Thursday, November 10, 2005

Top Offices Map

Lots of mapmaking today. The white spot is Winchester, which will be resolved next week.

This is the "top offices" map. In some cases, the mayor or first selectman is elected by the council majority, so there's no difference. In most Connecticut towns, however, councils and top offices are elected separately. Here's the council control map (left) next to the top offices map (right):

There's really only a handful of places with split government. Many of them are medium-sized cities that have Republican mayors and Democratic councils. There are a few cases, like Stratford, of Democratic mayors and Republican councils, but not as many as the opposite.

This map clearly shows that there were no huge shifts in power, at least along party lines. Most incumbents were re-elected, but a higher number than usual, it seems, got tossed out. Still a lot to think about.

If you want to hear more about the crazy election in Waterbury, listen to WTIC-AM this afternoon at 4pm. Waterbury Alderman J. Paul Vance, who posts here from time to time, will be on to talk about what happened.


MikeCT said...

Love the maps! Thanks for keeping them up. One correction - the Republicans control the North Branford Council, but the Mayor is a Democrat, as the New Haven Register reports.

Anonymous said...

A+ on the who gained in the election? Dems or Reps?

Genghis Conn said...


Thanks for the correction, and for letting me know about Litchfield in the previous post. I'll update maps and post correct versions after Winchester is resolved next week.


Really, neither gained. Republicans made some gains, but so did Democrats. There isn't a clear result. As for actual numbers... I may be able to find that out. Stay tuned.

Dave Mooney said...

I wouldn't really call Jarjura in Waterbury a 3rd Party. He won by write-in as opposed to the traditional route, but he's still a Democrat.

Chris MC said...

Yep, Jarjura is a Democrat. The Democrats behind him are stalwarts, including the Bergins & co. That one should be blue.

Genghis Conn said...

Waterbury was a tough call. Technically, since he didn't win the endorsement of his party, Jarjura didn't win as as Democrat. The endorsed Democrat lost.

But it could go either way. Stripes?

Dave Mooney said...

Well what is the map supposed to represent, election results or partisan control? Usually there is no difference, but Waterbury found the corner case.

Also note that Stratford very nearly had a petitioning Republican beat both the endorsed D and R candidate.

Rather than make two maps, I would use a special shade of blue and red for R's and D's that win as an write-in or petitioner. Purple should be reserved for true third party candidates.