Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Municipal Election Results

7:25am Update: Jarjura wins in Waterbury, Thornton out in Middletown

Town-by town results from the Courant

Jarjura wins in Waterbury!

Holy cow. Jarjura won by over 1,000 votes and 10 percentage points. A historic write-in landslide. Amazing.

James Miron(D) wins in Stratford's first-ever mayoral election.

Dominique Thornton has been defeated by her Republican challenger Sebastian Giuliano by over 1,000 votes in Middletown.

One New London and anti-development forces have lost in New London, according to WTIC-TV.

Enfield Democrats have retained control of the Enfield town council.

Mortensen(I) over Kelly(D) and Pappas(R) in Newington by a landslide.

Moccia(R) over Knopp(D) in Norwalk by about 200 votes.

DeStefano, Malloy both win, although Malloy's race was closer.

Timothy Stewart(R) over Jason Jakubowski(D) in New Britain, by 53% to 46%.

Democrats win big in West Hartford.

Boughton(R) over Esposito(D) in Danbury 57%-43%.

In the other contest where a sitting town leader was campaigning as a write-in, Plainfield First Selectman came in second to Democrat Kevin Cunningham, 42%-31%. Republican David Erstgard got 27%.

Ellen Marmer(D) over Robert Kleinhans(R) 51%-49% in Vernon mayoral race.

Dyer(D) over Thompson(R) in Norfolk by 19 votes. Petitioning candidate Helen Beaudry won 57 votes.

Currey(D) wins in East Hartford.

Quinn(R) defeated by Bingham(D) in Torrington.

Stupinski(R) retakes his seat as First Selectman of Ellington from Dennis Milanovich(D), who defeated Stupinsky in 2003.

No major shift towards eithe party can be reported at this time. Maps will be forthcoming as all the data is gathered and analyzed.

The site recorded over eight times its usual number of hits today. The internet is fast becoming a major source of information for local races.

More results from the Courant and the AP.

Nice ticker from WTNH.

The Day has good election coverage for southeastern Connecticut.

The Journal-Inquirer has good coverage for north-central Connecticut.

The Connecticut Post has an election blog.

Check the comments for more results and commentary.

Please post returns as you find out about them!


Dave Mooney said...

Unofficial results with 91% of precincts reporting:

Costello 3752 27%
Miron 4679 35%
Best 3460 26%
O'Brien 1582 12%
Carroll 25 0%

Genghis Conn said...

Pretty solid lead for Miron. Not bad for a big field.

Dave Mooney said...

It's over. He won!

Dave Mooney said...

WTNH has Jarjura winning as a write-in!

MikeCT said...

In West Hartford, Democratic incumbents all won - Mayor Scott Slifka & Art Spada were top vote-getters. The interesting news of the night - Barbara Carpenter, who left the Republicans to become a petitioning candidate, won a minority seat, pushing out a Republican. Mark Sinatro & incumbent Joe Verrengia are the remaining Republicans. Continues the long slide for Republicans, who held a majority several years ago. Dems won 3 of 4 Board of Ed seats.

As David reported, Jarjura is apparently the winner in Waterbury. Blech, blech.

Genghis Conn said...

Amazing story in Waterbury. I'm floored. I was also wrong about it on statewide radio today. Oh well.

(national news aside)
CNN projecting Kaine over Kilgore in Virginia.

mccommas said...

Republican Neil Dupont beats minor party "Canterbury First" incumbent Santoro by a surpriseingly slim margin (if these numbers are right.)


Republican Roger Engle Sr. beats Democrat incumbent Bowen in sleepy Brooklyn. The first Republican First Selectman there ever! Or at least in my memory. Wow. I really admire Roger. Hes a great guy.

Thats great about Waterbury huh guys? I hope that repeats in Plainfield. I don't know those numbers yet....

Anonymous said...

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Nate said...

Democrats win majority in Enfield, Lingenfelter (Rep.) wins in Suffield.

mccommas said...

Liberal tax and spender Mikey Paulus now has a mandate to spend and tax even more. What is it they say? "People get the government they deserve --good and hard!" More taxes on the way. If you live there, I hope you rent!

Guy that never posts said...

Did Dan Malloy really only get 51% of the vote?!? That can't be good for him

Man in the Middle said...

In Meriden, the Democrats swept the six seats up (2 at large and 4 district) making it a 12-0 City Council. The Mayor, Mark Benigni, won 83%-17% over perennial gadfly Arline Dunlop.

MikeCT said...

The more interesting and unexpected results are inevitably from those involving unseated incumbents or open seats. Here are those mayor/first selectman results as of 11:30:

Turnovers thus far:
Bethlehem: Bulvanoski (D) over Traver (R)
Branford: Cheryl Morris (D) over Opie (R)
Brooklyn: Roger Engle (R) unseated incumbent Maurice Bowen (D)
Canterbury: Dupont (R) over incumbent Santoro
Chester: Thomas Marsh (R) over Heft (D)
Derby: Anthony Staffieri (R) over Garofolo (D)
Durham: James McLaughin (D) unseated R incumbent.
Ellington: Michael Stupinski (R) over Milanovich (D)
Griswold: Hatfield (R) over Brycki (D)
Middletown: Guiliano (R) won over incumbent Dem Thornton
Orange: James Zeoli (R) over Goldblatt (D)
Pomfret: James Rivers (D) over Patenuade (R)
Thompson: David Babbit (R) over Williams (D)
Torrington: Ryan Bingham (R) over Owen Quinn (D)
West Haven: John Picard (D) over incumbent Borer (D)
Westbrook: Raffa (R) over Palermo (D)
Woodstock: Margaret Wholean (D) over Very (R) and Klusek (PEC)

Subtotal: R's win 11, D's win 6

Results for open seats thus far:
Clinton: William Fritz (D) over Isaacson (R)
Columbia: Donald Cianci (D) over Vance (R)
Cromwell: Paul Beaulieu (R) over Varricchio (D)
East Lyme: Beth Hogan (D) over Fraser (R)
Hamden: Craig Henrici (D) over Reilly (R)
Hampton: Maurice Bisson (R)
Kent: Ruth Epstein (D)
Killingworth: Martin Klein (D) over Amport (R)
Lebanon: Joyce Okonuk (D) over Wallace (R)
Middlefield: Jon Brayshaw (R) over Johnson (D)
Norwich: Benjamin Lathrop (D) over Oldfield (PEC)
Plainfield: Kevin Cunningham (D) over Ertsgard (R)
Rocky Hill: Anthony LaRosa (D) over Colandrea (R)
Salisbury: Curtis Rand (D) over Bartram (R)
Sharon: Malcolm Brown (D) over Snyder (R)
Stafford: Bacciochi (R) over Fontanella (D)
Sterling: Russell Gray (R) over Firlik (D) and Folco (Ind)
Stonington: William Brown (R) over Maranell (D)
Stratford: James Miron (D) over multiple
Suffield: Lingenfelter (R) over Moncrief
Thomaston: Maura Martin (D) over Piscopo (R)
Voluntown: Gilbert Grimm (R) over Sandford (D)
Waterbury: Jarjura (write in)
Wilton: William Brennan (R) over Lilly (D)
Windsor Locks: Steven Wawruck (D) over Hamilton (R)

Subtotal: R's win 9, D's win 15 (not including Jarjura)

Other news/notes:
* New Britain: incumbent Stewart (R) over Dem Jason Jakubowski, 53% to 46%. Sigh. With a 4 to 1 Dem voter majority, I expected something different.
* Chaplin: Dem Rusty Lanzit won re-election. Dems had not won in about 100 years until a couple years ago (really), and Dems fought hard.
* Stamford - 25% of precincts: Malloy 56%, Munger (R) 41%
* Cheryl Morris' Democratic win in Branford may signal growing Democratic strength. Last year, Republican Senate leader Bill Aniskovich lost to Dem Ed Meyer
* New London: two candidates for One New London party win Council seats

National aside:
In New Jersey, Democrat John Corzine is the next Governor New Jersey.

Genghis Conn said...


Excellent work, as always. There are a lot of numbers to crunch. Doesn't look like a massive shift towards either party at this stage: very like the May elections.

The national news is potentially more important for our statewide elections next year.

Still nothing out of Newington and Norwalk.

MikeCT said...

Dem Melody Currey takes open East Hartford seat. (Also should not have included Waterbury as open seat above, but hey, it's late...)

MikeCT said...

Democrat John Kelly wins BIG in Newington (72%) over Pappa (R, 16%) and Mortensen (ind, 13%). I don't think Dems expected that.

William Stortz (R) ousts incumbent Mayor Couture (D) in Bristol.

Gordon Joseloff (D) wins open seat in Westport.

Carl Balestracci (D) takes away Guilford from incumbent Bishop (R).

DeanFan84 said...

Dear Dan Malloy,

In case you haven't noticed, the DLC's "triangulation" strategy hasn't worked so well. (Dems lost the House of Representatives, the White House, and the US Senate.)

Howard Dean might have had it right when he said, "Given a choice between a Republican, and a watered down, Republican-lite, DLC Dem, the public will choose the Republican every time..."

I want a proud Democrat to lead the Party and trumpet the Democratic message. Sadly, those like you who want to apologize for the "liberal" wing-- the base that wants universal health care, economic justice, equal rights for all, etc.-- well, you might as well join the Republican Party!

You and your DLC has been all too eager to abandon the principles and ideas that motivate the base. Why shouldn't the base abandon you?

A victory celebration? Hah! Fact is you barely sold yourself to Stamford for another term. Why in heck should diehard Dems embrace your "moderate" candidacy when it has demonstrated such questionable returns? You can't even get Stamford solidly behind you!

Genghis Conn said...

Mortensen(I) over Kelly(D) and Pappas(R) in Newington by a huge margin. Council is 5-4 Democrats.

Richard Moccia(R) over incumbent Alex Knopp(D) by 2% in Norwalk.

MikeCT said...

Sorry about the Newington mix-up - AP had posted wildly incorrect number at the time. It is former Mayor Mortensen by 55%, Kelly at 37%.

MVD said...

For pics of Groton Dem HQ on election night, see:
While we lost a seat on the town council, we had good gains on the RTM and the Board of Ed--so--a mixed night.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dean Fan:

Do you ever say anything else but rail on the DLC?

By the way, a great night for Tim Kaine in Virginia - a moderate Democrat.

Anonymous said...

DeanFan - can you please take your uninformed trolling elsewhere? In case you were unaware, Stamford has the largest Republican turnout of any city in the state. I'm not taking anything away from your idol in New Haven, but as anyone with half a brain realizes, it's a one party system there.

That nonsense about universal health care and equal rights for all? Malloy has repeatedly said we need to work for a universal system that provides a base level of healthcare for all. Further, he was a huge supporter of the civil unions bill and performed many ceremonies the first day the law came into effect.

If you did some research, you might still not like Malloy, but you would at least be speaking from an informed postition, and not blathering about what you think a DLC member is.

You think Dan Malloy is what's wrong with Democrats? I'd say devisive little snots like you who pidgeonhole every Democratic leader and bicker amongst themselves are the real problem.

AN 1143 said...

I think yesterday's election solidified Dan Malloy as the Al Gore of Connecticut politics. If Mayor Malloy is the nominee who is his base? Fairfield county? 51% of Stamford?

How can Conn. dems see him as a strong candidate?

Dems in 06 said...

How can Conn. dems see him as a strong candidate?

Your interpretation is lacking in critical detail. Think of it this way: Malloy recieved over 3,000 more votes than DeStefano did in a city with a smaller population.

Now of course they were not running against each other, but my point is only that Malloy did turn out a lot of D's, more than DeStefano did in NH. So, to say that the 51 percent doesn't represent a strong base is entirely misleading, since it doesn't take into account the size of the other party in Stamford (as a poster above already noted). Further, Stamford had huge victories on its board of finance and board of ed, with Malloy atop the ticket.

You may be right about base strength, but these sort of things should be taken into consideration.

Anonymous said...

From Farmington, Clark (R) 3017 53% Meade (D) 2719 47%

Aldon Hynes said...

dems in 06: Interesting analysis of the race in Stamford. I live in Stamford. I'm glad that Dan got re-elected. I'm glad that the Dems won back control one seat of the board of finance. The board of finance race was very nasty.

However, according to the Stamford Advocate, for the Board of Ed was split 50-50 between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Having worked in Stamford politics, I would suggest that the real credit for turning out Democrats in Stamford goes not to Dan Malloy but to two important factors. One is that there were several strongly contested races on the ballot. That helps get out the voters.

The other is that Ellen Camhi, the Democratic Town Chair in Stamford is a master at turning out the vote. The Democratic GOTV operations in Stamford are probably the best in the State and there would have been a good turnout no matter who was running.

This is contrasted by what went on in New Haven. The DeStefano campaign as well as Susan Voigt, Democratic Town Chair of New Haven, knowing that there wasn't strong opposition in New Haven sent DeStefano supporters around the state to help in other municipal races. The DeStefano campaign spent their time trying to help build the party around the state.

So yes, Dan did get 3199 more votes than John. Dan got re-elected Mayor and he deserves it. However, John is still leading the charge in building a stronger Democratic Party statewide in preparation to take on Rell next year.

DeanFan84 said...

If Dan Malloy wants to be a proud member of the DLC, I'm going to continue to make him wear that allegiance on his sleeve, as it is utterly noxious to those of us who have been paying attention.

For those of you who are less familiar with the DLC, and the anti-DLC movement, I encourage you to do some Googling. Here is a short excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on the DLC:

"The DLC has become unpopular within many progressive circles."

"Mild critics claim the strategy of triangulation between the political left and right to gain broad appeal is fundamentally flawed. Opponents believe that moderation does not inspire passion in voters and lacks the persistent principles and moral clarity which are critical to building a popular political movement. In the long run, so opponents say, a strategy of triangulation results in concession after concession to the opposition, while alienating traditional voters."

"Others contend that the DLC's distaste for economic class warfare has allowed the language of populism to be monopolized by the right-wing. Many argue that the Democrats' abandonment of populism to the right-wing has been critical for Republican dominance of Middle America. (See What's the Matter with Kansas)"

"More vocal critics believe the DLC has essentially become an influential corporate and right-wing implant in the Democratic party. Among the DLC's leadership are individuals with impressive right-of-center credentials, such as Marshall Wittmann, a senior fellow at the DLC and the former legislative director for the Christian Coalition, and Will Marshall, a cosigner of a letter issued by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) endorsing not only the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, but also a foreign policy that has much in common with the neoconservative world-view. Finally, progressive detractors of the DLC note that the DLC receives funding from the right-wing Bradley Foundation as well as from corporate oil giants, military contractors, and a large number of Fortune 500 companies."
Needless to say, I blame the DLC crowd for the collapse of the Democratic Party. What is the Democratic message? What does the Party stand for? Thanks to the "triangulators" no one knows.

Ultimately, the DLC's Neo-Con, (PNAC), roots, and its express support for the Iraq Debacle, are unforgivable to a huge percentage of the Democratic base. My voting for Malloy is unconceivable, so long as he swears allegiance to Al From, Joe Lieberman, and Co.

Anonymous said...

If Dan Malloy wants to be a proud member of the DLC, I'm going to continue to make him wear that allegiance on his sleeve, as it is utterly noxious to those of us who have been paying attention.

Ang again you show your ignorance. If you had actually been paying attention you would know where he actually stands on the issues you previously mentioned. But you don't. You just paint with as broad a brush as possible. A perfect example of this is how, after I refuted your statements with FACTS, you simpy rant more about the DLC instead of actually responding to anything I said.

Psudonym said...


Question- I'm curious to know if all of the Anonymous that argue so strongly for Malloy are from the same IP - maybe the Malloy staff. I know Aldon always identifies himself. I do like the ability to think up cool pseudonyms, but isn't it kinda sleazy for the campaigns to blog anonymously?

Cliff Huxtable said...

What is the matter with you people, the web is an anonymous medium - deal with it. You can post a photo, and scan your social security card and driver's license know one besides your mother will be sure it's you. All of these things can be manipulated quite easily in the marvelous modern world we live in, so quit yapping about pseudonyms. Everyone's identity is in question.

I'm starting to think the whole idea of blogging is pretty sleazy. It reminds me of junior high.

DeanFan - Get a new tune, or in the words of Bob Dylan, at least "know your song well before you start singing."

DeanFan84 said...


I know my song all too well. The DLC has been instrumental to the failure of the Democratic Party, and I won't support, or even vote for, anyone who belongs to that Republican-lite cabal.

How familiar are you with the DLC and its inner workings? Does it bother you that the "Democratic Leadership Council" receives funding from right-wing sources such as the Bradley and Olin foundations?