Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year!

Great predictions. Keep 'em coming.

I'm liking that drinks idea, Aldon...

I'll be off until after the New Year. Have a good one! This is an open forum.


Anonymous said...

Prediction # 1. Rell wins re-election. Just like Billy Curry and Barbara Kennelly, Democratic leadership support will run away when the see that Rell's numbers remain over 60% and she is assured a victory. This makes it impossible for D's to win.

Prediction #2. Rell picks a woman to be her LG. Just look at her staffing and you should see why this is likely.

Prediction #3 Democrats will pick up more seats in the House and Senate. Republican leadership is more focused on protecting their own fiefdom rather than trying to pick up other seats.

Prediction #4 Sullivan promised Lt.Gov spot on Democratic ticket or threatens to jump into primary battle. This is easy. He has no interest in leaving his remodeled office.

Happy New Year To All

Aldon Hynes said...

So, for the drinks idea:

Who is interested?

What day is best? For me Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings are probably the best.

I'll nominate Drescher's in Waterbury to have a place on the list. How is that? I am open to another place, preferably somewhere around the middle of the state.

Anonymous said...

Who will provide the security for this friendly group? The same folks that did it at Woodstock?

Gabe said...

Better Woodstock than Altamount...

Anonymous said...

Drescher's is a old Rowland hangout

Anonymous said...

Dreschers 7 PM Thursday

Aldon Hynes said...

Anon1:13 I hear that Rowland has other committments and won't be able to attend.

Anon2:03 7 PM on Thursday at Drescher's. Unless I hear otherwise, that is where I'll plan on being.

Anon12:16 I'm going to see if I can get Arnold Skolnick to design a logo for us.

CTKnows said...

Prediction: It will be a wild race for Gov. Rell will become embroiled in her own scandal(involving gifts)... polls will tighten and the race will be a toss up... It will come down to whose got the best team to get out the vote.. In an ironic twist Rowland and his cronies quietly work against Rell and she loses in a squeaker.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Surrounded by Democrats for the last 10 months, Rowland will change parties and beat Destefano and Malloy in a close Democratic primary and go on to beat Rell in a land slide victory.

MikeCT said...

Shays Watch writes up a year in review for Chris Shays, providing some talking points for Shays opponents.

Anonymous said...

The governor's race will be a blowout by Rell, as predicted by Rasmussen's most recent poll.

The CT Congressional Delegation will not change again, the Democrats have predicted it to for the last 3 elections, and it has not changed in their favor.

Democrats will pick up seats, nationally, but not take back the House. The Senate will remain solidly Republican

The Democratic majority in both houses of the General Assembly will shrink, but only very slightly.

Joe Lieberman will easily win another term.

TomJ said...

Connecticut Conservative has had some good posts up lately. You might want to check 'em out, or even quote from 'em Genghis ;).

Brass Anon said...

Malloy takes the gloves off and bludgeons DeStefano in a primary win. Malloy/McArdle beat Rell/Caligiuri easily in November as Rell's ethics "house of cards" tumbles down. Dems win with message of transportation improvements, local education reform, and property tax reform.

Johnson wins in a walk.
Simmons wins because he saved the sub base.
Shays wins because he is a moderate who tangles with Bush on occasion.

Lieberman takes the GOP nomination and tops Curry in Senate race.

GOP increases majority in Senate, but Dems pick up a few seats in House.

W. is named "President for Life" by Supreme Court justices interpreting an obscure section of Article XIV of the Constitution. Alito and Cheney are the deciding votes.

Ebpie said...

Rell still commands a huge lead in the 2006 gubernatorial race. The latest Rasmussen poll gives her an 87% approval rating. She leads both Malloy and DeStefano by over 40 points. Check out for more info.

Independent1 said...


Any idea on the dates of when the survey was taken. I saw it was released on 12/31, but I don't have $350 hanging around for "premium membership" at Rasmussen.

My predictions? The Land of Steady Habits continues, all state-wide and US Congressional incumbents win. Between name recognition and money, unless something huge happens (Franks with the Rat Ad, Sam with living in Branford (?) etc), we don't tend to throw people out. None of the incumbents have done anything to raise voter anger enough to get 'em tossed.

Eddie said...

Aldon said:

7 PM on Thursday at Drescher's. Unless I hear otherwise, that is where I'll plan on being.

Which Thursday are we talking about? Like...this one?

Anonymous said...

MikeCT: whoever is running Shays watch that you posted obviously wants Farrell to lose to him. It's the wrong way to go because it is unbeleivable.

Aldon Hynes said...


Yes, I was thinking about this Thursday. I am hoping that people's schedule for the first week of January are a little better then they will be over the coming weeks.

Do you think you can make it?


Eddie said...

Aldon -- I'll endeavor to show up; it's not always possible for me to get out in the evenings, and I'm hilariously last-minute in every plan I make, but Thursday looks like a realistic possibility.

I like Waterbury. It's one of the most architecturally interesting places in Connecticut, and the Mattatuck Museum is amazing.