Friday, December 16, 2005

Moody Suspended Two Weeks

Following three days of rising political waters, Gov. Rell suspended her chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, for two weeks without pay. Moody is under investigation for violations of state ethics laws. An AP article is here.

Democratic gubernatorial candidates John DeStefano and Dan Malloy continued to hit Rell hard on the issue, saying that the suspension was not enough.

John DeStefano:

Today’s suspension of the governor’s chief of staff for two weeks amounts to a holiday vacation and still does not address what the Governor knew and when she knew it about illegal fundraising on her behalf by her chief of staff and one half dozen of her commissioners. (DeStefano Press Release, 12/16/05)

Dan Malloy:

The suspension of the Governor's Chief of Staff is a step in the right direction, but there is much more that Governor Rell must do. Specifically, there are two other actions the Governor should take, immediately: First, the Governor needs to explain publicly what role Special Counsel for Ethics Compliance Rachel Rubin played in this whole matter. ... Second, the Governor needs to provide the Chief State's Attorney's office with every piece of relevant information that exists that is in any way, shape, or form related to this matter, including a list of names of everyone who appeared at the fundraiser in question. (Malloy Press Release: 12/16/05)

Rachel Rubin's role in all this is still murky. If she's spposed to be in charge of ethics compliance... why hasn't she said or apparently done anything? The system is apparently still broken.

Why didn't Rell suspend Moody at once instead of waiting until today? It's as if her office has been paralyzed since this broke on Wednesday. A two-week suspension is also kind of a weak punishment, especially during a time of the year when nothing major is happening. That, and the fact that Moody was the one who determined the punishment, not Rell, makes Rell seem weak and indecisive.

The best the Rell team can hope for is that Moody is quickly found to have been the only one who committed any violations. She'd get slapped with some sort of unremarkable fine, and then life would go on as normal. Moody might find herself on the sidelines a little more, but nothing too terrible would happen.

The worst...? Who can say? It depends on whether Rell or other staff members knew anything about this.

Regardless, Rell needs to start taking decisive steps now if she doesn't want to watch her 77% approval ratings and her huge lead in the governor's race melt away.


DemNow said...

This is inside baseball. No one really cares about it. Will not impact Rell's ratings at all.

Why don't DeStefano and Malloy get it? We need a positive message, not trying to make Rell look unethical...PEOPLE WON'T BELIEVE IT.

I'm afraid we are heading to another loss, unless we can stop nit-picking did to Bill Clinton in 1998 and start laying out a vision to govern.

DemNow said...

Whoops...above should read

"...unless we can stop nit-picking like Republicans did to Bill Clinton in 1998...."

Franks said...

Just yesterday, Rell was awaiting the outcome of inquires about Moody's actions directing Rell's commissioners to clearly violate the campaign finance law, and now she is suspending Moody.

Will she suspend the Commissioners and others for following those directions?

Aldon Hynes said...


I agree that this is very much insider baseball and only insiders care about it. I believe that as more people start paying closer attention, the focus will need to be more on what DeStefano or Malloy can do to help make Connecticut better.

That said, I will offer a few other observations. At this point, we are very early in the game. The people paying attention are the people that are interested in inside baseball. The people that read this blog, I suspect, by and large are interested in inside baseball.

This is a time when you try out themes. It is a time when you preach to the choir and energize the base. The folks you energize here and now are the ones that are most likely to influence other voters. (Take a look at the Roper report on Online Influentials).

So, Rell is trying a grandmotherly theme, and this latest snafu points out flaws with the theme. It provides the Democrats with an opportunity to point out that with ethics, as well as with all aspects of Rell's administration, the leadership just isn't there.

This theme of lack of leadership by Rell will, I hope, overtime, show up in other areas where she is failing to be an effective leader, such as in addressing job growth in our state, addressing transportation issues, etc.

ctkeith said...

Rells Message on Ethics is,

"I was only Kidding"

What did anyone expect from someone mentored by Rowland.

Anonymous said...

I bet Rells Chistmas Present to Moody was just increased by cash equal to two weeks pay.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Thank you, Aldon, for your attempt at a reasoned response in the previous thread, though you failed utterly to persuade me DeStafano is anything other than a slithering hypocrite for decrying the very response - Moody's suspension - that he demanded for three consecutive days. (In fact, truth be told, you failed to address the issue at all. But then, how could you?)

And by all means, call the governor Grandma Rell if you think that energizes your base.

Push the lack of leadership thing, too. That'll be a big seller around the sub base in Groton and for anyone who has vaguest familiarity with the transportation bill.

So far, all I see is political opportunism of the rankest sort. By now even they ought to be embarassed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (7:51 p.m.): Congrats! Now YOU'RE in the running for the stupidest thing ever said on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Read this and hum along Alan Jackson's song "Remember When"

"Summer of scandal

In June 1998, local media reported that Andrea Jackson-Brooks, DeStefano's executive assistant, had received a controversial loan from the Livable City Initiative, the mayor's highly touted anti-blight program.

The zero-interest loan of $58,750, half of which would be forgiven after 10 years, was intended for lead-paint removal on Jackson-Brooks's house.

Many questioned the appropriateness of granting such a loan to a member of DeStefano's inner circle who was earning $74,000 a year. The revelation that $2.3 million of city-designated funds that went to the Community Housing Corporation were unaccounted for raised further questions -- especially when some of that money was determined to be in escrow accounts controlled by the law firm of Democratic Party Chairman Ed Marcus.

On June 24 of that year, agents from the U.S. Attorney's office entered City Hall and seized documents related to the city's loan practices.

The raid, footage of which was played repeatedly on local television stations, highlighted the embarrassment and scandal with which the administration was consumed"

route 34 said...

This whole ordeal clearly shows Rell's inability to lead, and anyone that doesn't recognize that is clearly blinded by their allegiance to the Republican Party. It seems like everytime there is a problem in Connecticut, she is "surprised" to find out about it. I truly don't believe Rell knew that her campaign was committing a federal offense, but the fact that she is that out of touch is very alarming. First, she was "surprised" to find out about the charges against Rowland, now she's "surprised" to find out about her Chief of Staff is engaging in illegal acts. How long is that excuse going to hold up? Jodi Rell lacks the leadership qualities that are necessary to run a state, and the voters of Connecticut are beginning to figure that out.

DeanFan84 said...

Why is all the anti-DeStefano stuff posted by anonymous cretins? Has the Malloy staff no shame?

I could tell you a ton about the Summer of 1998. I was the one who uncovered the illegal "loan" to Andrea Jackson-Brooks.(Yeah, that's right, it was me...) I found the eye-raising mortgage, and a friend and I e-mailed it to Paul Bass.

But first you are going to have to come out from the shadows, and quit being such an anonymous loser. You want to talk on the record, let's talk. But the anonymous sniping from the Malloy campaign has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

DF, perhaps you ought to get the Billy Joel CD "Glass Houses"?

Or did Ty Pennington do an "Extreme Makeover" on all New Haven politicians from grubby urban machine hacks to high minded enlightened scholars.

Yeah. Right

The truth does not need to have a name. The fact you are so irked by its anomymous arrivals simply means your usual weapons of choice, the ad homimem attack, is removed from your quiver

DeanFan84 said...

So now the truth is to be championed by anony-mouses.

Come out of the shadows, Mouse-man. C'mon, stand tall.

That you can't, or won't, speaks volumes....

(at least get a consistent handle!)

Anonymous said...

without the anomymous, Tricky Dick would have handled the White House off to Spiro Agnew.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd prefer the dean fan not idntify herself but back to Moodygate.

If the democrats are smart they will try a differnet tack recognizing that Jodi's race is just one of responding to what they say and do. Remember, she's not June Cleaver, she is Eddie Haskell. Her commssioners are Lumpy, wally, etc. and we still don't know who 'the Beav..' was that dropped the dime on rell with the Courant but my money's on the new DEP commissioner or Genuario at OPM.

As for what DeStefano and Malloy did years ago, it's like the jetski it's in the past

Anonymous said...

Genghis said "...That, and the fact that Moody was the one who determined the punishment, not Rell, makes Rell seem weak and indecisive..."Genghis must not have kids. Jodi is just teaching little Lisa one of life's lessons and allowing her to participate in it. Gag me with a spoon...

Chris MC said...

The title of this thread is a mismomer. It should be Moody takes two week leave of absence.

Rell by her own account hasn't taken control of the situation, she left it to Moody to decide how to handle it. Moody ducked out. All that does is remove her from the building.

Suggests that the criticisms are pretty on the mark that there is no real accountability in the Rell Administration. Rowland never took charge from Ellef either.

So the culture that attended the events resulting in the prosecution of Governor Rowland is still in place.

And Governor Rell is either too much of a lightweight or too Rowlandesque in her willingness to let the place run itself as long as she gets to be "Governor".


DeanFan85 said...

Deanfan, would you please SHUT UP about the anonymous posters? There will always be people who choose to post anon on any board that allows it. It won't change. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE ON HERE SO PLEASE STOP BRINGING IT UP IN EVERY THREAD. They aren't all staffers from a campaign you don't support, you twit. I don't know much about Malloy, but I damn well know I don't like DeStefano (this recent suit from the NH cop is business as usual in that city) - and I sure as hell am not a political staffer.

For christ sakes you are just as anonymous as they. Until you are prepared to make your handle your actual name, and post an address and phone number, you too are ANONYMOUS! (oh man I hope I didn't just bring his whole reality crashing to the ground).

Anonymous said...

Now you're getting close Chris MC: Rell doesn't know what it means to be governor since she's never seen one as we haven't had one since Weicker and he wasn't all that great. Jodi is state House of Representives minority leader in her words and actions. It's the only thing she knows. As far as I know she hasn't sought counsel from other successful governors around the country even missing some of their colloegial get togethers.

Anonymous said...

If the Deanfan (#84) doesn't like the rules set up by Genghis for the site then she has a choice not to participate now doesn't she? or maybe she doesn't lie choices!!

Personally, if I were a Dean fan I wouldn't want anybody to know who I was either.

Anonymous said...

“With Governor Rell’s top aide admittedly engaged in improper fundraising, Governor Rell should suspend her top aide until the criminal and ethical investigations are complete. Connecticut residents have had enough of scandal during the Rowland years; now Governor Rell needs to clean up her own office,” said DeStefano. (DeStefano press release, 12/15/2005)

If Rell gave way to DeStefano's call then the investigation will be over in two weeks. That sounds about right if it's going to be whitewashed as usual. Press releases and speeches don't change culture. That's why you do not hear any of the reformers from the General Assembly or even the high and might Common Cause 'process' group that said....blah,blah,blah

Anonymous said...

Which way is Rell's approval rating headed? Down as there was nowhere else to go. It would be ashame if all the Democrats could offer is the same old anti-Rell pill that we read on this blog.

Third parties are important. That's why Jodi and the democrats made sure they'd have a hard a go as possible with the campaign finance legislation they collectively passed to keep them out of the game. Oh, and yes Lisa Moody loves her job and she is looking forward to getting back at it just as the Commissioners who would otherwise be sweeping floors do too. Screw the politicians before they screw you isn't that how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Lisa needs another hug from Tom Swan now....

Anonymous said...

You mean Lisa and Tom hugged but never talked. That doesn't sound very families for Connecicut.

ctkeith said...

Moody's toast,

This wasn't her first "Ethical lapse"
The Courant has her nailed and Rell will have to accept her resignation next week.

Rell Is Pathetic said...

The latest Courant article about Moody's ethical lapses.

I hear she's gone, gone, gone....

DickB is a wuss... said...

Farrell for U.S. Senate...

Finally, a Democrat with Balls....

Chris MC said...

Although Rell said Friday that she had discussed the matter with Rubin, she said she believed Moody's statement that she was not aware she was acting improperly.

"I will just tell you I believe it was unintentional, and I believe that was the way it happened," Rell said. "What else can I tell you?"

There is probably some legalese to explain this public display willful negligence on the part of the Governor.

Talk about flip-flopping. Imagine the contrasts. Jodi doing her best impression of someone with the zeal of a convert talking about how she's going to end business as usual; then, Jodi doing her best not mea culpa when Jodi's version of Karl Rove flaunts the law and the public pronouncements she herself has been putting out.

ct_guy said...

DeStefano's political tactics have caught the ear of the New York Times:

Article here (you need to be a subscriber)

I think that Officer Tolnay's lawyer said it best: "This type of petty political pandering at the expense of honest and dedicated officers is, unfortunately, de rigueur here".

Anonymous said...

All Moodygate shows is that Rell is a lightweight: "I'll puff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down"

And Farrell doesn't have any cajones at all. She just has a the same old speechwriter with a new spin. Exactly what benchmarks she wants she does not say because she does not know.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that she got only two weeks off, and when a union stewsard supported curry he got longer demotion. Just another example of the ins in hartford taking care of them self. It was well known in memos written about political involvement from adminstrative services and the appointed officials manualthat all officials see given. As far as Rubin goes she us just window dessing and. Shoud be let go.