plagued and Mike DeWine is going to get his ass kicked in 2006. It hurts. I get all that.

But that grants you no pass to come her and attack my CT Congresswoman, under some bull-shit guise of non-partisanship. How can anyone attend to the message, when the messenger is an obvious LIAR. You are a Republican mouthpiece, Porkopolis, just admit it.

And about the "I'm an ex-Liberal who voted against Bush's Daddy, then came to regret prosperity under Clinton, and saw the light when I found W" crap. That may work for you in backasswards parts of Ohio, but it doesn't work here in New England.

Get on back to your pig-sty. And by all means, give my regards to Rush Limbaugh.

Aldon Hynes said...

In other news about congress people:

Today, Sam Gejdenson endorsed Mayor DeStefano. (See this post).

He actually stood with quite a few great people from the second CD, such as Deb Heinrich, the new 101st CD State Rep, and Howard Dean.

For those of you not plugged into Connecticut politics, Howard Dean is the former Marlborough first selectman, not to be confused with the former Governor of Vermont.

Between Rosa DeLauro, Jim Malony, and Sam Gejdenson, Mayor DeStefano is doing a good job of getting endorsements from current or former congressmen and women in the majority of the states Congressional Districts.

Anonymous said...

well, Aldon, considiring Sam's ties to greater New Haven I'm not surprised he endorsed John. But hey, he's a serious force still out east, so good news for you guys.

also, considering the invective those on the right side of the fence get here, well, that explain why I and others choose to stay incogito

Anonymous said...


When did I ever claim I was not a Republican? I'm very proud of being a Republican and also proud of taking on my own in an effort to improve my party.

I grant you your opinions, but not your attempt to make up facts that don't exist.

You on the other hand appear to be so blinded to party loyalty that you can't look at the facts facing you right in your face.

I noted to Genghis that my political philosophy was libertarian/conservative. I didn't say I was a Libertarian (big L). You don't need to go outside of my blog to find out I'm Republican...It's all over my blog...what's your point?

"Duh" doesn't even come close to my reaction to your comments.

But then again, when I consider that you're still not dealing with the substance of the assertions against Ms. DeLauro, it's actually quite understandable.

In an appeal to intellectual honesty, is there any chance whatsoever that you will address the factual assertion against Ms. DeLauro? Any?

Anonymous said...


BTW, thanks for pointing to my archive in your reference to Smoking Gun #1.

That archieve has plenty of posts that refute your "biased Winger" argument.

For example my post entitled "A liberal could not put up a more destructive site to the cause of conservatism" in clear opposition to a site called "Shoot a Liberal".

TrueBlueCT said...

Tell you what, El Porko...

Where in your blog do you claim a Republican affiliation? Where do you call yourself a proud GOP'er?
C'mon, give me a link or two.

Telling is the fact that you prevaricated in your support of Ohio's "Flag Lady".

Where do you talk about the Ohio GOP? That's right, you don't.

Yeah, I outed you here. Otherwise you would still be pretending to be a non-partisan, middle-of-the road type. Just like O'Lie-lly.

But I want to give you some credit, caught dead to rights, you come off pretty well, just like the Duke-Stir.

P.S. I gotta confess, Right-wing LIARS, like Hannity, O'Reilly, El Rushbo, and Porkman,-- well, they do get by blood boiling.

SeanS said...

My sincerest thanks to Porkopolis for even MORE traffic. Good, bad or otherwise, it is always welcome.

ForgetFreepers said...

Could you be more of a Right-Wing Freak?

This site that you link to, LoveAmericaFirst well, it is scarier than the Second Coming. (Nothing against the Rapturists.)

Thank Heaven we live in New England!

SeanS said...


Link? Ha! I contribute. "it is scarier than the Second Coming" Be afraid... be very afraid. Sometimes the truth can be frightening.

Rosemary said...

Dear ForgetFreepers,
I am the managing editor of Love America First. I understand you are afraid of it? May I inquire as to why?

Loving America has nothing to do with loving GWB, although it could be interpreted that way. What, then, when there is Democrat in the WH? I shaln't change the name! (lol)

There is an Iranian and 2 Afghanis writing with us. We write as a team. No one is censored, no one using foul language, I ask everyone to have sources, and we try to bring together news that may have been missed by the rest of us while doing our own research! I find it very refreshing.

I would really like to know why you find it scary. My home site is My Newz 'n Ideas. Please feel free to comment. I can use all the objective critism and advice I can get!

Thank you, have a nice day, and God bless America.

Rosemary said...

BTW, I am a conservative Republican, and proud of myself. I do not tow any one's line!

PS. Please excuse all the errors in spelling (elimination of words!). I type slower than my brain thinks. lol. :)