Thursday, January 12, 2006

DeStefano Leads Malloy in Poll

Rell Still Strong, Despite Scandal

A new Quinnipiac Poll released this morning gives us our first look at a probable Democratic primary between John DeStefano and Dan Malloy:

DeStefano: 36%
Malloy: 18%
DK/NA: 42%

The numbers at this point probably aren't telling us much beyond name recognition, but this should still be welcome news for a DeStefano campaign under fire for lackluster fundraising and campaign finance/ethics errors.

Rell's approval ratings remain strong at 78%, although the percentage of those who have favorable opinions of her has dropped to 67% from 74% last April. Apparently no one is really paying attention to the Moody scandal, at least not enough to adversely affect her numbers in any significant way.

Rell continues to crush all comers, defeating both DeStefano and Malloy in hypothetical matchups by wide margins.

State residents chose the economy as the most important issue facing them, with taxes not far behind.

Quinnipiac Poll January 12, 2006


Anonymous said...

There's a biased headline if I ever saw one.

Bt mid year, both Dems will be running on fumes and still far behind and Rell will have $2M COH

Anonymous said...

In 94, John Larson led Bill Curry by 21 points 4 weeks before Election Day. Curry beat Larson by 10 points in that primary (55-45). There's no way there was a 31-point turnaround in 4 weeks. Today's poll is 7 months in advance of the primary, which means it's even less relevant in terms of being able to measure public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Should have mentioned the 31 turnaround is from Malloys release, I got it from his site if anyone didnt know it was there.

Aldon Hynes said...

You can see the DeStefano press release about the poll here.