Thursday, July 21, 2005

Open Forum

What's new?


Steve Maher said...

The General Assembly comes back soon for the veto session... will they override any of Rell's vetoes? (Think: ethics bill with privatization ammendment she vetoed in the 11th hour)

Anonymous said...

In response to an earlier F grade by "Parents for Megan's Law, Gov Rell will propose new sanctions on sex-offenders.,0,3377943.story?coll=hc-headlines-local-wire

Ebpie said...

Rell is back from her vacation. We should hear a re-election announcement in the very near future.

Genghis Conn said...


Nah. They're still looking into whether the bizarre switcheroo she did with that one (veto the bill, implement sections of it anyway through executive order) is legal--they'll probably wait.

Besides, getting this bunch of Democrats to do anything together is like herding cats.


I took a look at that study--a lot of states were getting Fs. This particular group seems to set very high standards.


Well, finally. But it'll be another month or two before Blumenthal makes up his mind not to run (again).

Anonymous said...

Well Bill O'Reilly did call her soft on sex offenders.,2933,162254,00.htmlon

ctblogger said...

Bill O'Reilly? Tell him I'm still looking for the Paris Business Review.

MikeCT said...

CT Blogger has launched a Hat City blog to highlight the goings-on in Danbury. (He also maintains the ConnecticutBlog.) In a recent post he highlights a Danbury News-Times article on the Democrats' endorsement of Dean Esposito as a mayoral candidate (discussed previously on this blog). Perhaps the Esposito for Mayor or Danbury Dems sites will offer more info in the future.

The Mad Hatters Independent Media Center also publishes local news.

By the way, CTBlogger, your comments option on the CTBlog site keeps appearing and disappearing!

ctblogger said...

I'm thinking about opening the commetns section more but I'm still debating it. I don't like trolls.

Genghis Conn said...


Trolls are a fact of life in the blogosphere... when they pop up here, they're easily ignored.

MikeCT said...


I think that comments will create a draw for visitors. If comments are simply obscene or prank-oriented, perhaps the software allows you to delete them? I would hope the "signal to noise ratio" would improve with time.