Friday, July 15, 2005

Open Forum

What's up today?

It's been suggested that the comments feature around here could be improved. Blogger's simply aren't all that great. I agree about that! I'm looking into it. I'd love to have threaded comments, but I am on a budget (is it free?) and don't have too much time to look. Any help would be appreciated.


Ebpie said...

Lots of money being raised in the 2nd Congressional District. Even if the sub base is saved I think Simmons will face his toughest challenge yet.,0,3868023.story?coll=hc-headlines-politics-state

Ebpie said...

Rell said that she would announce her re-election intentions after she got back from her July vacation. She just left so we should finally get an answer in the near very near future.

stomv said...

Why aren't the Democratic challengers for House seats able to raise good money in Connecticut?

According to the article (9:58am post), Shays and Simmons easily outspent their opponents in 04, and seem to be on pace to do it again.

Why can't the CT Dem challengers raise money at the same rate? Is the financial differential coming from in-state donations, national donations, party/PAC donations, or what?

Anonymous said...


Look at haloscan's site. It says it is free and quite easy to "install." It really is a better system. Look how it works on

ctblogger said...


I use haloscan over at my blog and it's the comment program used by bloggers and the best thing is that it remember's your name and URL whenever you post a message.

It's free and very easy to set up.

ctkeith said...

Check out Maryscott O'Conners new Blog ,

it's run on soapbox which has many features of scoop but it's FREE.

ctkeith said...

Heres a litlle story as to why CT. didn't pass Campaign finance reform I've learned.

The Ct Senate Dem Caucus let out the loudest cheer of the session when informed by the leadership that 2 seperate bills from the 2 houses of the legislature were passed.

The cheer was because they new this news assured the legislation was dead.