Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rell to Bush: Forget It

Don't look for George Bush to come campaign for Jodi Rell next year.

"I don’t think President Bush would want to campaign particularly for me," said Rell. "I’m campaigning right now..with individuals who wish to campaign with me."
"I don’t mean that to be disrespectful in any manner, but I think over the last year there have been many initiatives that I have put on the table where I differ very much with the Republican administration," Rell added. (Hldaky)

Can you blame her? According to the Courant/UCONN poll released this morning, Bush's approval rating in Connecticut hovers around 30%.

Of course, it isn't like Bush would come here anyway. He was only born in New Haven, went to college at Yale, and is the grandson of a well-respected Greenwich senator. No connection at all. Has he actually come to Connecticut while president? I can't remember him campaigning for Simmons, Shays or Johnson.

I also can't imagine those three particularly wanting Bush to show up to campaign for them, either. The only people who would benefit if Bush set foot within our borders are Democrats.

Hldaky, Gregory. " Rell to campaign without Bush’s help." Bristol Press, 16 November, 2005.


Dave Mooney said...

It's a good opportunity for Democrats to bring in some big national names to campaign against Rell, since she won't have any big names behind her. Think about what Bill Clinton was able to do for Corzine and then think about how Rell would have nobody to bring in to counter that effect.

FrankS said...

Rell is apparently a fair-weather political friend, she previously welcomed him to the state for a fundraiser in Bridgeport. Rowland was absent or Bush didn't want to appear with him.

Bush clearly has personal ties to Connecticut, so Rell's "spin" seem more calculated. What initiatives has she offerred that differ?

ctkeith said...

I think the repuke party should send in Tom Delay as their top gun.After all all three Republican congresscritters from this state are his bitches when their vote counts and they should stand shoulder to shoulder with their leader even if he is under indictment.

DeanFan84 said...

Hey, don't worry. With their Congressional majorities at stake, high-level Republicans will be all over the state in 2006. Expect to see Giuliani, Pataki, McCain, Romney, etc.

And Laura Bush will be her for some quick fundraising, as she did in 2004. Although I agree, I don't think we will see W. He couldn't even dare his daughter's Yale graduation last year. lol.

P.S. I see this as another press-release driven news story. Shades of "Cranegate", and a great way for Jodi Rowland to distance herself from our unpopular president.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To be fair, he did come to New Haven for his daughter's graduation in (I think) 2003.

DeanFan84 said...

No, he didn't come for Barbara Bush's 2004 graduation.

"Bush '68 will not attend graduation"-- Yale Daily News 5/6/04

GWB did fly in for a quick cocktail party/fundraiser on the Saturday before Monday's graduation. But he couldn't attend the ceremony for fear of what might ensue.

In 2001, Bush did attend a Yale graduation, at which he received an honorary degree, and gave his famous "C+ student" speech. "And to you 'C' students, you too can be president of the United States!" Read about what happened here, (including the mass protests):

Anonymous said...

First to FrankS, different initiatives...stem cell research, civil unions, campaign finance...and the list continues to grow.

Next up, yeah, she was there when "W" came but she was not the beneficiary of the visit. Now that she would be is it so wrong for her to say that she wasn't interested? Seems you screaming libs have nothing better to do since you have NOTHING on the lady.

Fact is, not likely to see any big name Republicans in town this year for Jody because she doesnt need them. Neither Dem has a shot, bottom line. Especially since they are dividing the party they wish to represent.

You guys babble on wondering why you cant win the big seat...answer is simple, you are too far out of the mainstream. Why did Bill Clinton, who I voted for twice, do it? He was a MODERATE...look the word up, might do you all some good.