Friday, July 29, 2005

Open Forum/Upcoming Event

There will be a Q&A with John Nussbaum on Monday August 1st from 5:30pm. As always, if you can't make it and have a question for Mr. Nussbaum, please post it here or email it to me. I will post it in the Q&A with your username attached on Monday. Please also read the interview with him if you have a chance.

This is an open forum, otherwise.


Eddie said...

Mr. Nussbaum, thanks for visiting this blog. I won't be around on Monday, so two questions, if I may:

1) (General question) Many people in Connecticut are convinced that the political process isn't working for them. What can the Secretary of the State do to help turn that around? Or, what will John Nussbaum in particular do to help turn that around?

2) (Sociable question) I see on your Web site that you study Connecticut history. What have you read lately that's really good?


Ebpie said...

There is an interesting article in the NYTimes today about AG Blumenthal and the 2006 gubernatorial race. Unfortunately it doesn't say anything new. Hopefully the article will put pressure on someone to come out and declare their intentions. I'm surprised Kevin Sullivan hasn't made an announcement yet. One would think he would try and get in ASAP so he could compete financially. He is probably waiting on Blumenthal to make up his mind. Hopefully Rell will let us know soon.