Thursday, July 07, 2005

Open Forum

The interview with John DeStefano will be posted tonight around 8pm, and the open Q&A with him will be tomorrow at 8am.

What else is happening around the state?


Ebpie said...

The BRAC hearing seemed to go well yesterday. I am cautiously optimistic about saving the base.

Genghis Conn said...

Here's hoping on that front, Ebpie.

Gabe said...

Not sure who cares about this but me, but Hamden has a fight brewing in the Dem Mayorality Primary. Apparently a former councilman and state Rep is taking on Mayor Amento in September and has gained the support of some o fthe council and (I believe) some of Hamden's state delegation...

Genghis Conn said...


Interesting! Would you mind keeping us posted as this one develops?

Does Hamden have a strong mayor or mayor-council government instead of a town manager?

FrankS said...

Here's a follow-up to an earlier posting on the resignation of 4 lifeguards over short staffing, equipment and pay at Sherwood Island State Park. I was interested because one of the former lifeguards questioned Gov. Rell's statement on their resignation as untrue.

This apparently got Gov. Rell's attention,

Gov. Rell then announced the matter had been resolved and praised the hiring of 11 new individuals,

Well July 4th wekend and 30,000+ people came into the park, three of the replacement guards lacked certification and only six lifeguards staffed one of the two beaches,

Gov. Rell is now suggesting full coverage at the park this weekend, but no admissions that the original four were correct or offered their summer jobs back or how the State could have hired the uncertified individuals or if individuals were endangered at the unstaffed area.

How does she do this with a straight face?

ctblogger said...

Here's a story that should raise an eyebrow.

Seems like insurers have raised the rate they charge doctors for malpratice by 120 percent while the amount of money paid by insurers increased by only 5.7 percent.

Seems like AG Richard Blumenthal is on the case.

MikeCT said...

Question for DeStefano - what specific initiatives would you propose to reduce the number Connecticut residents without health insurance? What changes or expansions, if any, would you propose for the HUSKY program?

ctkeith said...

Krugman inadvertently (maybe) slaps Gov. Rell across the face