Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rell Won't Use GOP Funds

Gov. Rell said yesterday that she wouldn't make any use of GOP funds in next year's election:

"I am not taking money from the Republican Party, period," Rell told reporters.

But Rell said she would not be averse to her campaign viewing polling data collected by the state party, which would be an in-kind contribution.
Democrats have long predicted that the Republican governor will use her party to get around a self-imposed ban on contributions from lobbyists and state contractors. (Pazniokas)

So much for that line of attack. I have to think she's been raising enough money to make her feel secure in taking the high road on this. Make no mistake, it's much easier for Rell to take the high road than her opponents because of name recognition and lofty approval ratings, but she must be raising money at a good clip to respond to a minor attack by cutting herself off from party funds.

If she is raising decent money, it's a smart move. It helps insulate her from any attacks the Democrats can make in this area, which decreases the possibility that they'll run right at her perceived strength a la Karl Rove.

Pazniokas, Mark. "Rell Says She Won't Use GOP Funds." Hartford Courant 10 December, 2005.


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything that said the stae party, or anybody else, can't campaign on her behalf. The swift boat group might even come to her aid.

Anonymous said...

Any news as to whether DeLauro has her sights set on Menendez's soon-to-be-vacant Whip post?

stomv said...

If she's going to win one way or the other, I'd just assume the GOP waste some of their money on her race...

Anonymous said...

"Swfit boats"?...did DeStefano tell tall tales about Nam vets?

CT05 Admin said...

If he wanted to position himself for a run for Congress, this wouldn't be a bad way for him to raise his profile:

New immigration strategy
Boughton forms group to launch national effort to reform laws

(By Eugene Driscoll [Danbury] NEWS-TIMES)

It also reviews one of the natural fissures in the GOP coalition, to wit:

"Boughton said the idea of the coalition is to get the debate out of the neighborhoods and into Congress, which he said has "shown a unique unwillingness" to confront immigration issues."

The GOP is paralyzed on this because while the part of the party writing the checks and arguing for so-called "free trade" sees cheap immigrant labor as a good thing, the reactionary isolationists want them all thrown out and the Mexican border militarized.

And, speaking of irresolvable conflicts of interest,
"Illegal immigration is an issue that Congress must address. In fact, next week the House will consider legislation to stop lawbreakers and strengthen our borders," Johnson spokesman Brian Schubert said in an e-mail. (ibid)

That'll be fun.

Julio Gonzalez said...

There are two significant flip-flops by Gov. Rell in that story.

The first is that her so-called ban on contributions from contractors is not really a ban at all. As the story points out only those individuals that "PERSONALLY solicited, negotiated or signed a contract with the state since July 1, 2004" are excluded. As the story indicates, that means an owner (or the legions of employees) could donate if they didn't personally interact with the state. That is NOT what the average person would have understood a "ban" to be.

The second is saying she'll take "no contributions," but then turning around and saying "in-kind" contributions are fine. In-kind contributions can be significant value. Besides, that is not the point of the DeStefano argument.

The point is that the Party committee will grow to do more politically oriented tasks than it has done in the past. More field, more mail, etc.

Mr. Gallo says that the current party committee is broke. Actually, that fits in pretty well with the money washing concerns. In the present state, the party committee is NOT an active political entity. I'd be surprised if someone of Mr. Gallo's organizing ability was simply going to preside over a moribund paper shell during an election year. The committee is going to grow with funds from sources that the candidate committee can't accept.

We'll be able to tell by looking a the overall size of the state party committee's expenditures across gubernatorial elections and by looking at the previous ratios of candidate committee-to-party-committee expenses.

I bring these issues up because I find that Gov. Rell gets to say one thing and do another. My candidate, John DeStefano, doesn't have Rell's policy. It's dishonest to pretend to have a formula to circumvent the private electoral funding systems' limits, when the reality is that competitiveness under the system forces candidates to take funds from organized interests. DeStefano is consistent in his words and actions. Gov. Rell's team does not appear to be.

DeanFan84 said...

Of course Rell is a phony. All hat, no cattle. You don't even have to look at the "Rell record" to know what a joke she is. Just listen and watch as she pretends to put herself forward as a reformer. What I want to know is has Jodi visited John Rowland since he went to jail?

Where is the Dem State Party leadership? What are DiNardo and crowd doing to help pop Rell's balloon? And what are they doing about our Lieberman problem? Joe's Bush-kissing is hurting the national Party, badly. Harry Reid, MoveOn and DFA are mobilizing to neutralize the damage. Is the State Party doing anything? Either strategically, or tactically?

Please Nancy DiNardo, tell me you have a plan. Pretty, please.

DeanFan84 said...

This is rich, Jodi Rell is a college drop-out.

Someone, please tell me this isn't true. Can it be that the great state of CT, has as its current leader, someone who couldn't even finish Western Connecticut State U?

Is this common knowledge that somehow never made it to my ears? John Rowland went off to jail, and left us with this lightweight??

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you guys on your own planet. Good thing my town is on well water since there is something in the New Haven reservoir

Rell was a college dropout, Yeah's there's the ticket for getting blue collar voters to vote Democrat.

Jimmy Carter graduated near the top of his class at the Naval Academy. John McCain barely graduated. Who is held in higher esteem by the American people?

I suppose Harry Truman was a failure too (of course you guys would have been Henry Wallace voters in 1948, so maybe you are consistent.) So much for a winning Cold War strategy, let's check your transcripts!

More I think of it, it seems the more "intellectual" candidate usually LOSES election in the U.S.
(Bill Curry was too bright to realize this, of course).

RE: a broke party being an indicia of corruption? Does the term "grasping for straws" mean anything in the Ivory Tower south of Hamden?

How about "City for Sale"? I suppose Johnny D wants to put to the other 168 towns up for auction too

RellFan said...


What are you talking about? Rell has a Law Degree from the University of Hartford. It says so right on her website.

Nice try at your smear, slimeball!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The Republicans don't care about education. Nixon made Annenberg Ambassador to England and Walter dropped out of Ivy UPenn eventhough he was one of their biggest competitors. Get real. dropping out of Western is like giving up on a chugging contest.

DeanFan84 said...


Do you have a link to Nancy DiNardo's press release? I'd like to take a copy of it with me to the State Central meeting in Hartford next Wednesday. If that's where DiNardo is at, she needs to go down with the USS Lieberman.

From Jodi's website:
"Governor Rell was born in Norfolk, Virginia. She attended Old Dominion University and Western Connecticut State University. She also received an honorary doctorate of law degrees from the University of Hartford in 2001 and the University of New Haven in 2004."

Did you miss the 2nd "law" degree? Do you understand these honorary degrees are just pieces of paper?

What I want to know is why isn't something like Rell's failure to complete college public knowledge? From Democrats, all I hear is how she's so popular. Yeah, that's right, from Democrats. Instead of joining in the cheerleading, we should be calling Rell out as the opportunistic lightweight that she is.

Anonymous said...

DF. Please find the sheepskin here

and find one here

BTw, Home Depot has a special on brooms, after you need to clean up the broekn glass in the Democrat House

Anonymous said...

dean fan 84 you may find nancy dinardo's glowing endorsement of joe lieberman either in the courant archives or state central can also call them and they will email and/or fax you a copy....i do hope you all go there and demand her resignation....a chair of state central should be neutral....also nancy dinardo is a big joe giver and supported him for President as did that big progressive Leslie O'Brien,political director of state central who used to sit on CCAG's board...she will do anything for a paycheck, even sellout cheaply her progressive friends.

Anonymous said...

Rell Won't Use GOP Funds

Perhaps Rell doesn't need those GOP funds Because she got her hands on some of that gold bullion too and when she needs money she just digs it up in her back yard.

Genghis Conn said...

Huh. It's true (or at least part of it is):
M. Jodi Rell's life can be caricatured in one sentence: Rell, 58, grew up in Norfolk, Va., dropped out of Old Dominion University in the 1960s to marry a naval aviator-turned-airline pilot, moved to Connecticut, had two kids, got a dog and joined the PTO.

Pazniokas, Mark. "The State of Rell." Hartford Courant 2 Jan, 2005, p.NE3.

Another brief biographical sketch of her from 1994 says she "attended" both colleges, but it specifically lists degrees for every other candidate who had one.

"1994 Republican State Convention Candidates." Hartford Courant. 24 July 1994, p.A8.

Her law degree is honorary.

I'd say that Rell not having a college degree isn't a big deal. You may disagree with her politics, but she's neither stupid nor shallow, and not having the degree hasn't hurt her in any way.

Besides, going to school for a while and then dropping out to get married wasn't uncommon for women of her generation.

(I found these articles, by the way, through, which is the Connecticut Digital Library site. An archive of Courant stories back to 1992 is there. Every Connecticut resident with a library card has access to it. I highly suggest going there to check it out! [/librarian])

Independent1 said...

Please ... if the best you got is 'she didn't graduate from college', just mail it in, 'cause you're done!

DeanFan84 said...


I've talked to 15-20 non-partisan people. Not one of them, when asked, "Where did Jodi Rell graduate from college?", -- could fathom that she was a drop-out.

Is this the end of the world? Probably not? But is Jodi a lightweight who never finished college? Certainly this resonates...

Supposedly, Jodi's shee-it don't stink. But Ms. Goody Two-Shoes is going to have to explain why she never finished college. It's not a death sentence, but it questions her credibility. Do we want our CT Governor to be some one who couldn't handle Western Connecticut State U?

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, our lefties never leave Paeline Kael-ville.

There are moderates and cosnervatives in CT, but not in New Haven

Bush Kerry
New Haven 7175 30979

So it's just the old liberal echo chamber of folks who aspire to be graduate students until their 40. and then hope there's some government program to employ them until they can draw a pension.

The idea someone can find wisdom or fulfillment away from the halls of academe doesn;t occur to these people.

So go ahead, insult the last Democrat who actually won a majority of the vote for Governor. Insult your own Speaker of the House. Maybe you can have a good scream election night while I'm quietly quaffing Buds with the happy proles

Aldon Hynes said...

Random thoughts:

I am a college drop-out as well, so I won’t criticize Rell for not finishing college. What we learn in the real world is often much more important. I am sure that Rell learned a lot serving with the people she did over the past eleven years.

I was interested to read about Rell’s honorary degrees. It made me think of a comment by Blue in CD2 talking about getting an honorary degree: ‘I recieved [sic] an honorary doctorate from a local University, but that doesnt [sic] mean you should call me Doctor!” Is Blue in CD2 really Rell?

As to Anonymous(7:57)’s comment that ‘There are moderates and cosnervatives [sic] in CT, but not in New Haven’ and arguing this based on Kerry taking New Haven by over a four to one ratio. Are we to assume that Anonymous(7:57) believes that only liberals vote for Kerry, and no moderates or conservatives? If that is true, then we liberals are a lot better off than pundits have been suggesting. It means there are over 59 million liberals in the country.

One final comment: It is a beautiful Sunday morning. I hope that this comment can be taken with the levity that is intended.

Quinn said...

All of this pompous self-important haughtiness about Rell's college education is exactly why so many of the liberal elite of the Democratic party are so out of touch. It is exactly why they've been hemmoragging voters in the South and Midwest. And if Democrats in Connecticut want to alienate their own base here in Connecticut by making a big deal out of a degree, I encourage them to do so! Because many of the voters that Democrats have to reach out to don't even have high school diplomas, and so if the Party gets all arrogant about education, they just might find themselves dramatically losing support.

To wit, there are many successful leaders without degrees. The richest man in the world is a college drop out - admittedly not out of WCSU. The people of Connecticut want a person in the Governer's mansion that they can relate to, and that person is Jodi Rell.

Anonymous said...

Will DeStefano and Malloy swear off this use of loopholes?

Anonymous said...

Rell's education is a non issue just like Amann's is never an issue. Rowland had a college education and we saw what he did...It's going to come down to the old Johnny Carson question of who(m) do you trust to be govenor? So far people trust Jodi. DeStefano and malloy sound like shifty characters picking on Rell the way they do. Nobody cares about campaign finance reform and they all know Malloy and DeStefano did what they did with state aid. Some of the bloggers on this site sound like they live in a bubble.

DeanFan84 said...

Rell's lack of a college education isn't a big issue. But the fact that no one is aware of her drop-out status says something. Rell has been getting a free ride by the press. And we don't know much about her.

Can someone tell me how she made it to the top of the Republican heap?

P.S. I'm glad all you conservatives are so forgiving and understanding of Rell's drop-out status. You all remind me of Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

DF, when you snobs demand Jim Amann's resignation we'll take you seriously

Proud Moderate Dem said...

DeanFan, i will not be voting for Rell, but when you make an issue out of this you show your political inexperience. the fact that she did drop out of college and made it to where she is, makes her more formidable, not less. please do not underestimate jodi rell.

ctkeith said...


Give it a break.Jodi Rell was picked for Lt. Gov. because of her ineptitude NOT because she is formidable.

By her own admission she occupied an office next to the most corrupt politician in Ct. history and was either ignorant of or to ignorant to see what was happening under her nose.Either that or she was complicit to the corruption.

Lets make Rell explain it instead of giving her the "I'm Not Rowland" poll numbers.

DeanFan84 said...

Please guys,

It's not a matter of snobbery, or elitism, to laugh at a Republican leader who couldn't make her way through Western Connecticut State U.

Really, Rell is an obvious lightweight who never would have been our state's Governor, except for the fact Rowland ended himself up in jail.

People need to know that Rell is a college drop-out. If, knowing her educational failures, they still want her to lead our state, so be it!

My whole point is that Jodi comes off as a goody-two shoes. As someone that couldn't handle WCSU, she reminds me of Rush Limbaugh. She claims the high road, but in fact she is just another right-wing joke.

Ebpie said...

I want to throw a hypothetical out. Let us say that Blumenthal, an honors graduate from Harvard with a law degree from Yale, decided to run for Governor. Mayor DeStefano only attended UCONN, a fine institution but I think we can all agree that it isn’t Harvard or Yale. Given how important a candidate's educational background is to people like Deanfan84, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that Blumenthal is intellectually superior to Mayor DeStefano, based on their respective alma maters, and would therefore make a better Governor?

I hate to break it to you guys, but the majority of people in this country do not attend college. We don’t know what Rell’s personal circumstances were for not finishing WCSU. This whole dialogue smacks of elitism. I’ve met Rell and heard her talk on numerous occasions. I can assure you that she is not a lightweight. If people knew about her lack of a college degree they would probably be impressed more than anything else. I urge the Democrats on this board to get back to talking about our state's future rather then focusing on a personal issue that we know nothing about.

DeanFan84 said...


I can't keep myself from laughing out loud. If it was the Democratic candidate who couldn't handle Western CT State U, I can imagine the cat-calls from the peanut gallery.

Sorry, but it does mean something when the un-elected "leader" of our great state couldn't even get into UCONN, and somehow couldn't handle the academic rigors of WCSU. And it also means something when the Right-wing is oh so willing to give Rell a complete pass.

Is there anything that differentiates CT Republicans from the Delay/Gingrich wing of the Party? It cracks me up that you all are so quick to cook up justifications for your drop-out Governor. It's goes right along with your C+ embarassment of a President, George W Bush.

IOKIYAAR-- It's OK if you are a Republican. Anything in the name of political power.

Genghis Conn said...

I don't know, DeanFan. There's nothing to suggest that she couldn't handle the academics at Old Dominion or WCSU. She obviously isn't stupid.

Let's find out the facts. Her reason for leaving Old Dominion (to get married) is understandable enough, especially in the context of the times. Why didn't she finish WCSU?

Politically, this is a really, really bad line of attack for Democrats to persue. Republicans would like nothing better than to point to Democrats and accuse them of being effete academic elitists, which is exactly what you open yourself up for.

Ebpie said...

I believe George W. Bush’s GPA at Yale was higher than John Kerry’s. I don’t think college has much to do with the quality of one’s tenure while in public office. Harry Truman, a Democrat, didn’t attend college and he was one of our best presidents.

Anyway, I would appreciate an answer to my hypothetical question. AG Blumenthal went to the best undergraduate university in the country and the best law school in the country. John DeStefano went to UCONN, again a good school but not Ivy League. By your logic, doesn’t that make Blumenthal the most intellectually qualified candidate for Governor? If one’s Alma mater is so important, shouldn’t voters pick the candidate who attended the best schools?

DeanFan84 said...

"effete academic elitists"?? Next you'll call me a "Liberal"!

Genghis, why do you use the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter line of attack? Could it be that I am a moderate who is embarassed by the political lightweight that is Lt. Governor Jodi Rell?

I approved of our fiscally responsible ex-Republican Governor, Lowell Weicker. And I approve of that other Rockefeller Republican, Howard Dean.

It's not just a "line of attack". I'm pointing out that Rell isn't such a strong character. Limbaugh won't forgive anyone else's failings. But like William Bennett, he wants a free pass when it comes to his own!

Really, I look forward to the Republicans' defense of Ms. Rell's academic shortcomings. It says more about them then it does about us.....

DeanFan84 said...


I'll back either of the Democratic candidates, (both of whom finished college), over your beloved drop-out. Anyday.

My only logic is that Rell is a lightweight, and that her "record" deserves the light of day.

I'd be happy with a UCONN or BC grad. Heck, I'd even be happy with a WCSU grad. But that your choice of leader didn't even finish college, -- well, it says a good bit.

To Republicans, anything is acceptable in the name of power.

Genghis Conn said...


As I said,

Republicans would like nothing better than to point to Democrats and accuse them of being effete academic elitists, which is exactly what you open yourself up for.

It is a line of attack, and that's exactly what Republicans will say. Trust me. Pursue it at your own risk.

DeanFan84 said...

So the BC grad who is married to a rape-crisis counselor is an effete academic? Or the UCONN grad married to a kindergarten teacher is an elitist?

Really, laughing out loud. I haven't suggested that either campaign use this fact as an "attack". I have stated that people know little about Rell, and that she has gotten a free ride by a public that is ashamed of the Rowland scandals.

At what point are you going to vette Jodi Rell? Can you tell us how she made it to the top of the Republican heap? What makes her Governor material? Rumor has it that even Statehouse Republicans laugh at her behind her back.

P.S. I belong to the camp that believes the public has the right to know. Please don't try to silence me for pointing out Rell's lack of a college education.

Anonymous said...

DF, again, are you calling on Speaker Amann to step down?

Until you do, not only will you be an elitist, but a partisan hypocrite

Genghis Conn said...

How do we define "governor material?" Are there certain background qualities or experiences we should look for? Rell was represented Brookfield in the House for a decade, and served in several leadership positions before becoming Rowland's Lt. Governor. Perhaps it isn't the most impressive resume in the world, but it's hardly nothing. Should there be more?

What in his background qualifies John DeStefano to be governor? Dan Malloy?

ctkeith said...


Even the Republicans think she's an "Empty Suit".

One of my friends got in an elevator at the Capital on the day of the state of the state speech last yr and overheard this remark from an R state senator.
"If she's a Republican I'm Dennis Kucinich.I expect her propose taxing water by the time she's done."

She has no political sway over her own party as the Campaign Finance Bill Proved when she could only get 4 of her own party members to go along with her.

She is despised more by real Republicans than any Democrats.As week as she is the Dems may gain enough house seats to make her veto useless.

Mr. Reality said...

Considering the Democrats' core constituency is people with no HIGH SCHOOL diploma I think it is kind of ironic that she is being criticized like this.

She says she left college to raise a family. Yeah, residents in CT are really going to hate that.

Anonymous said...

Howard Dean paid for a doctor's note so he could go skiing in Colorado instead of soldiering in Vietnam. Lots of rich kids did that. Rell raised a family while her husband worked instead of going to college. Deanfan would probably take away Bill Gates' right to work permit too.

Aldon Hynes said...

I find this whole discussion fascinating. As a college dropout myself, I will not criticize any of the candidates based on whether they got a degree or not. For that matter, I won’t criticize them based on whether they got their education (which can be very different from getting a degree) from a state university, a well-known private school, or at the right had of a corrupt governor.

Genghis asks, “How do we define ‘governor material?’” I think that is the question we need to be talking about. To me, an important part of ‘governor material’ is how you approach the issues that matter. It sure seems, based on the discussion here, that education is one such issue.

Saturday’s Hartford Courant has a letter by Mayor DeStefano concerning public schools. Molly mentions this letter on the DeStefano blog.

In the letter, Mayor DeStefano highlights some of the achievements in New Haven: “The high school dropout rate, now the lowest for any major city in Connecticut, has been cut in half, and the percentage of third-graders reading on grade level has increased from 15 percent in 1998 to 85 percent last year.”

So, if we are going to talk about education, let’s talk about want is getting done to provide better educations for the people of Connecticut.

Proud Moderate Dem said...

DeanFan and CTkeith, i want to repeat, underestimate jodi rell at your own peril. people have been doing that her entire political career. after all, she was just a PTO mom, she could never get elected to the state house, never mind be chosen to run as Lt gov, or actually be governor. and as for this 'governor material' you guys tout. hate to break the news to you, but there is about 78 percent of this state that thinks she is gov material and its the voters of this state who decide who they think is gov material, not us on this blog.

DeanFan84 said...


I'm not a hypocrite if I don't ask Amman to step down, because I haven't asked Rell to step down either! (nice straw man buddy)

I haven't been criticizing Rell at all for her drop-out status. Instead, I have been laughing at her. She is a an empty suit. A genuine lightweight.

I've been doing some Googling trying to learn more about Rell's rise through the ranks. The only thing I can find is an exceedingly close relationship with Johnny Rowland.

Again, my point in bringing this out, besides a good laugh, is to highlight that no one really knows much about Rell. Going into an election, I think it's high time we learned more!

Anonymous said...

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