Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Poll/Upcoming Event

I am pleased to announce that Ned Lamont of Greenwich will be taking your questions on this blog tonight from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

The format, for those of you who are new, is as follows:

The candidate will be asked questions in the comment section of a post I will set up beforehand. The candidate will provide responses. Simple. It happens in real-time, so the answers are as impromptu as they can be in this format.

Ground Rules:

The candidate is our guest, and we should treat him/her as such. Be courteous. Ask relevant, answerable questions instead of just yelling or name-calling. This doesn't mean you can't ask tough questions (please do!), only that you should make every attempt to stay within the bounds of decorum. I'll delete posts that clearly go over the line.

No staffers from opposing campaigns (in this case, probably not a big deal. Are there any Lieberman staffers here?).

That's it. Be nice. No staffers from opposing campaigns.

For evidence of how this has worked in the past, click here.

If you know you aren't going to be around and really want to ask a question, post your question for Mr. Lamont here and I will ask it with your username attached.

Also, there are two new polls on the sidebar about Ned Lamont's Senate possibilities.


daffy said...

How do you plan to address the issue of ever escalating costs for healthcare in CT? What is your paln and how will you sell it to your fellow Senators so your legislation gets passed in the Congress?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what Joe's plan for healthcare is/was? I heard it was written by the HMO's in partner with the insurance companies. Is it true that he helped block the Clinton's proposal ten years ago?

Anonymous said...

Dodd helped block Clinton's proposal.

OH NO, Is Dodd going to primaried next for his failure to legislate based on DeanFan's playbook?

daffy said...

G.C.: at the risk of being like porky pig, I'd like to ask a second question of Mr. Lamont and that is:

Sir, there is no such military tactic as cut and run (as some have said there is) and anybody familiar with the US presence in Iraq knows you simply can't pull out overninght. Even Colonel Murtha only talked about a pull back to the perimeter that would force the Iraqi's to provide for their own destiny and security. That said, you have said you oppose the war in Iraq but it's not clear to me what you want to do next so could you please explain your proposed strategy and tactics for Iraq as well as how you would propose to combat the terrorist threat on our soil.

ErnestNewton said...

Mr. Lamont
due you support government subsidised heroin use through the distribution of clean needles financed w/ public monies?

ErnestNewton said...

Mr. Lamont,

Do you support government subsidized drug use through the distribution of needles financed with public monies?

Proud Moderate Dem said...

Genghis, unfortunately i can't be around this evening. would you be able to ask mr lamont to give further detail how his environmental policy would be different than that of sen lieberman? many thanks, have a great Q & A!

TrueBlueCT said...


I can easily answer that one for you. No responsible politician is against clean needle programs. As you know, they save society money in the long run by preventing the spread of serious disease. (the treatment of which can be very expensive).

If you honestly believe that without clean needles, junkies wouldn't be shooting up, you are naive beyond the point of help. (Whatever happened to the Republicans' decade-long "War on Drugs", anyway?)

On a lighter note, today's site traffic just passed 1,000 distinct visits. It will be interesting to see where things level off, -- and thank you Kos.

TrueBlueCT said...

And oh, I forgot. Genghis, will you ask Ned to name his 2 or 3 favorite Senators, and whose politics he most identifies himself with? Does he fashion himself a Kennedy type Dem? An Al Gore or Feingold type Dem? etc.

TrueBlueCT said...

P.S. Calling Sherry Brown, calling Sherry Brown. Better get an e-mail out to Joe supporters and fast. Lieberman is done 3:1 in the CTLocal poll. And we're not even a liberal bunch, lol.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ned,

Will you promise that, unlike our current Senators, Your wife will not be a lobbyist or work for a PR firm or do any 'Double dipping" in Government.

Lets have our children think of MTV program and not the people who represent us in the US Senate when they hear the words "Pimp My Ride"

ATalbot said...

Good Evening Mr. Lamont,

I talked to you at the Hartford meetup last night but I forgot to ask you this question.

What is your opinion of Samuel Alito?

Chris MC said...

Hi Ned -

You mentioned elsewhere that you are an "active policy wonk with the Brookings Institution". I made an attempt to find references to you on their website. All I was able to come up with was an acknowledgement of you as a member of the "Business Advisory Group" in last year's "Restoring Fiscal Sanity".

Can you elaborate on your description of yourself as such, and specifically what areas of policy you would be considered more or less expert on.

Also, I am keenly interested in your thoughts on universally affordable health coverage or access, especially as it relates to the business environment. If you see universal health coverage as a boon to business formation and economic vitality, please explain why, and how this would work (e.g. single-payer, socialization of basic medical care, expansion of medicare eligibility, etceteras).

Genghis Conn said...

Please post all questions in the new post dedicated exclusively to the Q&A.

Anonymous said...

how many politicians are dipping into the postal fund ?? leasing properties to the post office ?? think it not true under the foia check out 04739 zip post office and find out how long that has been leased by the forner state rep ??? can yo say campaign finances thru the back door !!!