Monday, January 30, 2006

Open Forum

Apparently, the money Connecticut is getting for security against terrorism may not be enough.

Sen. Barack Obama will be delivering an address at the annual state Democratic Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner, held in Hartford in March.

There are a lot of people annoyed with Joe Lieberman and other Democrats for voting to end debate on Alito, today. Actually, this is the kind of "annoyed" that involves pitchforks and torches. Ned Lamont can only benefit.

What else is happening today?


Genghis Conn said...

Testing... this ought to work...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, joltin Joe should have answered Kerry's yodelling to block a qualified nominee with majority support

Kerry might have been suffering oxygen deprivation being too high in the Alps. What's everyone else excuse for this stupid futile gesture?

Great Santini said...

There may be a lot of Democrats upset with Joe, but there are a lot of conservatives who support his actions and will vote for him. Even if Joe loses the Democratic nomination, he may well win as an independent.

Genghis Conn said...

Absolutely possible, Great Santini, which is what makes this year so interesting.

It also opens the door to a strong Republican candidate winning. This is how Lowell Weicker was elected to the Senate in the first place--he was running against liberal Democrat Joseph Duffy and independent Tom Dodd, who was the incumbent.

DeanFan84 said...

If Joe has so much "integrity", how can he even consider abandoning his own Party?

Joe's worse than your typical politician. Not only is he two-faced, somehow he's convinced himself he is really otherwise.

What I know is that there are a lot of Planned Parenthood types suddenly eager to learn more about Ned Lamont.

And I think it's great that there are a lot of conservatives that want to back Joe. It's like Dems can't lose-- as Joe would have to caucus with somebody.

And hey Genghis, pin him down on that. If he were to run as an Independent, who would Joementum plan to caucus with?

ctkeith said...

Just Think GC,

6 months the conventional wisdom was a primay ,never mind one that Lieberman could lose, was impossible.

Ain't life funny?

DeanFan84 said...


Just remember. This is about much more than Lieberman's stance on Iraq.

This is about sending a loyal Democrat to oppose Bush, and to represent us in DC.

How much money do you think MoveOn will raise for Lamont??

ctkeith said...

30,000 x 50=1.5m

Thats just CT.

Add DFA,Planned Parenthood,Naral to the mix.....

This IS about more than just Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman can't have it both ways.

You can go to his website and read strong words about his opposition to confirmation, "...I am left with profound concerns that Judge Alito would diminish the Supreme Court’s role as the ultimate guarantor of individual liberty in our country."

But does anyone really think that Sen. Joe will release a splashy statement to the press about his vote to end the filibuster and to allow Alito a seat on the court?

I'm a Democrat. And I'm angry. I've supported Joe in past campaigns but won't again. He doesn't represent my views.

If he loses the primary -- a long-shot to be sure -- then he should step aside. If he does not then he, not the primary victor, would be the spoiler.

Great Santini said...

Lowell Weicker stuck it to Rowland back in 1989/1990. At that point in time, Rowland had left Congress to run for governor. Rowland's staff was making the rounds of all the town committees and telling people that Weicker had promised John that he would not run for governor. A few months after that, Weicker declared and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Great Santini,
Thank god for Weicker.The Income tax saved this state and as soon as we find a politician brave enough to raise it and make it more progressive the better.The Property Taxes in this state are driving people out by the boatload and th only way to fix it is for the state to assume more of the education costs which means a higher income tax and lower property tax.

Chris MC said...

I am genuinely enthused about Sen. Obama coming to Connecticut. Couldn't have picked a better keynoter, although after watching former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, I would be equally happy.

Obama was pretty much flawless last week on talking head Sunday. Really looking forward to seeing him live.

Great news.

CT05 Admin said...

Nancy Johnson's support for the Republican budget back in December, and her planned vote for it on Wednesday of this week, are glaring examples of her willingness to vote against the interests of the vast majority of CT-05 taxpayers and voters in support of her Washington Republican cronies and their extreme ideology.

Her disregard for our seniors and our most vulnerable citizens - as well as the added financial strain these measures will place on our State government - is astonishing. It stands in sharp contrast to the values that voters in the old CT 06 endorsed over twenty years ago.

Nancy Johnson has been in Washington too long. Nothing independent about her.

Anonymous said...

"Weicker saved the state"

This is probably from someone complaining about the anemic job growth in CT since 1991

As usual, the correlation between tax burden and economic growth is lost on all the folks who post here.

Raising the state income tax DOES NOT reduce local property taxes. NJ tried, failed, and now under Corzine will try yet again.

Anonymous said...

Norma Rodriguez Reyes is holding an "announcement" tomorrow in NHaven... presses forward with SOTS campaign.

Genghis Conn said...

Huh. She's still in? I give her credit for being the only Democrat to not flee in terror when Bysiewicz dropped out of the governor's race.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that could happen is for Ned Lamont to win the Democratic nomination and the Lieberman run as an independent. Lieberman would win easily in the general election and he would become even more conservative becaude he wouldn't be beholden to the liberals of the state. When Jim Jefford became an independent he couldn't care less what any Republican thought of him. I could see Lieberman (maybe not to the same extent) doing the same thing.

It's too bad you liberals do not respect people like Lieberman for his stance on the war. I might not agree with him but I respect his opinions!!!