Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe Goes to Iraq (Again)

Sen. Joe Lieberman lately returned from another trip to Iraq, and lauded the apparent progress being made there:

Lieberman, D-Conn., who spent Wednesday and Thursday in Iraq, saw strong evidence that a workable American plan is in place.

"We do have a strategy," he said. "We do have a plan. I saw a strategy that's being implemented." (Lightman)

Lieberman's comments are in direct opposition to those made by Sen. Dodd just one month ago:

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., visited Iraq last month, and came away saying "we need a major course correction" in American policy - notably "we need to let Iraqis know we're not there forever." (Lightman)

Lieberman is one of the biggest supporters of a war that has never been popular in Connecticut, yet he is still one of the state's most popular politicians. His approval ratings have consistently been in the high 60s, and he seems assured of re-election. It's noteworthy that the only Republican who has so far stepped forward to challenge Lieberman next year is, well, a little mentally unbalanced:

Right now, Manchester resident Herschal Collins is the only Republican to have filed for the Senate race. Collins has sued the state of Connecticut and the United States government for various things.

He insists that Lieberman's term — along with most other members of Congress — is invalid because they violated the law by permitting the Department of Interior to deal with the state's two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. (Lucas)

He doesn't have a website yet, but I can't wait.

It's sometimes hard to explain Lieberman's popularity. Most Democrats say that they can't stand him. Whenever he makes a move, the left-leaning blogosphere excoriates him. Republicans, on the other hand, love Joe, even though he actually votes against most of their positions in the Senate. His campaign for president in 2004 flopped terribly as he completely missed the mood of Democrats nationwide (his withdrawal saved him from losing the primary in his own state), but Connecticut voters seem willing to return him to the Senate anyway.

Lieberman has made a career out of playing to the middle, and perhaps that appeals to the huge number of independents in Connecticut. Many people find him dour, boring and a bit too liberal/conservative/moderate for their tastes, but not so much so that they won't vote for him. It helps that Republicans haven't put up strong candidates against him since he defeated Lowell Weicker in 1988.

So Lieberman, despite lukewarm support from his own party and a seeming inability to sense the national mood, will win in another walk next year. That's something we can all feel, well, moderate about.


Lightman, David. "`We Do Have A Plan'." Hartford Courant 29 November, 2005.

Lucas, Fred. "Ho-hum '06 state political races looming." Danbury News-Times 27 November, 2005.


Gabe said...

I don't fell moderate about it, but as a progressive democrat, what is the option?

No one is running against him in the primary, and the odds of me voting for a Republican (especially one who is slightly nutty) is low.

Genghis Conn said...

I'd personally like to see a Lieberman/Weicker rematch, but that isn't happening.

From what I hear, a lot of the DTCs aren't happy with Joe, either. A reasonably competent primary opponent could expect some decent convention support.

Anonymous said...

Lets take up a collection to keep Joe in Iraq....he is one of the main folks responsible for over 2,000 needless deaths and over 200 billion used in Iraq that could have been used here.

Anonymous said...

"Most Democrats say that they can't stand him."

Not true.. Look at the April Q poll that shows him running a 66% approval rating among Dems this past April. I'd say most Democrats approve of the job he's doing:


Genghis also reported on the numbers here:


DeanFan84 said...

A couple of things re: Joe.

1). Republians love him because his basic message has been "Republicans good, Democrats bad." It's too bad that Joe didn't spend as much energy criticizing Bush last cycle, as he did his fellow Democrats. However, since taking quite a bit of heat last winter/spring, Joe has toned it down, at least until this last. Before that he was a FoxNews stalwart, calling Sean Hannity a "good friend", and a "wonderful American".

2). Joe's house is on the market here in New Haven. This fact, coupled with Blumenthal's decision to sit out the Governor's race, (after giving every indication he was running), has led some to question whether a Lieberman retirement/Blumenthal ascension, is in the works. Certainly, if such an agreement has been made at the top, it would make no sense to announce anything before the year-end Holidays, or even next spring. (to do so would render Joe a lame duck, and it might encourage a credentialed Republican to dive in against Dick.)

3). If Joe were to retire, where would he go? Some have said a Secretary of Defense post could be in the works. If that were the case, it would jibe with today's action. Others have speculated a McCain/Lieberman 2008 Unity ticket. My personal favorite is a position with the Carlyle Group, as Joe has never been about $$$$, his family is not that rich, and he could rake in a quick $10-$50 Million if he went that route. (plus the fact CT turned their backs on him duirng his 2004 Presidential run).

Finally, I hear that there will be a nomination from the floor at the State convention. It would be interesting to see how many Dems might register a vote of "no confidence".

P.S. Please don't confuse a poll of average Democrats, with those of us paying attention. You call someone up, and ask them do they approve of Joe Lieberman, Democrat, and party-line voters will say sure. Pro-war Joe has no real depth of support within the Dem Party.

FrankS said...

Lieberman visits are a marked contrast to the Iraq described by Anne Garrels interview in Northeast this week.

Lieberman's support of the war comes at a very high costs for our nation and if this current stratagy/plan in Iraq continues to fail, a credible challenge may appear


Matthew Gertz said...

Interesting theory, Deanfan84.

Let's say that Bush appoints Lieberman SecDef in the next few months. Who does Rell appoint? My money would be on Shays: faux-moderate reputation, and probably the highest name ID in the state outside of Rell herself.

Probably a Blumenthal challenge in 06... but against an incumbent running with the popular Rell on the ticket. That's gotta be a top-tier race, one that we'd win, but after a pretty brutal fight.

A Shays nod for Senator would mean Farrell running in a special election, probably against McKinney. I'd give Farrell the edge there, but it would be a close race.

DeanFan84 said...

Shays has already stated, publicly, that he wouldn't want to be appointed to the end of Joe's term.

Chris doesn't think he could hold the seat, and given his weak performance in 2004 against Farrell, he is probably correct.

I'd expect Rell to appoint a weak Republican, as a sacrificial lamb to Blumenthal.

I'm still trying to figure out why Dick never entered the race. And I don't believe it is Rell's poll numbers. And again, Joe's house is for sale, and then he comes out today, and practically invites a Party Revolt against him.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Aldon was fired from the DeStefano campaign and is now doing advance work for Lieberman

DeanFan84 said...

The DeStefano campaign ought to make some changes, but they would be stupid to let go of Aldon, unless they are giving up on having a campaign blog, (which would be premature.)

In terms of Aldon going to work for Lieberman, that is a ridiculous attempt at a smear.

Again, I make my case for required registration.

Kimberly said...

Hah hah hah - how much is Leiberman paying? Are we suddenly rich? Umm
seriously, no.

Aldon Hynes said...

I find myself in a difficult position. As a blogger, I am committed to promoting as much openness and transparency as possible. However, I have responsibilities to my family, the DeStefano campaign and to others that need to be kept private. So, I will try to give as much information as I can.

My agreement to work with the DeStefano campaign is through November 30th. I have been contacted by several other campaigns, both within and beyond Connecticut to help them with their online strategy. I have also been approached on other online ventures, as well as some ventures in my other career as a Wall Street technology executive.

I need to work out what will be best for myself, my family, my friends, the DeStefano campaign and several other campaigns that I am committed to.

Several months ago, Senator Lieberman came over to my house to speak with Kim and I about Democracy for America. I attended the funeral for Senator Lieberman’s mother and am friends with his brother-in-law. However, at no point have there been discussions about me working for him. I would like to see him have a vibrant blog, just as I would like to see all politicians have vibrant blogs, but I do not foresee working on making this happen.

I can’t go into much more detail than this at this point. Perhaps tomorrow, I will have more information to present.

DeanFan84 said...


Only through November 30th? Is DeStefano shutting the blog down? I hope not.

Does the campaign understand that these things take time to germinate? I remember hanging out on the Kerry blog when there only like eight posters. Things subsequently took off after it was clear Kerry was going to win the nomination. How are DeStefano backers going to communicate among ourselves without an online forum?

Anyway, you have done a great job. I hope they keep the blog alive.

Aldon Hynes said...

DeanFan84, thanks for the support. My current agreement is through the 30th. I don’t know if we will work out an agreement beyond that. If we don’t reach an agreement, I hope that the campaign does not shut down the blog. I believe that blogs are an important dynamic in campaigns.

I believe that an important part of blogs is a sense of community, which is part of the reason I rail against people that simply use Anonymous as a name instead of creating a consistent pseudonym. It is also part of the reason I am so opposed to deleting comments. As a side note, Genghis contacted me about the rumor asking if I thought the comment should be deleted. Due to my strong aversion to deleting comments, I said that the comment should stay up. Deleting comments are another thing that damages community.

You are right. It takes time to build community and I hope that if an agreement between the DeStefano campaign and me isn’t reached, that there will be continued efforts to build a vibrant community around the campaign.

One other thought. This whole thing feels rather awkward to me. My job for the DeStefano campaign has been to try and draw attention to the Mayor’s Gubernatorial bid. I would prefer not to be the focus of attention.

Genghis Conn said...

I agree with DeanFan, Aldon. You've done a great job with the DeStefano blog, and you've represented the campaign extremely well on the web.

Anonymous said...

Aldon, perhaps your skills will obtain better results in the private sector. Everybody loves Jodi


TrueBlueCT said...


Keep telling yourself that, "Everyone loves Jodi, everyone loves Jodi, everyone loves Jodi..."

What do you love about her? That she stood for Civil Unions? Her vote to raise the Minimum Wage? Or her Transportation Solutions and Job Growth plans? -- Wait, what solutions? what plans?

So Connecticut is happy that Rell, unlike Rowland, is not in jail? So what. Her honeymoon is about to be over. She's going to have to defend her record, only she doesn't have one!

Anonymous said...

She''s been over 75% for over a year. That's not a short term honeymoon, it's a long term romance.

Good luck rallying your 18% . Let's see how much more money Johnny II raises once he's tapped out all the city vendors in New Haven

TrueBlueCT said...

No, it's a willing blindness following the embarrassment that Rowland was. 77% of CT isn't completely ashamed of Jodi. So what?

You know the Iraq Experiment used to be popular....

Anonymous said...

yes, and New Haven is about as safe these days as Baghdad. Four shootings last night. No arrests.

Wonderful reason to give the guy a promotion

TrueBlueCT said...

Anonymous Rell supporter:

Your racial prejudices aside, New Haven is safe.

I searched the New Haven Register, the New Haven Independent, the Yale Daily News, and the local TV stations.

This is all I could find, "Shooting Suspect Nabbed in New Haven".

Any more smears or lies to share with us?

Genghis Conn said...

Actually, according to this article from the AP wire, the anonymous commenter is at least partially correct.

I've said it before: suburban fear of New Haven is going to be trouble for DeStefano.

TrueBlueCT said...

Partially correct, wtf Genghis?

Ok, there was a drive-by shooting last night.

But these are Lies:
1). Four shootings?
2). No arrests?

Is your bar so low that are going to back up such anonymous sleaze?

What does a gang-related act of violence has to do with anything? What kind of racist asshole tries to score points by hyping crime and fear? And what the hell does it have to do with Politics?

Again, I make my case for required registration.

Genghis Conn said...

The article does mention three shootings, just to be clear. It also doesn't mention any arrests, although you may have seen a different article that does.

This sort of thing has a great deal to do with politics. Moderate voters in the suburbs have an absolute terror of cities like Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven. Some of their fear is caused by fear of people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, fair enough. But some of it is caused by comparatively high crime rates and what seem like constant news stories about shootings. People get scared.

Perception matters. White suburban voters see the city as filled with high crime and drugs. This may negatively impact their perception of DeStefano, and lead them to vote against him. Part of what his campaign is doing is selling not only the mayor but also the city to just these sorts of people. High-profile crimes like what happened last night hurt that effort.

TrueBlueCT said...


Facts and truth matter too.

I've read that Courant article five times now. I see two shooting victims. One guy got shot at 8:30 this morning, on Redfield Street; he then walked to the Hill Health Center. The second guy got shot last night in a drive-by. If you'd bother to follow my link, you'd see that they have already caught this shooter.

So what I see, when you and the anonymous Rell supporter comment on an imagined spree of three or four shootings -- Is a whole mess of fear and prejudice.

Sorry, I can't help you with that.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is a liability to CT Democrats.
We need to find a Democrat that will primary him and take him out.


Anonymous said...


"This latest shooting is the 5th in New Haven since Monday night. There has been one murder and four shootings in the Elm City in the past five days."

Anonymous said...


My info was from NBC30 at 11pm. Unlike the DeStefano campaign, they have an interest in providing accurate information about what is really happening in New Haven.

TrueBlueCT said...

Hey, thanks. And a link too!
(I did search but couldn't find it.)

Sounds like a turf-war in progress. The crazy thing is the gang violence is going on in New Haven's poorer neighborhoods, and most of us New Haveners are ignorant or indifferent. But then again, we don't watch "ACTION NEWS 8".

Is it time for me to get a gun?

Anonymous said...

Talk to your cops! New Haven doesn't report it's crime figures.

TrueBlueCT said...

Anonymous Malloy or Rell supporter:

This article suggests that what you are saying is wrong. And please quit playing the race/crime card.

"The 2004 crime statistics released by the New Haven Police Department Dec. 29 show an increase in city crime from 9,010 cases reported in 2003 to 9,652 last year, while the 2004 on-campus crime statistics show the number of crimes committed on campus fell from 423 in 2003 to 363 last year." -- Yale Daily News 1/10/05

Anonymous said...

How is a headline "New Haven crime up for second year" either supportive of DeStefano or evidence of any alleged race card?

If this is the reasoning DeStefano's own people use to support his campaign Jodi ought to plan for a long stay at the mansion

Aldon Hynes said...

The issue of crime in our cities is a serious one that should be looked at carefully. There are many different issues involved in it. For example, how can we make our police forces more effective?

About a month ago, a neighbor of mine in North Stamford was murdered. As Paul Bass points out in New Haven Independent, New Haven police helped solve the murder. As a resident of North Stamford, I am grateful to the help that the New Haven police provided. It illustrates the importance of working together.

It is also worth noting that suspects had recently been released from jail and had substance abuse problems. One of the suspects was on parole when he moved here from New Jersey.

Mayor DeStefano has talked about how corrections is the fastest growing part of the Connecticut budget and that all murders in New Haven were committed by people who had been released by the Department of Corrections within a year or so. (I don’t have the exact statistics).

We need better programs to assist people as they transition from prison life back to life in our communities. We need better programs to help people with substance abuse. Without any of these programs, no matter how good the police are, they will always be fighting an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Here's how NHPD reports it's findings, it's not to the FBI standards and allows for "unfounded" claims to be removed.


Anonymous said...

Other Cities: Crime data for a number of other cities with populations larger than 75,000 are not reported in this 10th edition of City Crime Rankings. Crime statistics for these cities are not included for a number of reasons, ranging from general reporting difficulties and computer issues to changes in reporting systems. Below is a list of cities that the Census Bureau showed as having populations greater than 75,000 but for which no information was available through the 2002 F.B.I.’s Uniform Crime Report:

Albany, NY

Las Cruces, NM

Arlington Heights, IL

Longmont, CO

Augusta, GA

Nashua, NH

Canton, OH

New Bedford, MA

Centennial CA

New Haven, CT

Cicero IL

Newport Beach, CA

Citrus Heights, CA

Newton, MA

Decatur, IL

Roanoke, VA

Elgin, IL

Santa Maria, CA

Elk Grove, CA

Waukegan, IL

Hillsboro, OR

Westminster, CO

Kansas City, KS

Worcester, MA

TrueBlueCT said...

Anonymous Rell supporter:
I'm not one of "DeStefano's people". I am a long-time New Haven resident, and a frequent critic of John's administration.

Like Guiliani in NYC, DeStefano has earned a broad base of support. Troll away, but much of the respect John gets is from how well he has handled New Haven's crime problems. Talk to any New Havener and we all sing the same tune. Things are safer in New Haven than we ever hoped they would be, and although the crime rate has blipped up in the past couple of years, we have complete faith in the administration's ability to handle it.

Everyone knows about New Haven's turnaround. You are just trying to inject fear and race into the dialogue. But then again, you're a Republican!

Anonymous said...

That says very little, improvement here is a subjective measure.


A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

OK, here's what just kills me ...

Let's take this phrase from truebluect's post and play word substitution:

"You are just trying to inject fear and race into the dialogue. But then again, you're a Republican!"

Now, substitute "sex and emotion" for "fear and race" and "silly woman" for "Republican" ... or pick some hot-button issue like welfare and your least favorite racial epithet.


Now, of course, as sensitive progressives none of you would ever stoop to such a despicable remark ... about a woman or a minority.

Just about a Republican. (A theoretical Republican, no less - as if it were some violation of human decency for Republicans to post on this board, anonymously or otherwise.)


It is tempting to believe that the remark was made with tongue fully in cheek ... but that's hard to believe when it's accompanied by words like "troll" and whiny demands for an end to anonymous posting.

Gabe said...

A whole new anon -

What are you talking about? Coherence - catch the fever!

TrueBlueCT said...

But Gabe,

Registering as a site user is just soooo complicated! LMAO