Thursday, January 04, 2007

Open Forum

So what's worth talking about today?

The lieutenant governor? He really needs to get a cable access show like Rell had. The rejection of rules changes by the Democratic majority? Inclusion of special ed kids into regular classrooms? People actually seeming to like RellCare?

Our newest House members have their webpages up: and Not much there yet besides the basic template.

What else is happening around the state?


Anonymous said...

Congressman Murphy to apear on CSPANs Washington Journal during 10 am hour.

Genghis Conn said...

Sorry for the interruption in service, folks. I'm busy trying to do some site upgrades...

Maura said...

Woah, Gengis!

Your link reads, "People actually seeming to like RellCare".

But the linked article is entitled, "Health care plan draws insurer intrest"

Big difference between "people" liking her plan and "insurers" liking her plan, no?????

From what I've read of the plan, all Rell has proposed for the state to actually DO is pay for free marketing for insurance companies to drive more business to them.

Granted, the key will be finding some companies who will actually offer such a plan...but the greater key will be finding doctors and other providers who would participate in this network and accept the terms of whatever plans the insurers come up with.

But has Rell actually proposed funding plans that would attract providers to actually participate in those plans? Funding subsidies to make the plans affordable for all?

No, all she's suggested doing is paying for maketing for the insurance industry.

Is there any wonder that the insurance industry is intrigued and encouraged by her proposal?

Come on, Genghis!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the illustrious Kevin Sullivan is planning to do now that he is unemployed?

TrueBlueCT said...

Please wake up and help us get a meaningful dialogue going on universal health coverage.

In the article you link to, one of the insurers clearly states that the $3,000/year "plan", could only be offered to those with pre-existing conditions, and/or older enrollees, IF lots of younger people buy in.

Well, that's not going to happen. Not when a 30-something can get the same coverage for $1,000/year!

Rell's proposal is a sham. You can't have a community-rated plan in a free market of individuals. The only folks that would buy "Charter Oak" would be those who can't find cheaper coverage. (High-risk people, or those with pre-existing conditions.) Given this dynamic, no insurer will write this coverage without state subsidies, making Rell's proposal a complete non-starter.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice that the queen mother had to march with Rich Harris at her side yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Rell's speech yesterday was as inspitational as my first zit!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't Rich Harris, it was Lou Rell but they do look a lot alike.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I would be happy if there was no agreement on health care insurance just so I could watch all the bleeding hearts whine for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Huge story to come out of Shelton in 2007.


Annie said...

How about this for open forum?

"If I was a newspaper editor in Jerusalem in the First Century A.D. I would have put Jesus Christ's execution on the front page with the best artist's rendering I could find."

That from Connecticut Post Editor James H. Smith, "who is also president of the New England Society of Newspaper Editors."

Yet in their print versions, they only showed the unjarring pre-execution Saddam photo.

Kind of says it all as to what kind of journalism we have here in this state.

Today's Post reads: "We recognize that there are some subjects not appropriate for publication in a local newspaper and editors here have had long discussions when it comes to photos that would offend some readers...To date, we have printed a photo of Saddam with the noose around his neck on our front page. We had a couple of complaints, but a consensus of editors here thought it was the right call."

Yet online this same day, they changed their policy: "For the past two days, editors at newspapers all over the country have been struggling with the decision to publish (or post) the video of Saddam Hussein's execution. After lengthy discussions here at the Post, we decided to post the official and unofficial videos of the execution."

I think it's pretty funny: they'll post the links to this video, but NOT to the the clips from the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West."

And people still believe that most of the Connecticut media doesn't tilt left.

Anonymous said...

Rell's plan, which is Mickey Hebert's plan, requires no legislative action.

Anonymous said...

Fedele will do a great job. he seems to be a great fit at the LG helm.

Any thoughts about Lieberman & Dodd at Rell's swearing in?

GC: Any photo galleries from the events yesterday/last night?

MikeCT said...

The list of all state legislative committee assignments.

anon (3:30),
Who is Mickey Hebert?

Fuzzy Turtle said...

Rell's speech yesterday was as inspitational as my first zit! I think your first zit had more integrity and editorial content...!!

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts about Nevas swearing Rell in instead of one of the CT Supremes doing it?

Anonymous said...

CT Post squashes the news. There is a big story in Shelton
they are keeping a lid on for now.