Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Campaign Finance Bill Passes Senate

Rell Promises to Sign Bill if Passed by House

According to CT News Junkie the CFR bill will be signed by the governor if passed by both chambers today.

The Senate passed the bill by a wide margin. See the roll call here.

The House is the tricky one. Let's hope the governor leaned on members of her party to vote for it: otherwise it ain't happening.

Either way this turns out, I'm glad it's finally come to a vote.


Anonymous said...

we have eliminated the problem of multiple special interests. Henceforth, there will be one special interest.

Want to send your favorite candidate for Governor a $100 check? Once he or she qualifies, you have joined auto cell phone users and mattress tag removers as one of the state's lawbreakers.

Also, to prevent the circumstance when one candidate for a seat is manifestly better qualified and thus attracts more support, we will ensure his or her less qualified opponent receives exactly the same amount of funds.

Unless they are a third party candidate. Go to Foxwoods, no dice here.

And taxpayer funded newsletters for incumbents will continue. Because all candidates are equal, but incumbents are more equal than others.

The Honorable George Orwell

MikeCT said...

The "no" votes - wipe them off your Christmas list, and let's boot them in 2006:

Cappiello (R-Danbury), N.
DeLuca, minority leader (R-Woodbury), N.
Freedman (R-Westport), N.
Gunther (R-Stratford), N.
Hartley (D-Waterbury), N.
McKinney (R-Fairfield), N.
Nickerson (R-Greenwich), N.
Roraback (R-Goshen), N.

Joan Hartley was the only Dem to vote against. Andrew McDonald, who had been opposed, was apparently under too much pressure to vote against it. Cathy Cook (R-Groton) was absent.

MikeCT said...

For policy wonks, here's the bill, also in PDF format, and the official summary. It is SB 2013.

Genghis Conn said...

I wonder if this will take McKinney off the list of Lt. Gov. possibilities? Not surprised about DeLuca. The House list is going to be much, much more interesting.

Brass Tacks said...

Kudos to those who think this will work. I don't, but my hat is tipped to y'all.

Caruso and DiFronzo were eloquent.

If you get to watch/read debate, listen to Sens. McDonald, Roraback, and Ward and Cafero's opening in the House if you're interested in learning why someone would share my POV. Bob Farr had some good zingers, too.


MikeCT said...

Let's party! The House voted for the bill 82-65, and the Governor will sign it. This is a monumental achievement. Here's the AP story, the (post-print) Courant story, and the House tally. Below are the "no" votes. A few may have had "good" reasons to vote against certain provisions, but they should have handled that through amendments, not the final vote.

Democrats we can live without in 2006 (along with the Republicans below): Altobello, Beamon, Berger, Christ, Dargan, Doyle, Esposito, Gonzales, Jarmoc, Kirkley-Bey, Malone, Mann, Moukawsher, O'Connor, Orange, Panaroni, Sayers, Shapiro, Chris Stone

Comparing the "no" list to Genghis' list of "races to watch" in 2006 (which was based on tight votes in 2004), here is a list of incumbents who could be vulnerable if their opponents focus on their refusal to reform state government:
Rep. Michael A. Caron (R), Rep. Hank Bielawa (R), Rep. Mike Alberts (R), Rep. Anne Ruwet (R), Rep. John Harkins (R), Rep. John "Jack" Stone (R),
Cathy Cook (R), another one on Genghis' list, was absent. I'd also add Rep. Bob Farr (D-West Hartford) and others to the vulnerable list if they get strong opponents.

Absent Ds and Rs: Backer (D-Stratford), Mazurek (D-Wolcott), Ryan J., (R-Darien), Winkler (R-Groton)

The "no" votes:
Alberts (R-Woodstock)
Altobello (D-Meriden)
Aman (R-South Windsor)
Bacchiochi (R-Somers)
Beamon (D-Waterbury)
Belden (R-Shelton)
Berger (D-Waterbury)
Bielawa (R-Redding)
Cafero (R-Norwalk)
Caron (R-Killingly)
Carson (R-New Fairfield)
Chapin (R-New Milford)
Christ (D-East Hartford)
D'Amelio (R-Waterbury)
Dargan (D-West Haven)
DelGobbo (R-Naugatuck)
Doyle (D-Wethersfield)
Esposito (D-West Haven)
Fahrbach (R-Windsor)
Farr (R-West Hartford)
Ferrari (R-East Granby)
Floren (R-Greenwich)
Frey (R-Ridgefield)
Gibbons (R-Greenwich)
Giegler (R-Danbury)
Giuliano (R-Old Saybrook)
Gonzalez (D-Hartford)
Googins (R-Glastonbury)
Greene (R-Beacon Falls)
Hamzy (R-Plymouth)
Harkins (R-Stratford)
Heagney (R-Simsbury)
Hetherington (R-New Canaan)
Hovey (R-Monroe)
Jarmoc (D-Enfield)
Kirkley-Bey (D-Hartford)
Klarides (R-Derby)
Labriola (R-Naugatuck)
Malone (D-Norwich)
Mann (D-Norwalk)
Miller (R-Stratford)
Miner (R-Litchfield)
Moukawsher (D-Groton)
Noujaim (R-Waterbury)
O'Connor (D-Westbrook)
O'Neill (R-Southbury)
Orange (D-Colchester)
Panaroni (D-Branford)
Piscopo (R-Thomaston)
Powers (R-Greenwich)
Rowe (R-Trumbull)
Ruwet (R-Torrington)
Sawyer (R-Bolton)
Sayers (D-Windsor Locks)
Scribner (R-Brookfield)
Shapiro (D-Stamford)
Sherer (R-Stamford)
Stone C. (D-East Hartford)
Stone J. (R-Fairfield)
Stripp (R-Weston)
Tymniak (R-Fairfield)
Ward Minority Leader (R-North Branford)
Wasserman (R-Newtown)
Williams (R-Watertown)
Witkos (R-Canton)

BDRubenstein888 said...

Thank you MikeCt for a good job breaking down the legislative votes...this bill will be signed and correctted in the nextsession....its historic and will force legislators into the streets actually talking to folks instead of selling themselves like prostitutes to the lobbyists and special interests....for activists like us this bill is wonderful as we now can have our elected official go forward with more time to plead OUR case for the large middle class and working people and the poor.