Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rowland Campaign Manager to Head State GOP

When I first heard this, I didn't understand why the Republicans went in this direction:

The manager of John G. Rowland's last campaign for governor is about to become the next Republican state chairman.

George D. Gallo, 37, managed Rowland's 2002 campaign and was executive director of the state party for six of Rowland's 91/2 years as governor.

H. Ross Garber, who was Rowland's legal counsel during the impeachment inquiry, previously was named as a legal adviser to Rell's campaign. (AP)

And then I read a little farther and found out.

...Republicans say Connecticut is a small state and there's just not that much top political talent. (AP)

The Republicans have a very short bench, in other words.

However, I will give Gallo credit: he crushed Bill Curry very efficiently.

"Republicans tap former Rowland aide." Associated Press 10 November, 2005.


Anonymous said...

the reason for this is simple. gallo is good. he gets it. i am a dem but realize when folks on the other side understand how to win elections. and gallo is one of these people. as dems, we should spend less time worrying about who the other side is hiring and more time trying to figure out how to move the hearts minds and souls of the voters of CT so we can actually WIN some elections instead of being on the sidelines complaining as the constant victim.

Nate said...

I don't think Genghis is idly complaining. A large part of Rell's popularity is based on the assumption that she's nothing like John Rowland-- the fact that she has kept much of "team malfeasance" in place is certainly worth pointing out for Democrats running against her next year.

DemNow said...

Gallo just helped Moccia beat us in Norwalk...this is a good choice by Rell. The past few chairmen have been ineffective-- this one may jump start their party.

We have to give up tying Rell to Rowland. I don't buy it, no one buys it. We need to beat Rell on the issues. We keep losing because we don't have a compelling vision. I keep waiting to hear it from DeStefano or Malloy, and it isn't there yet! It's early, I know, but I am looking for leadership!

Nate said...

DemNow-- I agree with everything you said, Democrats definitely won't win solely on Rell=Rowland. At the same time, corruption is the big issue in Connecticut politics these days. If we cede the reformer image to Rell, especially when she has done nothing to earn it, then we're not doing our job and we're definitely not doing the citizens of CT any favors.

NHDave said...

George Gallo is an honorable and honest person. He won election in New Haven in an overwhelmingly Democratic ward by getting to know his constituency and working for them effectively. I served with him for two terms, and was always able to work with him to advance New Havens agenda, so do not discount him as a "Rowland hack" or the result of a "thin bench". He is articulate and effective, and should be viewed as a person that must be contended with if the Dems are going to take back the Governors seat

Mike DePalma said...

Dem Now,

We agree on the DeStefano campaign that you cannot beat Rell by tying her to Rowland. We do think we have displayed a clear vision as to what needs to change in Connecticut, and a lot of folks that have talked to John have told us that one of the things they like about the campaign is the fact that his plan is very focused and specific. In fact, we believe that the only way to beat Rell is to show how ineffective she's been in solving Connecticut's problems, and in doing so, we have to show that we a plan. However, the election is still a year away, and our campaign is still in its grassroots stage. As we move along, we will be pushing hard to get our message out to the masses. In the meantime, check out our website, find out when John will be in your area, and then give us feed back as to what you think.