Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Update on the Arrest of Ken Krayeske

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From the Courant:
Several lawmakers said they were outraged, calling for legislative hearings and saying the incident reeks of a secret police force and should not be tolerated in Connecticut.

[Commissioner Leonard] Boyle Monday denied the state police keep a list of political enemies, saying that the notion is "completely incorrect."

"We do not maintain such lists," he said.
Krayeske's lawyer, Norman Pattis, said police had no reason to detain Krayeske on a high bail, and then release him without bail once the governor's inaugural ball had ended.

"The courts say bond is intended only to ensure appearance at trial. They don't say you can use it to ice someone out of the governor's ball," Pattis said. "That to me is far more troubling than the arrest itself." (Keating)

Obviously there should be a probe. Why was Ken on that list, or why did he meet "federal guidelines," as is stated here? Are blogs and other sites actually being monitored by law enforcement?

And Pattis is correct--the high bail, then the release after the ball was done, are both highly suspicious.

More light, please.

Keating, Christopher. "Probe Urged After Arrest Of Activist At Rell Parade." Hartford Courant 9 January, 2007.


Anonymous said...

The NSA is filtering a fair amount of electronic traffic but doubtful anything on here would pop out from their algorithms. But you can bet this site is being monitored for political purposes just as the state cops are pretty much known to be a poltical force and operator in CT. That would seem obvious anyway, wouldn't it? And chance sre their ISP can be seen from time to time on this blog's own moitior.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Just a quick note: Check your site stats!

You might be surprised to find out what is often in there. I have been watching mine since I installed my sitemeter... And they have been watching us all for a longtime now.

I wasn't really concerned about it until they arrested Krayeske.

Anonymous said...

If the clowns of the lunatic left would stop whining about the Rell/Lieberman victories there wouldn't be anything for the Feds and SP to monitor. Get over it. It's also boring.

Anonymous said...

So your arguing that the only thing for the Feds and State Police to monitor are political beliefs that don't align with yours? That's an interesting assessment of the purpose of law enforcement in a democracy. I think you've offered bloggers a good common sense tip though: if someone goes out on enough of a limb to use a ridiculous term like "lunatic left" in their post, don't be surprised if they're also in favor of turning us into a police state just to stick it to the other side.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I don't doubt that assessment for a second shadow.

When they begin to see that their side isn't really so Patriotic, Constitutional, American, and all of that apple pie 'n hot dogs stuff... They sure get started with the insults fast.

And therein lies the true depth of their faux love for this nation and everything that it should stand for.

To people like that, "Liberty, Justice and the American way" is just a slogan to hide behind.