Thursday, November 10, 2005

Updated Council Control Map

Here is the updated council control map (on the right), compared with the old map on the left:

To view the full map, click on the thumbnail. Then, when seeing the larger image, look below it to find the "Other Sizes" menu. Choose "Original BMP" if you have some time to wait.

This map shows control of local legislative boards and councils, often either a town/city council or a board of selectmen.

Democrats have made inroads into Litchfield County, but seem to have dropped off a bit in Fairfield County and parts of New Haven County. This map hardly tells the whole story, of course. I'm also working on a "top offices" map, which will be a new map category. It will be much easier to make, since that information is widely available.

I am lacking good information about Beacon Falls, Litchfield and Wolcott. West Haven and Winchester are having recounts. Torrington's city council is split evenly between the parties.


Anonymous said...

Democrats still hold the Fairfield RTM.

Genghis Conn said...

You're right. 26-24. I read it the other way around. Thanks.

MikeCT said...

Not surprisingly, Litchfield is Republican (2 of 3)