Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Congress Sworn In

Read about it here. Now we'll see if they can deliver.

New Congressmen Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney were sworn in this morning. Democrats are proclaiming a new beginning for the legislative branch. What do you think?

What are your expectations for the 110th Congress?
I expect great things
They'll do fine
They'll be okay, I guess
They can't be any worse than the 109th, right?
My expectations are low
Worst Congress ever
We're doomed
I have no idea
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Anonymous said...

Bush just authored a signing statement that he can now open our mail. Maybe he'd like to pay my utility bill too.

Anonymous said...

Ok , so now it's time to see if we will get the positive change we voted for. Or if all we voted for was to just change career politicians.

It's up to these new guys to deliver. No excusses for their failure to do as promised, should be acceptable.

They made their promisses, we trusted them and elected them, now it's their turn to deliver on them.

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh, I've waited a LONG time for this: When you go to this URL

you get the message, "The page you requested could not be found".

Welcome on board Representative Murphy!!

Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous/5:03 above: Amusingly, the 404 error requests you to ensure that the link " current for the 109th Congress"!

lamontcranston said...

So begins Congressman Murphy's downfall. The man made alot of promises during the campaign, and when he has to do what ever his masters at Union HQ tell him, the people of the 5ht district are gonna see what kind of Congressman he is. And when he starts taking special interest money alot of the people who voted for him are gonna turn their backs on him. I hope he doesn't get to comfortable in that office of his.

MikeCT said...

Lieberman and McCain will "explain their support for a troop surge" at an forum sponsored by the right-wing American Enterprise Institute. It will be broadcast live on C-SPAN2 on Friday at 11 am. The title? "Iraq: A Turning Point." We're turning the corner. Any day now.

Chris Murphy was interviewed this morning on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Talked about his transition and some of his priorities. (Requires Real Player, 1/4 program, look for Murphy's name in blue box.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Who Murphy's chief of staff and district director are? Or if he has a Waterbury office? He said he would have one and I really would like to get in touch with his office.

Genghis Conn said...

Joshua Raymond is Murphy's chief of staff in DC, while Rob Michalik of Plainville is his district director. According to this article in the Herald the main district office will be in New Britain, with satellite offices in Waterbury, Danbury and Meriden. Looks like he won't actually start until the 8th, however, so things may not yet be up and running at those offices.

lamontcranston said...

God forbid he actually have his offices up and running when he takes office...

TrueBlueCT said...

I predict Chris Murphy will be our next United States Senator from Connecticut. Either Dodd or Lieberman will be retiring in the next ten years, and Murphy is best positioned as a replacement.

Knowing this, I understand why all the 'wingers hate Congressman Murphy! Lucky for them, it will get to be a 30+ year hatred...

Anonymous said...

Smurph's a chump, being a snake will only get you so far.

MikeCT said...

Apparently, these weak, sour grapes Republicans can only offer anonymous, infantile, evidence-free, ad hominem, name-calling attacks on Murphy. Although the language sounds awful familiar.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Although the language sounds awful familiar.

Thanks for the plug Mike; but seeing as I'm not some chump - I only post under the name of Authentic Connecticut Republican.

Besides, I'd put up a link to a more recent post: Darkness falls in Connecticut's 5th District

Anonymous said...

"Apparently, these weak, sour grapes Republicans can only offer anonymous, infantile, evidence-free, ad hominem, name-calling attacks on Murphy"

I am no fan of Chris Murphy. He was hardly the man after he was elected to office in the General Assembly that he presented himself to me to be, before he started his career there, over 8 years ago. Sadly I learned that he would completely agree with all my concerns when looking for my support, but after being elected failed to address any of them. I would at least have some respect for him if he had the courage to tell me he disagreed with me when I was considering who to vote for.

Having said that I am sure he must have delivered on someone's concerns, just not mine.

This is not sour grapes, just my experience which I hope is part of the past, and not the future, because I accept this guy at age 33 is going to be around a long time.

Anonymous said...

yeah, politics is a funny thing. i'm still a little shocked at how the weakest of our three democratic congressional challenger managed to net the most decisive victory. i realize, of course, that nancy johnson's campaign, which was run so poorly it left my jaw agape on several occasions, was the reason for this, but still. hardly seems fair to courtney or farrell, but since when is politics fair?

Anonymous said...

Murphy has a great history of beating long term incumbents. He works hard during a campaign to make that happen. Except for this last campaign has always been totally taken for granted as just some young upstart. From my point of view he has never been challenged on his record..... Assuming he really has one of any meaningful significance.

Johnson did just the opposite of take him for granted. Her previous history with him made her totally over react, run an abysmal, no holds barred, empty attack campaign, against every mother's son, at a time no one was in the mood, for nonsense like that from any Republican. She could not have played into Murphy's hands better..... In fact at times I thought Murphy must have actually written some of the totally stupid adds she aired against him for her.

My hope is that the voters of the 5th district will stay on top of this guy. Look past his boyish smile, and polished goodie two shoes image. I hope they force him to represent them, not just his special interest groups or Pelosi's view of what's best for the 5th district.

If they can force him to do that then things are not so bad. However my experience tells me he is more likely to be just a rubber stamp for Pelosi. In which case assuming the Republicans don't give up on this district as they have the rest of the state, his next campaign will be far more difficult than this last one.

One last thing it was past time for Johnson to go, and the next two years was sonmething we were going to have to go through sooner or latter anyway.