Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Open Forum

Tell us what's happening in your part of CT!

Also, if, as several have suggested, anyone wants to post some information about themselves, which could include but is not limited to: background, political beliefs, who (if anyone) they are working for, and anything else they feel is important. Something like this, perhaps:

Display Name: Genghis Conn
Guiding Political Beliefs: Moderation in all things (moderation included). I tend to be a bit center-left, but I'll listen to what everyone has to say if it sounds reasonable.
Background: Former high school teacher (and, because of that, a former member of the CEA), current librarian's assistant and grad student in library science.
Campaigns worked on: An amazing failure of a Green Party state rep. campaign in 2002, and, before it tanked, the Balducci for Governor campaign in 1994 (I cut articles out of newspapers for a day). That's it.
Conflicts of Interest: I don't have many. I was on a volunteer town board for a few years, but mostly I'm just a voter.

If you want to post this kind of information, feel free. However, no one is required to do so.


Ebpie said...

Name: Ebpie
Politics: Registered Republican. Philosophically speaking I consider myself a moderate conservative.
Background: Just finished my junior year at Connecticut College in New London. I’m a government major and am pretty active with the College Republicans. I’m interning at a lobbying/communications firm in Boston this summer.
Campaigns: I’ve done phone banking, rallies, and envelope stuffing for quite a few. I had a part time job on Rob Simmons re-election campaign last fall. I also interned two summers ago with Nancy Johnson. I really enjoy working on campaigns and hope to do so a fair amount next year.
Conflicts of Interest: I went to high school with Frank Chi (I think he spelled it Qui or Qi back then). Other then that I can’t think of anything.

DeanFan84 said...

Name: Chris Murphy
Bullshit: I'd like you to swallow:

"Chris Murphy gave Democrats what may be their best hope in years of beating veteran Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) last week when he moved five miles from the town of Southington to Cheshire, a short drive from Hartford."

Says Chris, “It (running for Congress) is certainly something that people have talked to me about and, quite honestly, something I have talked to other people about,” Murphy said. He added that the only reason he moved was that he had been looking for a home and found one that was in his price range and in the center of his state Senate 16th District."

Chris, WTF! Since when is Cheshire less expensive than Southington? You moved just to save money, and not to run for Congrees? Your arrival in CT-5 is merely serendipitous?

Please tell me, why shouldn't I view you as yet another full-of-shit politician. Paul Vance has credibility. You sound as if you are from the Joe Biden wing of the Party...

Tell me I am wrong...

Aldon Hynes said...

Name: Aldon Hynes

Politics: Fairly left leaning Democrat.

Personal Blog: Orient Lodge

Campaigns: Currently, I am blogmaster for DeStefano for CT. I also did a lot of work on Howard Dean's 2004 Presidential bid, my wife's run for State Representative in the 149th A.D. in Stamford/Greenwich, Diane Farrell's 2004 Congressional bid, and to a smaller extent, assorted local races in Connecticut.

Background: IT executive on Wall Street. I've been published on a wide array of topics from financial technology to group dynamics online and online political campaigns.

My particular interest is in promoting a stronger sense of participation in all levels of politics, but especially on the state level and using the Internet as a tool to promote such participation.

Conflicts: Working for DeStefano's campaign, I feel that I need to stay out of any of the other primary races, such as the Secretary of States race or the brewing battle in the 5th CD. However, I also set up and host websites based on CivicSpace, and in order to promote online participation, I am interested in helping, in unofficial ways, different campaigns have better web presenses.

Ebpie said...

Hartford Courant has an article about Diane Farrell running again.,0,918900.story?coll=hc-headlines-politics-state

Not a surprise. She has a good shot at taking him out in 2006. Although I don't see how the "being too close to Tom Delay" argument is going to work this time.

MVD said...

Name: Mary
Politics: Liberal Democrat
Background: long-time member of Groton Democratic Town Committee, staff attorney for Connecticut Legal Services, member DFA, SE CT chapter, enthusiastic supporter of Joe Courtney for CT-02.
Campaigns: never paid worker, but volunteer for many at all levels, via town committee work.
Conflict of interest: None--I get no financial reward from politics, in fact, the opposite is true--it costs me money!

Genghis Conn said...


You'll have a chance to ask him yourself. Sen. Murphy's campaign is interested in having him come on the blog for an interview/Q&A.

Anonymous said...

New Haven apparently will not postpone "eminent domain" takings or use according to the New Haven Register in connection with an economic development project.

Paul Vance said...

Name: J. Paul Vance
Politics: Rock-ribbed Democrat

Background: Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 5th CD, Attorney, President Waterbury Board of Aldermen, Crosby HS Assistant Basketball Coach.

Campaigns: Clinton-Gore '96, Delegate for John Edwards '04, Miguel Fuentes for State Representative, as well as my elections of '01 and '03.

I am obviously seeking the Democratic nomination in the 5th CD and I know that we can take back the House starting in Connecticut.

Ed said...

Theres a fundraiser for the Young Democrats tonight at the Half Door in hartford. Ten bucks, 2 dollar drinks, food. SHould be fun

MikeCT said...


I think you need to consider issues beyond choice of residence in evaluating candidates. I was told by a constituent of Vance's that he attended a DLC conference and is right-leaning. I asked him about whether he was involved in the DLC in the Q & A, and he did not provide a direct answer, which suggests that he wants to avoid the topic. I'll be happy to be corrected. As a fellow Dean fan, I am concerned about people who identify with an organization that did its best to destroy Dean and the progressive ideals of our movement.

Also, as I noted previously, I heard him interviewed on a radio show in which he spoke from CBIA talking points about the need to make CT more "business friendly". Thus far, he has rubbed me the wrong way.

Chris Murphy has a pretty strong track record as a state senator, and I have heard good things about him from people who spend their days working with the state legislature. He also managed the campaign of Charlotte Koskoff, who came very close to defeating Johnson. I don't know him and am not involved in his campaign, but in my mind, he has much more credibility and a far stronger track record than Vance.

DeanFan84 said...


I hear you man!

The point wasn't choice of residence, but openness and honesty. Of course Murphy was speaking to the Insider crowd, but to claim that he changed Congressional Districts by mere coincidence, in the very same puff piece article about his announcement for Congress--- well, that says a lot about his fundamental character.

Paul Vance came across much differently. I came to his postings very ready to write him off, but I left this blog with a great deal of confidence in his honesty and integrity.

Now of course I need to couch everything with the knowledge that I am sometimes wrong in my first assessments. On the other hand, I work in sales, and have a pretty good ear. Rarely does my intuition disappointment me.

Which isn't to say that a phony bullshitting, politician can't successfully sell his wares to the masses. It just means that me, and my Progressive brethren, can generally separate the Paul Wellstones of the world from the plastic, say anything pols.

Really, it isn't that difficult.

P.S. I was at a DeStefano house meeting last night, and a certain unnamed person was using the CBIA to help make their points! fwiw.

P.S.S. Dan Malloy snuck into the New Haven Young Dems event tonight, just one block from City Hall! If Mr. Bigelow puts up an open thread, I will give a more full report.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that is funny-- I hear from people that live in Wolcott (a piece of Murphy's district)that he is just seen as a phony who won't stick his neck out for any other democrat. I would prefer someone who seems to be a real person.

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