Thursday, February 09, 2006

Open Forum

There are a lot of people out there--Democrats and others--who are unimpressed by Gov. Rell's State of the State yesterday: including the Courant editorial board.

There may be another Democrat in the race to suceed Sen. Chris Murphy in the 16th Senatorial District: Southington councilman David Zoni.

The First Selectman of Westbrook is in trouble for extortion and coercion. He was arrested Tuesday, but is back at work today. What is it with this state?

I think some supporters are getting a little antsy about the apparent lack of action on Ned Lamont's part, despite the fact that the entire staff of CCAG is now working for his campaign. (Update: Tom Swan informs me that he is, in fact, the only member of CCAG to have joined the Lamont campaign. Record righted.)

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What else is going on?


Anonymous said...

Democrats have controlled the legislature for how many years? Where is their bold property tax plan. All I hear from them is "property tax, property tax, ptoperty tax!!!" I don't get when are they going to called out on it? What a joke! They can do anything they want, yet they blame the Gov. Blaming others is all Democrats seem to do.

BTW it was the First Selectman of Westbrook not Westport. Don't give Diane Farrell a heart attack.

Genghis Conn said...

Oh, you're right! I always get those mixed up.

Didn't Diane Farrell step down as First Selectwoman there to run for Congress? I could have sworn she didn't run in 2005.

As for the rest of your comment, entropy (friction slows everything down) seems to also be a political force. When a party has been in power for a long time, they run out of steam. I think this has happened, to a degree, to the Democrats here. It's starting to happen to Republicans nationally.

Anonymous said...

Genghis, I can't believe it I totally agree with you on the second half of your last statement. wow!!!

5th District Dem said...

Looks like the national Dems are pretty hot for Chris Murphy's race. I saw a thing in the Torrington paper that says they are going after Nancy Johnson big-time. There's even a "web ad" online and she is the "bad republican of the week" or some such thing, apparently. Check it out:

I guess these people are pretty focused on CT this year!

Anonymous said...

Any predictions for the GOP underticket this year? Will they even make a play for one of those seats?

the wandererrrr said...

The Courant was pretty on with its analysis of Rell's 'my budget' but even if it is only a 'bon bon' getting rid of the car tax reduces the workload of the DMV as well as the local assessors and collectors - smaller government if everybody does there job. It simplifies the tax code too. Personally, I would have liked to see her pay for it by getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse but she thinks Rowland took that all with him. She's a place holder for sure as somebody said but she is what she is - the accidental governors.

Anonymous said...

Too bad national dems don't have plan for the NATION, much less the 5th.

The popular name for DeStephano LT GOV if Kevin Sullivan is not the pick is Audrey Blondin, former SOS candidate. She is a good campaigner and would be an asset.

Franks said...

Having now read the Courant, clearly Jim Maloney deserves much of the credit for the bold idea of eliminating motor vehicle property taxes and in having gotten legislation passed to achieve this goal. Notably, Republican John Rowland scuttled his efforts, but left unanswered was Rell's position. Did she ever oppose anything Rowland supported?

With reports now showing the State takin in more that $500,000,000 as surplus revenues, Rell fiscal warnings aside, more tax cutting proposals will be offered and better delas debated.

Anonymous said...

Does Raffa have any connection to the GOPers in Hartford? Did Rell campaign for him? Who ran his race?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Rowland and Rell -

State Tax Burdens Jump In Connecticut. It's up 41 percent in last 10 years

By Stephen Ohlemacher & Associated Press

Washington — If it seems like your taxes have been going up, they have — at least at the state level.
Connecticut's state taxpayer burden increased by an average of 41 percent from 1994 to 2004, according to newly released data from the Census Bureau. That matched the national average. Only one state, Alaska, saw the amount it collects per person decline.

Even when the numbers are adjusted for inflation, the individual tax burdens increase in 43 states.

Connecticut residents had the third highest tax receipts per person — $2,941, up from $2,093 in 1994. Hawaiians last year paid the most to state government — $3,050 per person on average. Texans paid the least — an average of $1,368.

Rising education and Medicaid costs have fueled spending growth, which has led to higher taxes, analysts said.

“Medicaid has been the fastest growing program in state budgets going back to 2000,” said Arturo Perez, a fiscal analyst at the National Council of State Legislatures.

Medicaid is the state-federal health insurance program for the poor. In an effort to stem rising costs, Congress passed legislation last week allowing states to charge about 13 million Medicaid beneficiaries new or increased co-payments and premiums.

The big range in state taxes reflects the variety of government revenue systems throughout the country. The numbers do not include local taxes, which in many states generate most of the money for schools. They also do not include federal taxes.

Wyoming, Connecticut, Minnesota and Delaware round out the top five states in tax receipts per person. South Dakota, Colorado, New Hampshire and Alabama round out the bottom five.

New Hampshire had the biggest increase from 1994 to 2004, with the state tax burden more than doubling. But at $1,544 per person, it remained among the lowest in the country.

Alaska, which gets much of it revenue from oil production, saw its state tax receipts drop 1 percent, to $2,035 per person. Oil revenue helped Alaska spend $12,294 per person in 2004, far more than any other state.

States, on average, get nearly half their tax revenues from sales taxes. They get a third from personal income taxes and 5 percent from corporate income taxes.

Education is the biggest budget item, consuming an average of 31 percent of state spending. Public welfare comes in second at 24 percent. Highways account for 6 percent of state spending and police protection just 1 percent.

Many states raised taxes early in the decade because of budget shortfalls caused by the economic slowdown. Many of those states now have budget surpluses, leading some, including Hawaii, to debate tax cuts.

“Many states are having an unexpected surplus of revenue, and that is because of economic growth,” said Stephen Slivinski, director of budget studies at the Cato Institute. “It's mainly because their estimates on economic growth were very low.”

Anonymous said...

What a jerk Zeke Zalasky (D-Southington)is.....

"I endorse this guy, until someone better comes along."

I guess his word is really worthwhile. I had heard that he was a good guy, but he sounds like a typical nonsensical politician. I wonder if Chris Murphy will backtrack as well.

ctblogger said...

Great post Genghis.

I'm getting mixed reviews about the killing of the car tax.

From what I'm gathering from my political sources, many people believe that the tax burden will simply be shifted to property taxes (i.e. homes).

Seems like the mayor of Danbury is saying the same thing.

"We're going to have to pass it on to the voters as property taxes, and we're going to blame people," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, referring to Rell and the legislature. "It's going to get shifted onto your property taxes."

My main concern is how are the towns going to make up the revenue lost by the elimination of the car tax (I'm nit buying what I'm hearing in that regard right now).

Anonymous said...

Connecticut residents had the third highest tax receipts per person

That's because CT has the highest per capita income - a non-story.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Further, blaming Rowland and Rell for high taxes in a state with a Democrat-controlled Legislature is a lot like blaming Dr. Mel for heat and humidity in August.

Notice how I refrained from adding, "you moron" at the end of that sentence?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. Mel just reports, Rowland or Rell's signing-off and taking credit for a budget means you can duck their responsibilities.

the wandererrr said...

OK, let's not blame Jodi for high taxes in the past but I didn't hear a word yesterday of how governenet spending would go down, which means neither will taxes in the aggregate.

Aldon Hynes said...

Official DeStefano spinner checking in with a few comments about Rell's speech:

When I first heard her announce the car tax plan, I thought, hmm, that sounds like a good idea. How will it get paid for and how does it fit into a bold vision for a better Connecticut?

Well, it seems like it is going to get paid for by shifting around other property taxes and doesn't really do anything substantial.

Even worse, as I think about the bigger issues, it appears to be reducing the disincentives to own expensive cars, while making it harder on small home owners.

Is this part of a transportation strategy? Let's encourage people to own more expensive cars. I thought the transportation strategy she was promoting was to get people out of their cars and into commuter trains, such as from New Haven to Hartford to Springfield.

How does this help job growth? Well, maybe a few of those expensive cars will be built in Bridgeport. I like that aspect of it, but is that how we are going to return Connecticut to being the prospering innovative state that I love? I don't think so.

So, yes, my semi-official spin is that Rell is taking a few interesting ideas and tossing them out as an election year speech, but she still isn't showing any real vision.

If you want real vision, you want DeStefano

the wandererrrr said...

Aldon: it's a no brainer to get rid of the car tax. Is DeStefano going to run on keeping it? Whether a car is expensive or not it takes up a spot on the highway so please let's not confuse the issue. Even Bill Clinton tried to simplify the tax code. The car tax is a pain in the keister and I'll be happy to see my tax on my home go up if I don't have to deal with the DMV. Are you afraid that the DMV will cut back on its workforce or something?

And I didn't know commuters from New Haven to Springfield were clogging the roads but thanks for the heads up but Jodi addressed that for you didn't she?

you were right when you called yourself a spinner. Pleaaasse give me a reason to vote for your guy.

the wandererrrr said...

And Aldon, my car is four years old and I usually keep them close to ten years. OK, so if my property home tax goes up I'll probably siubsidize the guy with an expensive car. Who cares? The problem with CT is that it is too damn complicated and thereby EXPENSIVE to live and work here. Remember the bit about our probate courts that get in everybody's business, the lawyers that latch on to every real estate transaction and the government workers growing faster and better than the private sector? How's about addressing that since Jodi didn'

Franks said...

Rell's Car Tax proposal is really nothing new.

Quinn said...

Haha, those silly Democrats at My Left Nutmeg playing politics! Spending more money sending mail to P.O. Boxes than Ned Lamont even has.

And imagine, all they have to do is go to the town registrar or their local committee to get the voter roles. Not only will it have actual addresses, but then can save money by only sending mail to registered Dems. I would post it over there, but I don't want to give them any good ideas.

A decent speech. I can't say I'm thirlled with the idea of the elimination of the property tax... it just shuffles that into the state budget. Reduces government visibility. A bad thing, really.

Other tax cuts are most excellent ideas, especially the job creation credit.

DeanFan84 said...


Way to make fun of a high school student. Really.

Frantz is smart enough to realize how much Lieberman hurts the Dem Party. And he is eager to do something about it. Good for him, and god bless his enthusiasm.

Weicker Liker said...

Who cares about what the Courant Editorial Board thinks???

Anonymous said...

Danbury News Times" is unimpressed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but Englehart's Moody cartoons just keep getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Reportedly Lt. Gov Kevin Sullivan will be endorsing Mayor John DeStefano in the next day or two. Shockingly, Sullivan will be the Lt. Gov candidate. So much for a new start for the Democrats.

Quinn said...

Sorry Deanfan, I didn't know he was a High School student. I'm only a freshman in college myself, so I'm basically poking fun at my peer; no hard feelings. I too commend his efforts, even if they are in my opinion misguided.

It's all very well and good for local candidates to be far-left, as many of these absurd town council resolutions are demonstrating. But at the level of the Senate and the White House, the American - and Connecticut - people want a moderate who is willing to work to defend America, like Senator Lieberman

sanity said...

His lousy politics aside, ever since I saw DeStefano in those commercials for New Haven on his mountain bike with his bulbous forehead sticking out from under that bike helmet, I just can't stop laughing every time I see or hear him.

However long the odds are, if the Dems win the governors office this November, I think Malloy and Sullivan would make a much more effective team for CT than DeStefano and -pick the LG of your choice-. Right now it looks like DeStefano is Sullivan's best chance, as remote as it is, to keep his job. So if that is his decision, I can understand it.

DeanFan84 said...


Thanks for the kinder words re Frantz.

But please don't think of Neo-Con Joe as a moderate. Nor George Bush.

There just isn't anything moderate about pre-emptive war, torture, Judge Alito, the bankruptcy bill, FoxNews etc.

If one has to describe Joe, Rummy, George and Dick, the correct term would be radical. And unfortunately for U.S., their radical ideas aren't working too well.

Anonymous said...

Please, can we keep this about issues? DeStefano's bulbous forehead should not be an issue. As Grasso/O'Neil/Weicker taught us, being Governor is not a beauty contest. Besides, it's not his forehead, but his stinkin' leftist policies and the fact that a sitting mayor has not won the Governor's office in a lifetime that will keep him out (perhaps Malloy as well, but I hope not).

Anonymous said...

the rumors and gossip going on around here are a lot of fun.

What, we can't make fun of our politicians?? Of course we can!

Anonymous said...

hello state senator Caligiuri

boy that Corky fired people up after his announcment, didn;t he

ctkeith said...

AHH quinn.

You let it out of the Bag.

You're just another chickenshit college Republican.A member of the Yellow Elephant Brigade.If you had an ounce of integrity you'd be in Bagdad now instead of banging on your keyboard.

Lieberman had a slew of deferments and excuses during Vietnam too. No surprise you're in his corner.

DeanFan84 said...

Keith, be polite!

If you are going to bring up the Yellow Elephant Brigade!, at least provide a link.

Anonymous said...

Tom Gaffey is telling his constituents in Cheshire by the time he's done with ECS our schools will get close to nada

And he won't do anything about binding arbitration (maybe the CEA tattoo has something to do with that)

So much for electing the Education Committee chairman who is eager to defund his own towns

MikeCT said...

Shockingly, Sullivan will be the Lt. Gov candidate.

If true, blech, blech, blech. Sullivan brings nothing to this but his ego and lots of enemies in his own party who remember his collaboration with John Rowland and Marc Ryan and his autocratic style of leadership.

Chill out, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Keith..I'm sure your wet dream is for all Republicans to fight America's wars to finally pave the way for you and yours to take over the reigns and create the United Commune of America.

Anonymous said...

No, I bet Keith just thinks that rich Republican chickenhawks should send their rich spoiled brats to fight and die amongst America's troops. (which consist of both Democrats and Republicans.)

Genghis Conn said...

DeStefano/Sullivan...? Huh. Well, if it's true, it's KIND of interesting... but I don't think he'd help pick up any votes, either in the primary or the general. Might be part what kept Sullivan out of the governor's race, though.

Quinn said...

I intend to apply for OCS once I finish college. We should still be in Iraq then, wouldn't you say?

If it came down to a draft, and having someone else have to go in my stead, I would enlist without hesitation. Say, if we went to war with Iran (and a draft at that point would be looking inevitable), then a recruiter would have a very good shot of getting me to sign up.

Many otherwise intelligent and patriotic Americans avoided Vietnam, including Mr. Dean, for whatever reason. I always respected John Kerry for his service there, even if what he did afterwards was somewhat questionable.

Genghis Conn said...

Good for you, Quinn. What branch of service?

Man in the Middle said...

Anonymous, where did Gaffey speak on the ECS, and what exactly did he say?

Quinn said...

I always thought Navy, and I might still choose it. I've always thought the modern US Navy one of the most impressive institutions ever created. If I thought I could've gotten in, I would've applied straight to Annapolis. But in light of the war, I've been thinking the Army has more of a need for officers, and I went to a recruiter visit and have been thinking about it.

I think that it is in the nature of some people to be soldiers and officers, more or less. I don't beleive that those that don't think the idea of fighting and dying attactive are cowards or unpatriotic, although those that do heed the call should be specially honored. Certainly, I do not think it hypocritical to support a war but not serve in it, necessarily. Many patriotic citizens can serve their country in other ways, especially by entering politics or public service and striving to serve and protect their nation as a policy maker, just as politicians such as Senator Lieberman did.

Anonymous said...

Democrats see the chance of getting the Governorship sinking fast. They were walloped by Rell and are desperate to recover.

DeanFan84 said...

Quinn, buddy--
We are desperate for soldiers, now!

Don't you think some Nat'l guardsman with a family, or some soldier on his third or fourth deployment would appreciate your enlistment??

College can wait, and the problem with your pretty words is they're just that, words. You get no credit from me for considering an enlistment....

DeanFan84 said...

there is some chance that Dems take Rell's opening on Tax Reform, and beat her over the head with it. Like we control both chambers of the Statehouse, and can pass whatever WE want.

Rell would then have a hard time not vetoing it, dontcha think?
re: the LT Governorship. I'd expect a woman, and a pretty one at that. The best person to take shots at Rell would be a member of her own sex.

ctkeith said...

Come on Quinn,

Your country needs you now not 4 years from now.How can you sit in that dorm and look yourself in the mirror.If the kids in the 1940s were like you w'd be speaking German today.

The neocon dream will be dead by the time you graduate. If W and Rummy can't get the entire Yellow Elephant Brigade to join by the end of this year the terrorists will have won.

You know this is true and yet you remain in college.

Have you no shame!

Anonymous said...

Dean and're pretty quick to send a college kid to war, what about you? I know what you'll say - "Well the Republicans have no problem sending college-aged kids to war, why not this kid?" The men and women who are in Iraq now have volunteered for that duty. And you'll try to say that many signed up because the military was their best chance to escape poverty or a bad situation, get a college education, and never intended to actually be in combat. But 99% of those serving would be more than happy to give you an education upside your head for that. Trust me--I done my tour in Iraq and I'm here to do another. And old "sages" like you should know that wars aren't fought only by those who believe strongly entirely in the cause. But we serve because if we don't...will you?

Blogs are great, but this is a case study as to how fast the decent sharing of ideas can deteriorate into total inanity.

Genghis Conn said...

Ignore them, Quinn. What you said is dead on. There's honor in serving your country, no matter how you do it.

Genghis Conn said...

It makes me incredibly sad and angry when thoughtful comments get shot down by talking points and partisanship. Both sides do this. It makes it that much harder to find common ground.

We need that common ground. There needs to be peace--or at least a truce--in this country if we're ever going to move forward again.

That's all I'll say about it, for now.

DeanFan84 said...

The kid is looking for credit and a reprieve for his conscience by mentioning he might sign up, someday? And you compliment him on it??? Jesus Christ. Either you enlist, or you don't. No points given to the fairies who put themselves before their country, and then pretend otherwise.

This has nothing to do with rank partisanship. It's about loving your country and everything it ought to stand for. The Republicans and Joe Lieberman started a stupid, insane, and elective war. They need to own it.

Instead they wave the flag, and lie their collective asses off, seemingly impervious to all the death and destruction they have created, in their chickenhawk, ideological madness.

You want a truce in this country? Who is it that uses race, religion and intolerance to divide us? Not me. There is a huge difference between Ronald Reagan, and Bush Sr.,--- and the cabal that is currently running this country into the ground.

In terms of the troops in Iraq right now, 1). I'm glad it's not me. 2). I'm mad as hell that they have been put in this impossible position. And 3). I'm not going to lie that I'd be among them, (cuz ain't we all patriotic Americans), -- when this line from many is complete and utter bullshit.

DeanFan84 said...

I think I forgot to tell you where you can put your "collegiality".

Why don't you go visit Walter Reed, and then come back and spout your "moderate", bi-partisan bullcrap?

America has destabilized the Mid-East, and now it is on the verge of exploding into civil and religious war. Yet you insist upon being above the fray? But that's right, you're an ex-Green Naderite. You take no responsibility.
No, I'm not fast to send anybody's kids into an elective, potentially un-winnable war. Your side was. Own your madness.

I don't want Quinn on the front-lines. But I do think he should otherwise shut-up, when obviously he is glad not to be over there as target-practice for IED's. But for him to say, "I'd gladly be over there, I'm a true Republican patriot, only I can't interrupt my college studies, and well, I'm really officer material, so it wouldn't make sense to volunteer..."

For me to respond positively to that would make me into an uncaring, unthinking, bastard. Real people are getting killed in this American adventure. Real families' lives are being ruined. I have no choice but to take responsibility for that. Why won't you?

I respect our troops. God bless our troops. But I condemn this whacked-out administration and all of you flag-waving, chicken-shit, pseudo-patriots who fall in line behind Bush, Lieberman and their neo-Con insanity.

DeanFan84 said...

One last, Anon 10:53--
Do you really think our troops and Guardsmen signed up for this "Nation-Building" experiment?

I'm sure they signed up to defend our country. But a third or fourth deployemnt to serve as policemen in Iraq? I doubt it. Particularly as Bush promised during his campaign that he wouldn't use our troops in this way.

I agree the troops are proudly doing their jobs. But please don't argue that they are "volunteering" for this reckless adventure when polls clearly state otherwise.

Anonymous said...

DF, please explain the very high re-enlistment rate in units which have already deployed to Iraq.

You may be rather defeatist over the whole venture but the fact is plenty of soldiers aren;t

Methinks they don't need any Vermont nanny state supervision over their career choice

Anonymous said...


Gaffey's drop dead remarks about school funding in Cheshire were in the Cheshire Herald

Now if I was into gossip, I could suggest you go to the Judicial Branch website and look up Gaffey's cases. But I won't

Anonymous said...

deanfan & Republican hate mongers:GC was just being fair and is certainly not a Republican cheerleader. It just goes to show that the far left will bash anybody that is pro-America. After all, they have a vested interest in seeing that the war on terror and ANYTHING that would make Republican's look remotely good fails.

Anonymous said...

DeanFan - You are quite simply what I hate about my own party these days. You are narrow-minded beyond belief, to the point of insulting the guy who runs this forum because he stood up for a kid who would like to join the military some day. You need to take a deep breath and step AWAY from the internet.

Oh and regarding Sullivan - I'm hearing that too. Look for an announcement soon. What the hell is DeStefano thinking? "Boy this'll get me part of West Hartford for sure!". Of COURSE Sullivan wants it, what the hell else will he do??

Anonymous said...

If the last CFIS filing was a trend, then Sullivan brings some much needed cash to the JDS coffers. He walked away from the senate with a PAC full of cash. And yes, he will jump at the chance. He has no shot of getting the gubernatorial nod from the D's, so this is his one prayer to remain relevant. The jobs at MDC and CSU, both of which he lobbied hard to get, went to others. His arrogance over the years won him few friends in high places and they are now paying him back in spades.

Does Sullivan's deal with the devil mean Roy Ochiogross skips out on Malloy and joins the JDS team? Something to consider. And for whoever said West Hartford made out like a bandit when Sullivan cut all his budget deals with Marc Ryan must be forgetting that ECS funding for WH was among the lowest percentages of funding, at just over 60% of what they should have gotten.

Aldon Hynes said...

I must say, I’m pretty disappointed with the level of recent discussions here. I know that some people end up voting based on looks. The assumption is that if you can get someone dressed up to look like a cowboy or fighter pilot they will be good leaders. Sorry, I just don’t buy that. But maybe that’s just because I’m ugly.

Those who follow Grover Norquist’s strategy of trying to get government down to the size where it can be drowned in the bathtub will never like either Mayor DeStefano’s or Mayor Malloy’s plans for Connecticut. However, trying to convince people that the Rell’s revenue collection shell game is meaningful reform, isn’t likely to convince anyone. DeStefano and Malloy have real plans for making Connecticut strong by building a more skilled and a healthier workforce. Rell has no plan, and there isn’t anyone, that I can see, that is really presenting a strong plan based on Norquist’s strategy.

I think the same applies to our international strategy. Arguing over whether Quinn should go to Iraq right now, or finish his degree and arguing over whether Bush should send the twins is about as useful as Rell’s revenue collection shell game. We need real discussions about how we can make the world safer. Is ‘stay the course’ a productive strategy? Are the suggestions of Murtha or Korb more productive? Personally, I view ‘stay the course’ to be a non-strategy, just as I consider Rell’s reactions to be a non-strategy.

As to the guessing game about who the Lt. Governor candidate will be, at least this is can be a little more fun and probably less damaging. Although, we need to pay close attention to what happened in the Governor’s race in Massachusetts where Reilly appears to have been damaged, at least in part, by his early and faulty selection of a running mate.

I’ve heard lots of rumors of possible running mates for Mayor DeStefano. Some people think that John and Dan would make a great team and some sort of deal will get brokered where the runner up and the convention becomes the Lt. Governor candidate. Personally I think they have complimentary skills and this could be a good thing. However, they are both mayors of large cities and it doesn’t ‘balance the ticket’ nicely.

Others have suggested Kevin Sullivan, we’ve seen that discussion a bit here. After all, Kevin is already the Lt. Governor. There had been rumors a year or two ago that Nancy Wyman would be the Lt. Governor, but that was tied to rumors of Blumenthal running and I’ve heard more debunking than repeating of that. Others have said that Denise Napier is a hot contender.

George Jepsen’s name even has been tossed around a little bit. Somehow, I expect we will see Jepsen re-emerge in one way or another. However, I can’t really see him running with Dan. That makes the ticket way to focused on Stamford.

There has been talk about getting some good focus on the fifth CD with either Audrey Blondin or Jim Maloney. I’ve gotten to know Audrey fairly well. I really like her efforts to get more people involved in the Democratic process, so I could see that. I don’t know Jim as well as I know Audrey, but I could also see him helping out the ticket a lot.

So, these are my random thoughts for a Friday morning. One final thought: As we approach sixty comments, maybe it is time for a new open forum.

Anonymous said...

Wow, David Zoni of Southington, serves 3 months after coming in 5th (of 6)-- now he is a senate candidate??

ctblogger said...

This is by far the ugliest open thread I've ever seen.

Why don't you guys just meet somewhere and fight it out. Better yet, call Vince McMahon and fight WWF style. I'll be the manager who hits the guy in the head with a chair "Lou Albaino" style.

Quinn said...

I didn't come into this thread looking to brag or be lauded or anything, and I don't expect or want to be. I was attacked viciously and thought that I might offer what little defense I could.

This only illustrates the complete unreasonableness of the extreme anti-war position. Just because I support an proactive foreign policy, I should join the war RIGHT THE HELL NOW or I'm a hypocrite? That is not a position conducive to political debate - or indeed to winning elections. That is the attitude of absolutist radicals, an attitude that the moderate voters of Connecticut and the USA will never accept.

To wit, I do believe I'm officer material, and can ultimately save more American lives by being commander of a company than by being a private. That doesn't mean I am unwilling to be a private, merely that I don't think that course will ultimately be the best way to serve my country as things stand now. College serves these ends as well - I'll take courses in Arabic here (I tried to enroll this semester, but they won't be available til fall).

And, incidentally, I never said I supported the war before I was attacked. Merely that I believed in the general policies that Joe Lieberman has enacted. Regarding the war, he believed, as I did, that Iraq presented an imminent threa, and that now, though the war appears to have essentially been a mistake, we cannot simply abandon Iraq or it will come back to haunt us in a far more horrible manner than 2500 volunteer casualties in a theatre of war. Senator Lieberman well represents my views on issues on national security, and indeed all or most of my views save abortion.

the wandererrr said...

Quinn: You are absolutely right that we can not abandon Iraq now that we own it - the Pottery barn rule - and no serious person, including Colonel Murtha, has suggested that. However, the timing of the attack on Iraq in March of 2003 as well as the way the war, which really is no longer a war, has been prosecuted since then has been brought in to legitimate question by many military commanders for a number of reasons. Those commanders included Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC Retired) who commanded CENTCOM, the job Gen. Abizaid inherited from Gen. Tommy Franks who led the March 2003 invasion based on a lawful order, just before the invasion.

And unfortunately the Deaniacs have twisted the words of Zinni and others. I ignore them and their ignorance.

sanity said...

Aldon Hynes - thank you for your post. My favorite thing about this particular blog has been the open, meaningful discussion of often differing opinions. Genghis Conn has created a great blog that is made even better by the people, both right and left slanting, who share their comments in it.

My comment about DeStefano was meant to be in jest, but it was mean and vicious and in contradiction to my personal values. And for that I apologize. Someone responded that politics is not a beauty contest (i.e. - Grasso, O'Neil, Weicker) and I absolutely agree. But I still think it was a poorly done commercial, because it did draw the focus to a minor flaw in appearance and away from the message he was giving.

I disagree with DeStefano's views and agenda, I think they are flawed, but I don't doubt his sincerity in wanting to better CT. I think Malloy is the best choice for the Democrats. I think he will have broader appeal with CT's independant voters and would ultimately get more votes than DeStefano against Rell.

DeStefano will probably get the Democratic nod for governor, so I can understand why Sullivan might sign on to his ticket.

I do think Rell gets a bit more credit (and criticism) than she deserves. I don't like her "govern by press conference" strategy and would rather she joined everyone else at the Capital in the trenches. I agree that it is important for the governor to work with the opposing party on matters, but in the process, she has largely ignored her own party. I fault her for that.

However, in a Rell v DeStefano race, Rell has my vote locked in her favor. In a Malloy v Rell race, Rell would really have to screw up to lose my vote. However remote it may be, at least Malloy does have a chance for my vote.

Then again, I prefer not to have one party in control of both the executive and legislative arms of government. But, I would prefer a Democratic Governor's office and a Republican Legislature in this state. I'd vote Malloy for Governor in return for a strong Republican majority in the General Assembly.

ctkeith said...

WOW Quinn,

Your pretty good at beig a Republican for someone who's only a Freshman in College.You have the M.O. down pat.

1)Come to a forum and attack the Democrats as weak and foolish.

2) when you confronted with facts and arguments that make sense and show you for the coward you are

3) cry foul and wait for your fellow Republicans to support your pouting and play the victim.

Rush,Hannity,o'Rielly ,Newt,DeLay,W,Rove and all the rest would be proud of you for your inaction.

DeanFan84 said...

Pottery Barn rule, phooey. You all are living in a fantasy world and remind me of those who think we might have won in Vietnam, if only we had dropped more bombs.

Iraq is Humpty-Dumpty, and all the King's horses and all the King's men won't be able to bring about a Western-style democracy.

None other than Gen. William Odom, former head of the NSA under Reagan, a cold warrior and realpolitik guy said that Iraq is like a guy whose just been wounded fatally. There is no way to keep him alive, yet people stand around hoping for the impossible....

In a sane America, all you detached souls would be forced to take a position. Are you for elective war, or against the neo-Con agenda? Do you believe Iraq is winnable, or is it another Vietnam?

Instead you all cling to a make-believe high ground, in total denial of your own culpability, hoping for a fairy tale ending that sadly will never happen....

I stand by every word I have written. 15,000 American families have been destroyed b/c of the Iraq folly. And our country is, tragically, less safe than before. Maybe BushCo. is right. If you don't see the carnage, it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

This may be the best suggestion yet...Change is good and to really change thinks around, A democrat for Governor with a Republican assembly. Who ever is there, throw them out!

Deb said...

Stoping the Municipal Car Tax and making it a State Tax is clever way of robbing Paul to pay Peter...It's amazing how often the media serves her a free pass. She has a 79% approval rating and this is the best she can do...blah.