Monday, July 18, 2005

Municipal Election Notes--Hartford County

Candidates will be selected by their respective parties all over the state over the next few weeks. Here is some of the latest news from Hartford County:

(Note: I served with Bill Lee on the Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee for two years--he's a good guy, I'm glad to see him run. Scott Kaupin was one of our council liaisons, and he's a good guy, too. Last time a lot of the GOP vote was siphoned off by a taxpayer's party: we'll see if that happens again this time)


Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill 2



How are municipal elections starting to shape up in your town?


Dave Mooney said...

Stratford is electing its first mayor this year after voting to revise our charter is 03. There are nine candidates officially in the race and I am aware of at least three others that are still considering entry. Three Republicans and three Democrats are seeking the endorsement of their respective parties. A Republican primary looks to be a certainty. It is unclear whether a Democratic primary will take place, however the campaign to get the DTC endorsement is competitive so a primary is a distinct possibility. There are three petitioning candidates already on the ballott in November, one of which is a Republican which creates the potential for a Republican vote split - something which hasn't happened in recent years in any race that I'm aware of.

Audrey Blondin said...

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Genghis Conn said...


Interesting! What form of government did Stratford have before? Council/manager? I'll keep an eye on that one.



Dave Mooney said...

Yes, exactly. The current for is Council/Manager. The elected Councilman-at-Large and appointed Town Manager are both being replaced by the Mayor. This will leave us with 10 council seats + mayor.

I also just came across this article in this CT Post noting that the new 10 person council will have at least five new members. (The article says "six new faces" but forgets that one of the retiring members is the At-Large member.) So there will be three Democratic incumbants and only two Republican incumbants whereas the current makeup of the council is 7/4 in favor of the Republicans.