Friday, February 24, 2006

New Polls

There are two new polls on the sidebar beneath the maps.

The first one is just a gauge of which races you think will be most interesting to watch this year. I may use it to direct my coverage in some way--we'll see. If you can think of other races I didn't mention, post them here.

The second poll is about possible changes to the structure of the legislature that have been mentioned before on this site. Term limits are self-explanatory, as are longer terms for legislators. A pay raise may seem like a bad idea at first, but it would allow people who either aren't independently wealthy or employed at jobs who don't mind not seeing them for six months out of the year to serve. A full-time legislature or longer sessions seem necessary after all the special sessions we have been having. Lastly, redistricting is now handled by a bipartisan commission: should it be in the hands of a third party, like retired judges? You can choose as many options as you want in this one.

As always, feel free to post answers I don't have in the polls here.


Anonymous said...

Bi-Partisan commission? In this state? no way, AHHNOLD had it right when he wanted redistricting to be done by computer and not by self-interested political deal makers.

The best races to watch are the local races, Democrats have a better chance locally.

Anonymous said...

Someone still has to program the computer.

Anonymous said...

With a computer-based system instead of intentionally biased districts, you'll have randomly biased districts. I'm not sure which is better.

Anonymous said...

The current system is computer based but the brain making decisions is the two parties. I'm not sure retired judges, who are politicians for the most part, would do any better as the brain.

Anon and on said...

Had a hard time voting on the poll.

The legislature is not just fine as it is, but I don't believe any of the other options will do much to improve it.

Terms limits make for a weaker institution, ceding more power to the Executive Branch.

Two year terms for ALL, which is the current law, is enough to balance the fact that there are no terms limits. With the entire group up for election so often, they have to work harder.

The cure for a bad legislature is not more legislature, insofar as full-time goes. Rs and Ds both benefit from having to touch base with the real world. The conflict-of-interest loopholes need to be tightened, and a little more sunshine needs to be shed on what they DO for a living, but our quality of life in this state has NOT suffered for the fact that the legislature is part-time. Making the Citizen Legislature full-time will decrease... not increase the talent pool.

What would serve lots of these folks right a solid dose of humility. They're smoking their own fumes, for crying out loud.

Are we really craving to see video press releases on investment in Sudan, when they can't invest straight in Connecticut's schools and transportation infrastructure?? And when they're actually considering bills designating the "official state cookie" and "official state statesman" (which will no doubt be redrafted to "statesperson") that tells me that they need to get out from under the Gold Dome.

Holy crap... If you can get past the constant press conferences, spend a little time watching CTN. Some of the public hearings lately have been un-be-lievable.

I think most of the legislators are truly tryign to do a good job. But if they focused on the base hits instead of constantly swinging for the bleachers (Does EVERY bill have to be "the most enter-superlative-here bill in the nation"???

Unfortunately, the Dems are using the newfound open primary law and the upcoming tax-financed campaigns to fuel an internal war and expunge anyone who won't drink the liberal Kool-Aid. And the GOP is trying to figure out whether to follow the second of TWO governors who leave them at the altar time and time again. They should take a lesson from the Dems in Washington and throw some more bombs.

Anonymous said...

for all those you think we need a full time legislature

CT does not have pressing issues of business, finance, crime , transportation, energy, education or health care.

Because the GAE Committee has had enough time to report out a bill deciding what should be the Connecticut State Cookie?

I kid you not...