Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Municipal Elections -- Greater Hartford

As a reference, here are links to more stories from the Courant about municipal elections in Greater Hartford. A lot of slates were picked over the past few days.

Avon, Avon, Avon
Canton, Canton
Enfield, Enfield, Enfield
Farmington, Farmington
New Britain
Plainville, Plainville
Rocky Hill
Southington, Southington
Suffield, Suffield
West Hartford
Windsor Locks, Windsor Locks

This is far from a comprehensive list. More to come later! Post your town's (or region's) news here!


MVD said...

The Groton Democrats have a great RTM slate. We worked really hard and found some promising new people.

However, we have big problems with our town council slate. We have three incumbents running again, and only one really viable additional candidate. We just could not find people willing to put in the time to be on the town council. I think the Republicans had similar problems.

Our hope is that the strong RTM slate means that things will be good for us in a few years, as some will want to move up to council.

When you think about politics at any level, THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS. It's so important that young people with ideas and energy be brought into the system. This requires a lot of reaching out. The Groton Dems are trying, but it's not easy.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton was at the DLC this weekend along with heavy hitters like Evan Bayh, Mark Warner and Tom Vilsack. Any comments?

RealCTDem said...

The lovely little town of Harwinton has a great slate of Democrats running this year. The two candidates for Board of Selectmen are Frank Chiaramonte (who lost his bid for 1st Selectman in 2003 by about 100 votes) and Sandra Davis. Sandra is a newcomer to politics, and it's very exciting to finally have some new blood in the race. Sandra, who was raised in Harwinton and attending local public schools throughout her life, is now an attorney in Simsbury.

The Democratic slate includes top-notch candidates from top to bottom, and there is an enthusiastic group of local volunteers already organized and working hard for their candidates. Could be a great year for Harwinton -- it's about time for some fresh faces in that town hall!!!

Check out this article from the 7/22 Torrington Register-Citizen about the race:

Anonymous said...

The Torrington Democrats have nominated two term mayor Owen Quinn for a third term. Not much of a competition in this race.With the new county court house being built in Torrington after 30 years of debate, Owen pulled it off for Torrington. The remodeling of almost all the schools in town under the past two Democratic adminstrations is going to help also. The renovations of the Warner Theater and Nutmeg conservatory were also under his watch. Owen Quinn follows in the footsteps of many mayors in Connecticut with his aggressive blight clean up polices. This is going to be a interesting race, the Republicans have nominated Ryan Bingham a 22 year old college grad with zero job qualitfications to run against him. Ryan is also the son of current 65th State Rep Anne Ruwet. What does the Ruwet family in Torrington think that they are the "Bushes", with some kind of dynasty. Lets say there is a lot of Ronald Reagan being quoted in Torrington these days by Democrats, "please excuse my opponent for his youth and inexperience". Hopefully it does'nt back fire, Torrington voted for Bush last time. Torrington has a bigger number off Democrats then Republicans, but independents gave the election in 2004 to Bush. As for City Council: John Mckenna is running again, Marie Solina is running again, Paul Summers is also running again. The fourth seat is being filled with Andrew Saliby, surpisingly a 22 year college grad. So to wrap up alot of new faces coming into the fold for Torrington, but still a lot of familar old town family names.

Quinn said...

I am a current resident of Avon, but I think we all know we can chalk up the victory to the Republicans here.

For a Democrat, I approve of Mayor Quinn of Torrington (distant relation). I wouldn't say Torrington is exactly experiecing a renaissance, but he could've done a lot worse. Torrington is pretty moderate politically, but they're definietly not going to spring for an inexperienced youth over an incumbent.

RealCTDem said...

Torrington has come a long way under the past 10 years of Democratic leadership after languishing badly under Delia Donne for the previous decade. It's a shame that the city was split in two in the recent Congressional re-districting, weakening it politically, but it's a great little city and has a lot going on these days to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post a reply to the negative messages about Torrington's Mayoral race. From what I know about Ryan Bingham I have incredible faith in him as a leader for Torrington. It's true he hasn't been an elected official before but what mayor in Torrington over the last couple decades has? You don't need experience to lead and help the city that you love, and this guy really loves his city. As for the 'Bush' family of Torrington, that is incredibly naive to say. If you knew anything about his family or him you would find out that they have a distinguished history of public service to Torrington, and in no way looking for 'dynasty' status. They know the city and the people and have helped Torrington through 30 plus years of public service. If that's not enough experience for Bingham to run on, I don't know what is.
He's a great person and has an incredible vision for Torrington, and won't be caught up in his own ego, like our current mayor. He's vowed to listen to Torrington's citizen's and give the city back to the people by working with them. It's a shame to have people doubt youth and the tremendous potential that comes out of allowing an open minded, energetic and very intelligent young man the mayoral seat. I'm voting for Ryan Bingham because i'm fortunate enough to see through the opposition's mudslinging to see a great potential for Torrington's future!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened in Norwalk this year where another big ego Democrat bit the dust! Go figure - perhaps a little hard work and humility actualy goes a long way.