Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Open Forum

Two big political stories in the Courant this morning:

Possible Foe For Joe answers some of our questions about Ned Lamont. Listen to WTIC-AM tomorrow a little after 4pm for an interview with Lamont on Bruce and Colin.

Rell Will Raise 800K shows that I was apparently wrong about some of Moody's motives. Rell was obviously doing fine raising money, which means that Moody wasn't under a ton of pressure, just stupid. Also, the Rell campaign is finally going to release the names of donors at the Marco Polo fundraiser.

Still no word from the DeStefano or Malloy campaigns about how much they've raised. We should hear in the next couple of days.

Update: The Malloy campaign is reporting that they have raised $477,034.

What else is happening today?


Anonymous said...

vance released his fundraising numbers - he only raised $520 last quarter, is he dropping out?

Anonymous said...

As someone who reads the Register every day, I couldn't help but notice there is a LOT of bad news in New Haven today...

City downgraded from A to A- bond rating

Editorial on DeStefano and Rell campaign violations

The woman whose fiance was shot by New Haven police is claiming excessive force

A job applicant has filed a racial discrimination suit against the city of New Haven

Oh and... The city paid a $1,000 fine to the state Elections Enforcement Commission because the Democratic registrar of voters failed to notify candidates about absentee balloting procedures at a Fair Haven nursing home.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that DeStefano was a better policy wonk than he was an administrator. On the other hand, Malloy is just the opposite.

ctkeith said...

No doubt JDS is in a Slump.

When this happens in Baseball or Politics the one who goes is the manager.

Your move,Mr Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hereis another example of lobbyists shrouding themslves in a sweet name that pretends to offer up the public good. The transportation construction lobby wants to build more roads so they run a survey that supports it.

And Aldon when you are right you are right, the Democrats are putting somebody up against State Rep. Tymniak in Fairfield according to the CT Post today. What's her chances?

Anonymous said...

This was in the Courant..."Tom Swan, the executive director of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group, is among the liberal activists who have encouraged Lamont after searching for a candidate with the will and the resources to challenge a three-term U.S. senator."

I thought Tom was a non partisan? It's funny how those of us in favor of good govenrment are automatically considered to be liberal!

Anonymous said...

Good call CTKeith. But it won't happen. DeStefano won't drop Shonu and Shonu won't admit that she is in over her head.

Destefano's apparent collapse is kind of expected, but a bit earlier than most though.

FrankS said...

Rell's 800K would be impressive, if the donors can continue to contribute. If it's 600 people near the maximum, it won't mean much.

Anonymous said...

Here is another great report about how transportation work has been done over the years in our lovely state. Maybe now Rell will clean house since this action by Morano is no doubt timed to help her clean up Connecticut campaign.

Independent1 said...

Any whispers on DeStefano or Molloy's numbers?

Anonymous said...

I'ts hard to see Rell getting credit for cleaning-up their own mess!

Anonymous said...

Before Rell can get credit, she needs to do something. Williams backed down on calling for her to start anew and to submit all of her commissioners for approval when she took office. Her call for them all to submit there resignations without thoroughly reviewing their qualifications was a publicity stunt and a good one at that. This is all inside baseball.

Anonymous said...

Why is Tom Swan considered a liberal on certain issues when he claims to be non-partisan. Can anyone explain this?

Genghis Conn said...

Malloy total for Q4 2005: $477,034. Respectable.

No word from DeStefano yet.

Aldon Hynes said...

Random Notes:

I don’t have any whispers on what DeStefano’s fundraising numbers will be, other than I expect they will be less than Rell’s assuming Rell has actually raised $800,000. I think FrankS brings up two important points. The first is what will Rell’s sustained fundraising be in a quarter or two, and the second is how broadbased is the fundraising. While she got a late start, she still has a long ways to catch up to Mayor DeStefano.

I would also suggest that Mayor DeStefano’s slump or apparent collapse is a cute meme but not really true. It is standard for any high profile campaign to have people take shots at the campaign manager and the shots at Shonu appear no different. I don’t believe that Shonu was involved in anyway with the bond rating of New Haven, the allegations of excessive force by the New Haven police or the allegations of discrimination.

As to Tymniak’s challenge, I don’t believe she faced a challenge in 2004 or 2002. I don’t have data going back further than that. I don’t have a sense on how popular she really is. However, the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee is a vibrant organization and I suspect this could be an exciting race.

As to anonymous people saying that Tom Swan claims to be non-partisan, I would like to see a real reference to those claims. Tom has worked on many campaigns in the past and I expect he’ll work on many campaigns in the future. He’s a very good campaigner.

It seems as if there are a lot of people who are much more interested in twisting around allegations than in really looking at how we can work together to help make Connecticut better.

lonelymalloyer said...

i dunno, sometimes i get the feeling that people here all have their own agendas - and that's fine i guess. but i think people are way too combative and are out to crucify people in a personal way that honestly has no place here. if people wanna talk about some of new haven's recent troubles, that's fine, it should be a part of the public discourse since it is destefano's record that's on the line. but to attack people personally? i mean that smells of sour personal vendetta that really isn't positive for this race and whoever said that should stick to some serious issues instead.

Chris MC said...

Ned Lamont said his interest in running for the Senate comes not only from his opposition to the war, but what he sees as a Bush administration "assault on civil liberties" and Lieberman's suggestion that public debate weakened the war effort.

"You can't have too much debate," Lamont said.

Can't argue with him so far.

Courant story on Lamont

Blue in CD2 said...

One way to help CT "get better" - choose your leaders wisely.

One way to understand any potential leaders [background/experience/mindset/vision/leadership] is to look at his/her current situation.

Fair or not, voters will think of Dan Malloy as synonymous with Stamford; John Destefano with New Haven, and M. Jodi Rell with the State.

A leader and his community share the same face IMO, it becomes very difficult to seperate them.

There have been very few "allegations" lobbed at candidates for the top office. Mostly it has been clear and specific facts - whether that be increased jobs, decreased crime, decreased bond ratings, lack of affordable housing, etc.

calmer tiki said...

Before the filing date I thought the over/under number on Rell's quarlterly filing was $500 k- under 500 was pathetic, and the impressive over under was a million. So she is (like her adminstration) better than pathetic but less than impressive.

Independent1 said...

Destefano posted a press release regarding union endorsement, but nothing yet on the fundraising. Nice number from Molloy. Looks like everyone is in it through the primary.

ctkeith said...


Nothing personal in my assesment.I've met Shonu but don't consider her a freind or an enemy.

Politics is alot like sports and although the manager may not be at fault that matters little.

Some managers get you in the red zone and some take you into the end zone.Both are valuble but it's up to the owner to figure out when change is in the teams and his interest.

Dave Mooney said...

Surprised it isn't here yet. I received this by email:

DeStefano Q4: $251,063

For Immediate Release
January 10, 2006

DeStefano Sets All-Time Democratic Gubernatorial Fundraising Record

DeStefano Increases Percentage of Funds Raised in Hartford, Fairfield Counties

Small dollar donors Soar; Average Contribution Drops to $269

New Haven—New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, a Democratic candidate for Governor, set a state fundraising record this quarter, raising $2.84 million, more than any other Democrat has raised in a campaign for Governor. DeStefano raised $251,063 this quarter from 935 contributors, bringing his total number of contributors to 4,589. Destefano has $1,878,491 in cash on hand. The previous highest amount raised by a Democratic gubernatorial candidate was $2.55 million by Governor William O’Neil in 1986.

“Due to growing momentum for our campaign, we have raised more money than any Democrat has ever raised running for Governor. With growing support from Democratic leaders and grassroots support from Democratic voters, we are putting together a winning campaign to move Connecticut forward,” said DeStefano.

This quarter, DeStefano’s campaign focused on growing its number of small-dollar donors and its fundraising base in Fairfield and Hartford counties.

“In this time in Connecticut, it is critical that average citizens—not just our wealthiest contributors—are a central part of this campaign. We planned targeted events to reach out to typical Connecticut citizens, people who want to contribute, but can’t contribute more than $50, if that,” campaign spokeswoman Shonu Gandhi said. “The results were extraordinary. Contributions under $50 increased from 15.6 percent last quarter to 47.17 percent this quarter, demonstrating our success in reaching out to a different kind of donor.” The campaign held events throughout Connecticut targeting small-dollar donors.

The percentage of money raised from Fairfield County increased from 9 percent of the total to 14 percent of the total and the percentage of money raised from Hartford county grew from 13 percent to 19 percent of the total.

“We are going to win this race by building an organization of thousands of people who are committed to moving Connecticut forward. I am proud of how we have grown our team this quarter,” DeStefano said.

Anonimity Breeds Contempt said...


Holy Crap!

Must have been a sloooooooooooowwww Holiday season for the DeStefano Camp.

ct_guy said...

Wow - slow isnt even the word. What the hell happened to him???

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a spin job by JD on his numbers! JD needs to check his definition of "growing momentum." JD got shellacked by DM in fundraising! Isn't this the second or third time DM has outraised JD? The holiday season didn't seem to affect DM or Rell - I guess Santa saved the lump of coal for JD.

ChickWhoNeverBlogs said...

That's it! $250K? Looks like all the DeStefano rumours of Malloy being out of the race by March are totally untrue. Curious to see how many new haven city workers are contributors this quarter. Guess Malloy has got not only organization but money. Game on!

ct_guy said...

Anon - this is 2nd quarter in a row Malloy raised more.

This is a real surprise. Malloy raised almost twice as much. Also the labor endorsment rollout is a questionable move. Obviously they timed it to try and cover up for an embarrassing quarter, but it simply isn't nearly as big of a story. So, they effectively stomped on their own good press.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the DeStefano campaign was trying to cover up anything, if you are paying attention at all you would have noticed a clear roll out of endorsements, not set to any fundraising schedule but rather every week or so rolling out a new endorsement from a Union, Town Committee or a voter base ... thats strategy not a cover up

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how much $$ was spent by the campaigns in the fourth quarter .... Malloy spent approximately $360K to DeStefano's $230K .... what is the Malloy staff spending all that money on?

superD said...

You've got to be kidding anon. The timing on the union endorsement isn't lost on anyone --its clearly time to buffer a bad fundraising quarter. Rather going up, DeStefano's campaign continues its downward trajectory on the fundraising front -- particularly troublesome because the campaign intensifies, more money is needed for both staff and campaigning. Doesn't look good.

Captain Obvious said...

Anon 5:45 -

Well by the looks of it, it was spent garnering support. A more telling sign is that DeStefano spent 245 and only raised 250. Malloy spent 327 and raised 475.

Who would you rather be?

Anonymous said...

The Dem candidates both look like a bunch of 1999 era dot coms with unsustainable burn rates leading to financial collapse before the real showtime begins

MikeCT said...

Setting aside the histrionics above, DeStefano is not exactly in trouble at this point and the other candidates have a lot of catching up to do:

Cash on hand:
DeStefano: $1.87 million
Malloy: $1.2 million
Rell: $750 thousand

Total raised in campaign:
DeStefano: $2.84 million (record setting)
Malloy: $2.2 million
Rell: $873 thousand

I'm sure Rell will ultimately raise more money - any incumbent Republican Governor would. But DeStefano is still far in the lead here. The SEIU and HERE endorsements are quite significant as well.

Anonymous said...

Rell received 55% of total gross receipts in Q4 and 85% of the net receipts

I think Henry Blogett is running the CT Democrats

kerry guy said...

Tom Swan is not nonpartisan, but is certainly a hypocrite. He worked on several liberal D's campaigns, including Peter Tercyak's, and collected some nice checks for doing so. So much for getting the taint of money out of politics.

Anonymous said...

Tom Swan was paid to public funding of campaigns anyway he could. It was never about good government and it was never about corruption but he spun it...They are all wh----s