Monday, November 14, 2005

Senate 23: Special Election Today

At least one chapter of the Ernest Newton story will come to a close today when his successor is elected.

Six candidates, five Democrats and one Republican, are running. The endorsed Democrat is city councilor Ed Gomes, who is expected to win. Turnout should be low because of the odd timing of the election (state law forbids a special legislative election on the same day as a municipal election).

The 23rd Senate District is reliably Democratic and encompasses most of Bridgeport and a slice of Stratford.

I'll post results as soon as I get them.


Dave Mooney said...

One of the petitioning Democratic candidates is Mike Singh. This guy just won't sit out an election. Some may remember Singh from his brief tenure as a councilman in Stratford before he had to resign when it was discovered he was not a US citizen. He has since been naturalized and ran for the Stratford Town Council in the September Democratic primary and also a petitioning candidate in the election last week. He had pulled papers to run for mayor as a PC but failed to get the required number of signatures. I guess getting his supporters to sign his petitions for four elections (council primary, council general, mayor and state senate) slowed him down too much!

mccommas said...

Well why not have a special election on a muncipal election day? What a dumb law.

And a stupid waste of money besides.