Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Poll

Tell us what you think the biggest problem we face today is, and, as always, feel free to defend your answer in this post.


stomv said...

I said transportation, and here's why:

Figure out a way to provide alternative means of transportation to folks across Connecticut*, and you'll improve the economy by reducing costs (time and money) making CT a more attractive place of employment. You'll be able to reduce the amount of money spent on constantly expanding roads, possibly to the point of reducing taxes. With a better economy (and alternatives to paying so much in gas!), crime will go down a bit to be sure. So will the number of hours spent sitting in traffic.

Oh -- and then there's the idea that reducing the amount of energy CT consumes is part of a long term plan on reducing costs, cost variability, and dependance on foreign (particularly Middle Eastern) oil.

* This includes, but is not limited to:
- commuter rail
- city busses
- bicycle trails
- incentives for car pooling
- incentives for telecommuting
- park & rides
- HOV lanes
- smart growth/(sub)urban planning
- tax policies to reduce the number of miles driven by single individuals in autos

MVD said...

I think it's land use and open space protections. If we're not careful, we'll end up like too many other areas in the country--a mess of commercial strips and subdivisions. We need to preserve our New England character, at the same time promoting more vibrant cities, jobs, social justice etc.