Monday, January 23, 2006

Malloy Capitalizes on Discontent with DeStefano

Dan Malloy has spent a lot of time in New Haven recently, chatting up Democrats in John DeStefano's backyard. Today, he scored the endorsement of former mayor John Daniels, who preceded DeStefano as mayor. The New Haven Independent was there for the endorsement and the denouncement by Daniels of the current state of his city:

"Those of us who live in New Haven know community-based policing no longer exists in New Haven," said Daniels. ...

Daniels continued, "Education is a patronage source here in the city of New Haven. As a result, our test scores are low, truancy in our schools is high, absenteeism is high. The drop-out rate is above the national average. All because there is no sense of the value of education."

By contrast, Daniels described Stamford as a land of clean government, improving schools, new jobs, and model community policing -- not to mention a Triple-A bond rating, compared to New Haven's recently lowered rating. (Bass)

Of course, all of those things were actually much worse when Daniels was mayor, but that's beside the point.

This isn't Malloy's first trip to New Haven. In December, he said he could win 43% of New Haven's vote, and has been courting anti-DeStefano Democrats ever since.

He may be wasting his time. It's unclear how much sway the anti-DeStefano crowd has in New Haven, but their support for Malloy won't change either the convention or the primary a whole heck of a lot. Also, Daniels's trashing of his own city seems petty and whiny. How many New Haven Democrats can he really carry with him to Malloy's column, after that?

Also, it isn't hard to find discontented Democrats in a city that has basically one effective party. Democrats are their own opposition, and the real contests happen on primary day. If Malloy can get the endorsement of Brookfield Republicans, then I'll be impressed.


Bass, Paul. "Daniels Decries State of City." New Haven Independent 23 January, 2006.


Captain Obvious said...

If you read the Independent, you also know this coincides with various Hispanic officials from New Haven backing Malloy as well. There is a trend of discontent for DeStefano there, and its growing.

Another aside to this... I know it has become the norm to criticize DeStefano's campaign manager, but she just keeps making things worse for him. Her quote in part:

Today's comments show just how out of touch Mayor Daniels is... It's obvious that Mayor Daniels has a personal agenda and is resentful that Mayor DeStefano was able to turn around New Haven after it hit rock bottom under Mayor Daniels. It's sad that he would allow himself to be used in that way."

Great idea! Let's have our 25 year old campaign manager bash an elderly African American former mayor in an urban city! I mean come on.

Anonymous said...

Ghengis, I think you're downplaying this a tad. Is it going to change the race? Of course not. Does it probably sting like hell for DeStefano to have his opponent hold a press conference in his hometown with his predecessor? You bet.

Gary Holder-Winfield said...

Shonu is the one who is out of touch. All of the Destefano people assume that just because no one is speaking out everyone loves Destefano. This is just untrue.

Anonymous said...

Malloy just scored the endorsement of the CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus on Saturday almost solely based on the discontent in the Hispanic leadership because of the George Perez fight.

Anonymous said...

No matter who bashes DeStefano in New Haven the fact is he will have almost all of the delegates and prolly get 80% of the vote in a primary.....This is Roy,Kathy and Betsy's ( global Startegies) grand strategy to upset DeStefano and it will fail....These folks are 0 for 5 and trust me DeStefano will be the endorsed candidate with almost 90% of labor..the liberals...and most of the town chairs and mayor's.

Any Malloy folks here want to bet me $300 or more on the primary?

DLC DAN is way behind..and only beat John in the money because he sits in one of the wealthiest CD'S while John sits in one of the poorest...But money doesnt buy love

ctkeith said...

This is almost funny,

I can't wait for the kiss and make-up news conference with Perez and Destefano where Malloys camp starts spinning the "we were not used" meme.

Man in the Middle said...

Stop & Shop announces it's combining its North Haven distribution center operations (there since 1962) into Massachusetts. 800 more jobs lost out of state. The Governor from Brookfield does not have a plan for the cities. The Democratic candidates need to focus strongly on the message Clinton used in 1992: "It's the econcomy, stupid."

And not all town committees and mayors are in DeStefano's thrall.

route 34 said...

Let's be honest. Mayor Daniels's endorsement of Dan is no surprise. He has endorsed DeStefano's opponent in every primary since he's been mayor, and basically has been his good luck charm. He has some nerve about talking about DeStefano's record on crime. Here is some crime statistics from Daniels's tenure as Mayor, you be the judge of the job he did:

Brass Anon said...

Believe it or not, most of us don't care about local New Haven politics up here in the rest of the state. I love Dan-o, but he ain't winning by dragging John Daniels around with him. And if he gets 43% of the vote in New Haven, it won't matter, because he will have lost by double digits in New Haven. Dan should concentrate on securing the bucks in Fairfield County, and the votes of right and centrist Dems in Waterbury, New Britain, Danbury and Torrington.
Unions and liberals can't bring it home (just ask Howard Dean). Money and message will get it done, and Dan seems to have the upper hand in both categories. If he could just get his focus.

DeanFan84 said...

just a thought--

Malloy kind of reminds me of Looney in the way in which, (as an underdog), he has so quickly embraced all the "outs" in his attempt to gain ground against DeStefano.

The self-same "outs" weren't standing up for New Haven, nor the system, prior to their siding with Malloy/Looney. It kind of makes you wonder if the "outs" arent "sell-outs"? Don't it?

On a more balanced note, I want to put forward the fact that more than six months ago, I saw all of this coming.. Why did candidate DeStefano have an aldermanic "slate", and why did he participate in the putsch against Jorge Perez? From a strategic view it makes no sense, none at all. Whose fault is it that the chickens have come home to roost?

Also, it was suggested to several of the JDS staffers that they knit New Haven together by pushing for the symbolic gesture of a partial pension for the esteeded former Mayor John Daniels. (currently he receives nada). This fell on deaf ears. Arrogance? Incompetence? I don't know. But the current run of press releases doesn't surprise moi.

For the record, as ex-New Haven mayor John Daniels lauds both Dan Malloy, and the wonderful city of Stamford, I have a question for him. How does he reconcile his utopian vision with the fact that Malloy barely won re-election? And can he really contrast DeStefano's livable city with the craziness that he presided over? For shame.

With friends like these... said...

By virtually all accounts, Daniels was a disaster of a mayor. I guess you can't fault Malloy for trying to capitalize on an opportunity, but it seems like his campaign might be taking on more of burden than benefit.

Anonymous said...

This is like watching a NASCAR race for the crashes for a guy who dislikes southerners

Anonymous said...

For those who think DeStefano will get 100% of the New Haven delegates at the convention, aren't you counting your chickens before they are hatched? Don't you think, just maybe you should wait and see who those delgates are first?
Well Im sure that Mr. Ghandi and his political genius and vast experience has allowed him to clearly see this coming and has planned well for it. Love the smell of sarcasm in the morning.

Aldon Hynes said...

I don't know where Anon(10:46) gets the idea that people are expecting Mayor DeStefano to get all of the delegates from New Haven. Probably the same place Anon(10:46) gets information about Ms. Gandhi's gender.