Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Amann to Endorse Malloy?

The Malloy campaign has been putting out coy press releases about "a big endorsement" today at the Legislative Office Building.

The Day is suggesting that Speaker of the House Jim Amann, one of the most powerful Democrats in the state, will be doing the endorsing.

...I'm not sure why the Speaker would endorse anyone, frankly, but apparently he's going to. At least it's a bigger endorsement than an embittered former New Haven mayor, and may bode well for Malloy's support among other Democratic leaders.

The DeStefano campaign, in the meantime, is touting its union support. The UAW will be endorsing their candidate today, according to a press release from the campaign.

So what do these endorsements tell us that we didn't already know? Not much. Basically, it's going to be a close, exhausting, divisive, hard-fought race. Nothing could make Jodi Rell happier.

Update: This did happen. Amann suggested that Malloy was the more electable candidate.


CT_Guy said...

Very interesting. If it is Amann, it's pretty signifact in exactly the manner you suggested GC - it will help Malloy garner support over other Dem elected officials. Like him or not, Amann definitely holds sway.

Now - consider how badly DeStefano did fundraising last quarter, and that in under a week Malloy gets backed by the Hispanic Caucus, a former New Haven Mayor, and now possibly Amann. None of those things are earth-shattering by themselves, but you pack them together and the idea of DeStefano as "the front-runner" seems a little silly.

Genghis Conn said...

Certainly DeStefano is no longer the clear front-runner, which he was during the fall. However, neither is he doing badly, which means that at this point it's pretty even.

CT05 Admin said...

Meanwhile, the fight to protect our Medicare and Medicaid programs is continuing.

Amman and Democratic Legislators stood up for our weakest and most vulnerable , (and they have been vindicated - more on that separately).

On another front of the war on our values being waged by the Republican machine, the medical profession is saying "enough!"

DeanFan84 said...

In a staggering display of leadership, Joe Lieberman has still not made up his mind whether to vote "yea" or "nay" on the confirmation of Judge Alito!

Way to go, Joe. What is your reason for holding out your vote? You know what the majority of Connecticut wants you to do on this one. What is your potential reward for selling us out, yet again?!!

On the brighter side, my call to Senator Dodd's office was met with the good news that he will be voting "no", in opposition to the freakshow also known as Sam Alito.... Stay tuned.

DeanFan84 said...

Regarding the Amann rumors, can someone tell me why he voted against CT's historic Civil Union legislation? What kind of Democrat stands against equal rights?

See who voted for and against Civil Unions here.

Proud Moderate Dem said...

Deanfan, i too am looking closely to see what Joe does on Alito and will be extremely disapointed if he votes for him. however, to be fair, i think you should compliment his taking on the white house re:Katrina investigation.

DeanFan84 said...

On a day at which the balance of the Supreme Court is at stake, Lieberman's primary concern is Hurricane Katrina? What do you want me to say, "Way to go Joe???"

Are you often taken in so easily, PMD?

Proud Moderate Dem said...

DeanFan, the fate of the Supreme Court is already settled. as much as i am duisgusted by it, do the math. i was just hoping to see some fairness out of you in terms of recognizing that Lieberman is on fact doing a great job in taking on the white house re:Katrina investigation. surely as a compassionate democrat you can see the urgency in getting the answers as to what went wrong in new orleans so we can avoid such catastrophic losses in the future. i enjoy your consistency but i was just trying to gauge if you were objective in your assessments of lieberman.

ctkeith said...


You're kidding ,right?

Joe can't even get Collins to use her subpeona powers as chairwoman of the committee and has been reduced to whining and Begging and saying over and over again that the Responce to Katrina wasn't W's fault.

Joe is the poster boy for the 'Nobody in Washington should be Held accountable for any failures" crowd.The only failure he ever got upset over was Bubbas failure to keep it in his pants.2222+ dead kids for a pack of lies and all you hear out of Joe is crickets.

Proud Moderate Dem said...

time once again to use my ctkeith statement value formula.
take anything that ctkeith has to say, times it by the number zero and your answer will be the worth of his statement.

ctkeith said...

Your boss was just on CNN.His statement was "I just don't get it" when asked why the whitehouse was stonewalling the Senate.

What a strong Leader.That's the answer everyone was waiting for.It's almost as good as being in a tie with 4 other for third place.

Proud Moderate Dem said...

yes, in fact i do think he is being a good leader here. i hold the opinion that he is doing a good job in questioning why the white house is stonewalling and trying to get answers so we dont have this type of tragic event occur again. i think he is asking important, tough and relavent questions.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us said...

It's not a rumor anymore, Amman has endorsed Malloy. I'm with ct_guy on this one- this is a true changing of the guard when considering who is the front runner for the democratic nomination.
Looking at the big picture, you have to like the Malloy story. He's out of the race for 6+ months and now he's making a charge to take the convention.
Bloggers- here's the question. What does DeStefano have to do to stop the hemmoraging of Democratic support? Is Malloy THAT good, or is DeStefano THAT bad? I've been on the fence between the two democrats, but the fact that DeStefano has not been able to put Malloy away has me more than concerned about how he'd do against Rell. Furthermore, if I were a unaffiliated voter, Malloy's story from down-and-out to frontrunner is the one that impresses me the most.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


It's a horse race. What could be better?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Whoops. Make that AYBABTU.

Anonymous said...

is this the same jim amman that endorsed shaun mcnally against jim sullivan in the 2nd CD????

ctkeith said...


Joe had his chance to "ask important, tough and relavent questions" during the conformation hearings for Fema Director "Brownie,You're doing a hell of a job" and took a pass.

Joe's chairnanship and ranking member stint on this committee has been a disaster for both the Dem Party and this country.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joe, the almost-mainstream media is now citing this blog for political analysis. The Hartford Advocate's reporter comments on Lamont's bid. So the blog is now quoting them quoting the blog. Do I hear an echo?

Anonymous said...

Guess Johnny D's nanny state ain't playin just two exits down the road

route 34 said...


In what area is Malloy the frontrunner? He still trails DeStefano by $700k with cash on hand (which is all that matters) and will not catch him in that area. Even after a great financial quarter to close out '05, and a poor quarter for DeStefano, he was only able to net about $100k more than John. There's only 2 reports left until the primary.

DeStefano also is murdering him when it comes to organized labor. With the latest endorsement from the Auto Workers, he has the support of over 100,000 workers statewide. What does Malloy have, 5,000?

While I agree Amann was a big endorsement, does that put Malloy over the top when it comes to Politcal endorsements? DeStefano has DeLauro, Gejdenson, Maloney. Those are nothing to sneeze at.

So to answer your question of "how does DeStefano stop the hemoraging", I'd say he has to stay the course. He will beat Malloy in money and he will beat him with organized labor. I'm no expert on Democratic primaries, but those seem to be 2 very important ingredients to winning.

ctkeith said...

route 34,


lets not use the "Stay the course" term with anything having to do with any

Amanns endorsement might mean something if he was skillful enough to out play Rell in any meaningful way but so far she's outplayed the Entire Dem Leadership.Perhaps if the Dems dropped the word consensus from their vocabulary they could help get a Dem in the governors mansion for a change.

ctblogger said...

It's strange that Lieberman is going after FEMA and the White House now when he had no problem with Michael Brown's resume and experience (or lack thereof) when Bush appointed him in charge of FEMA.

Alito is a done deal; he's in and women are screwed). If Lieberman votes yea, he's might as well hit the hornet's nest with his bare hands instead of using a stick.

As I noted on my blog, the last thing Lieberman needs is to get the anti-war and pro-choice crowd on his back. Iraq is one (big) thing, but voting for a guy who could (and will) be the deciding vote on Roe v Wade being overturrned...that's doomsday to many pro-choice women (and their are PLENTY of those in Connecticut).

A yea vote from Lieberman will make the possiblity of Lamont beating in a primary that much more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Rt. 34:

"While I agree Amann was a big endorsement, does that put Malloy over the top when it comes to Politcal endorsements? DeStefano has DeLauro, Gejdenson, Maloney. Those are nothing to sneeze at."

1. DeLauro had little choice but to back the hometown candidate, let's be honest about that.

2. Are Gejdenson and Maloney, given their respective records in tough fights really the guys you want on board?

The speaker has 99 reps in his caucus from all over the state who will need his help and support for at least another 2 if not 4 years. I'd be reluctant to minimize his endorsement.

Anonymous said...

CTB, Alito has majority support in CT. His big opponents hate the Iraq war anyway. They can only vote once against Lieberman

BTW, read the Ayotte decision. SO'D left the court with a road map to spend the next decade avoiding Roe by simply declaring state laws as partially valid.

Proud Moderate Dem said...

Anon 1:42 am, 2.
"Are Gejdenson and Maloney, given their respective records in tough fights really the guys you want on board?"
i realize you wrote this late at night but you should do some fact checking before you post. and for disclosure, i am actially leaning towards malloy but if you want to speak about records, i beleve that amman supported shaun mcnally vs jimmy sullivan out in the 2nd cd and sullivan swamped mcnally in the primary. further, sam g was a congressman for quite a long time with alot of wins under his belt, including some close ones against munster, and jim maloney was the last dem challenger at the fed level to take out a Republican incumbent when he beat franks and also the last dem to win a targeted race when he did it back to back election cycles vs nielsen. not a bad record if you ask me.

the wanderrerr said...

CT05: nobody ever forced the medical profession to take the trinkets and dinners and consultantships from the drug companies. It's good they are finally saying no but will they?