Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ned Lamont Interview

Anyone else catch the interview with Ned Lamont on WTIC?

He seemed a little unsure of himself in the beginning, but finished strong, I thought. His major issues are the war (obviously) and health care. He is thinking running mainly to give people a choice. He said something that I thought was very accurate, that incumbents around the country get a "free pass" too many times, and that challenges were good for democracy.

He said he'd make up his mind within the next thirty days. He probably ought to make it up sooner than that if he wants to start raising money. We'll see where this goes.


Anonymous said...

In other news - rumors are floating around New Haven that Michele Jacklin is going to work for the DeStefano campaign -- odd, considering some of the unflattering things she wrote about him. Even more so considering all the nasty things she had to say about the Courant and their editorial board on her way out - I would think DeStefano wouldn't want to tick off the state's biggest paper.

ct_guy said...

I hadnt heard the Jacklin thing, but that would be a little funny. A quick search brought up some interesting quotes from her regarding DeStefano:

8/3/05 -(in response to that DVD their campaign did):

DeStefano may be trying to be too cute by half. State residents have taken a long, hard look at Rell and like what they see. Nine out of 10 say she's honest. In tying her to the corrupt practices of her predecessor, DeStefano appears to be playing with fire.

11/23/05 - (in response to municipal elections)

DeStefano, who we can only assume is trying to bluff Malloy out of the race, had the audacity to wag his finger in Malloy's face and brag about his own "overwhelming re-election win" in New Haven two weeks ago.
DeStefano's candicacy is headed for trouble if he persists in taking us, and Malloy, for fools.

Chris MC said...

Hadn't seen that second quote. Was she just pissed, or was that an astute appraisal of the situation there that day?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Chris MC:


Or to be less of a smartass, some of both. Jacklin actually gave all three candidates something to be peevish about; the headline and thesis of the column was "How Deep Is Rell's Support," and Jacklin's answer seemed to be, not so much.

More from that column here, about a quarter of the way down.

MikeCT said...

There is video of a brief interview with Lamont on Fox 61 (Real Video).

The Lieberman race gets the attention of the Nation, which points out that the chair of the Harwinton Democratic Town Committee plans an anti-Joe resolution similar to that passed by the Manchester DTC.

There's also a Greenwich Time article.