Monday, January 09, 2006

Malloy Wades Into National Politics

Stamford Mayor Calls for Caution on Alito

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy today issued a press release in which he reprinted a letter he sent to Senators Lieberman and Dodd outlining his concerns with Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

The content of the letter is very detailed, and I will not reprint it here. I expect that the letter will be up on Malloy's site sooner or later. I will say that Malloy builds a strong case against Alito, expressing concerns about his record on civil rights, executive privilege and abortion rights.

Which is great. I don't like Alito, either. The question I have is what in the world does this have to do with either Stamford, of which Malloy is the mayor, or Connecticut, of which Malloy would like to be governor?

One of two things is going on, here. First, this is an attempt by Malloy to win over more liberal Connecticut Democrats by expressing a clear position on an issue they feel strongly about. It doesn't matter that this isn't a Connecticut issue. Malloy will become a little clearer and more acceptable in their minds for having taken this stand. Not a bad plan.

Second, he could be getting ready for a 2008 run against Rep. Christopher Shays, assuming Shays wins this year. Also not a bad plan, considering how the governor's race is likely to go.

In any case, speaking out on national politics can only help define Malloy to Democratic voters, almost all of whom will be more familiar with national issues than state ones.

Update: Here's the full release if you want to see it for yourself.


A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


I do think there's a third possibility as to motive, which is to get some media attention by latching onto a hot issue of the day ... but then I'm a cynic.

Still, I think you're absolutely right when you say In any case, speaking out on national politics can only help define Malloy to Democratic voters ...

Anonymous said...

The first option you lay out seems most likely here. Sure, it's a national issue - but does that mean voters shouldn't be interested in his stance on it? It helps define who he is and what he believes.

Oh and in this case, I couldn't agree more... good on ya Dan.

ctkeith said...

Smart Move Mr Malloy,

The first of the Mayors to come out against Joe Lieberman wins the Nomination.

Mayor Malloy already said his view of the war in Iraq is Different than Joe Liebermans and That Liebermans view was being "influenced by his special relationship with Israel".

All of this was said in front of a good crowd last month at the Hartford area Democracy for America Meet-up>

Genghis Conn said...

No, you're absolutely right. If he's lucky, he'll get his name in a couple of big papers tomorrow next to some of his criticism of Alito. It's a good move.

Genghis Conn said...


You may have a point there, especially because it's looking more and more like there's going to be a Senate primary on the same day as the gubernatorial primary. That's going to draw out a lot of the anti-Joe folks.

Still really risky to come out against Lieberman now, and I kind of think that Malloy won't go all the way down that road.

Genghis Conn said...

Full release here

ctkeith said...


Go reread the New Haven Advocate article.Wheh asked about JDS,Lieberman made sure to bring DLC Dan into the conversation.

This press release and the way he is seperating himself from Liebermam is a very smart move.We all know that press release just had Dodds name on it for cover.

Guy that never posts said...

This is just a case of a pol who is desperate for attention. Im glad Dan would vote against Alito, so would I. I didnt send out a press release. Interesting to see where Malloy is spending his time on national issues outside of his control rather than on the real issues that matter to the people of connecticut.

I am guessing someone focused grouped our polled and foundout he was viewed as a Republicrat.

ctkeith said...

Guy that never posts.

He's got my attention!

JDS had a candlelight vigil and Cindy Sheheen rally less than a football feild away from his office and chose to stay away.His blog averages about a comment a week and his campaign is making mistake after mistake.Maybe if he stopped hiding from the big issues in this country that would change.

If he thinks all these things are going unnoticed maybe New Haven is as close to Hartford as he should get.

Anonymous said...

"caution" on Alito.

Well, I suppose East Haven is now firmly in the Rell camp...yeah, let's diss an Italian American jurist who got the ABA's higest possible rating

Liberalism...the love that will not speak its name.

Anonymous said...

u's asshole repuklicans dont no shit about staven.We been dems forever and haf our brawds have abortions and we like it dat way.

Eddie said...

As press releases go, it's a good one: relatively low on the buzzwords, a judicious tone, and set out in a logical order. (I didn't say gravitas! I didn't!)

Chris MC said...

... he could be getting ready for a 2008 run against Rep. Christopher Shays, assuming Shays wins this year.

OR, he could be trying to provoke Alito supporters into kidnapping him and pulling out his fingernails. Either theory is equally attractive and plausible.

But nevermind that! Here's an irresponsible suggestion for you:

Malloy for Senate 2006

Anonymous said...

How about,

Malloy for Mayor by more than 51% for 2007.

Chris MC said...

Wait a minute:
More telling, perhaps, than any opinion authored by Judge Alito, however, is his membership until 1985 in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group dedicated to reducing the influx and influence of female, African-American, Hispanic and disabled students in the university. It is revealing, I think, that he included a notation of his membership in his application for a position in the Reagan administration.

Great. What next, a former Klansman? Only a frat-boy could fail to look at this and say "uh, nope".

Aldon Hynes said...

Anytime a campaign issues a press release and posts the press release on their website, it is reasonable to assume that the press release is aimed at winning over a set of voters. In addition, issuing a topical press release that is likely to garner additional free press is a good idea.

I disagree with Genghis about this not being a Connecticut issue. While a lot of people are focusing on Roe v. Wade right now, one of the more important issues the balance of power between federal branches of the government as well as the balance of power between state and federal governments.

Mayor Malloy does a good job of using this letter to illustrate is background in judicial matters. Too bad he’s running for Governor and not Attorney General. He touches a little bit on this in his first point raising concern about Alito’s “belief that the Executive Branch enjoyed a Constitutional supremacy over both the Legislative and Judicial branches”. I think Malloy’s letter would have been better if it made references to concern about how Alito will interpret the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. This is perhaps the crucial aspect of Alito’s nomination that relates back to state governments.

Also, while I recognize the political importance of talking nicely about one’s senators, I’m not sure that “Commending them [Dodd and Lieberman] both on their demonstrated leadership” is something that will energize the anti Lieberman folks. Likewise, the measured tones “urging caution” as opposed to calling for a vote against Alito, while being politically expedient isn’t the sort of language that is likely to energize progressive voters.

Malloy has done a good job in choosing a topic to write a press release about. As such, he does a better job than Rell’s “Press Release and a band-aid”, but let’s see if he can provide some vision for the future.

Anonymous said...

Judges do evolve folks. there are going to be 18 hours of hearings by the 18 Senators on the Judiciary Committee. The guy will answer under oath and I'd like to hear where he is today with his judicial philosophy.

And Alito's not a frat boy, he's a nerd and they are trying to un-nerd him for the hearings.

Chris MC said...

I wasn't referring to Alito.