Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Primary Results

Post primary results here. A few results are trickling in here and there. Post them as they come in!

In what will probably be the big story, Mayor Michael Jarjura of Waterbury lost to challenger Karen Mulcahy. Story here and here.

Apparently Joyce Chen won in New Haven.

Update 9:44pm

From the surprisingly helpful Norwich Bulletin:

Canterbury Board of Selectmen (R)
The top two vote-getters will appear on the November ballot
Neil Dupont 295
Christopher Johnson 326
Leslie “Lee” Wrigley 241
Wayne Fletcher 211

Stirling Board of Selectmen (D)

John Firlik 67
John Folco 55

Putnam Board of Selectmen (R)

The top four vote-getters will appear on the November ballot.
Frederick Hedenberg 85
Owen Tarr 75
Carol Bazinet 51
Cynthia Peterson 46
Shirley Serafin 46

(Looks like a tie for the last one: recount time)

Plainfield Board of Selectmen (D)

Top two will be on the ballot:
Kevin Cunningham 424
Scott Charlwood 397
Donald Gladding 389
Albert “Bert” Brunsdon 404

Cunningham defeated incumbent First Selectman Donald Gladding.

10:00pm Update

From theHartford Courant

Stratford Mayor (D)
James Miron 1,046
Dennis Broedlin 587
Robert Calzone 563

Stratford Mayor (R)
Dominic Costello 1,119
Thomas Moore 987
Edward Goodrich 755

10:36pm Update

From Hamden Daily News:

Craig Henrici wins Hamden mayoral primary over Mayor Carl Amento with 61% of the vote. No numbers yet.

Several incumbent town leaders (Jarjura, Amento, Gladding) defeated tonight.

It was close in Waterbury:

Mulcahy: 3300
Jarjura: 3046

See comments for more results.


Aldon Hynes said...

I've also received an email that Jim Miron won the Democratic primary in Stratford.

Anonymous said...

Craig Henrici won over incumbent Mayor Carl Amento in todays Democratic primary in Hamden by about 1000s votes.

Anonymous said...

(WTNH, Sept. 13, 2005) _ Here are the candidates for Mayor and First Selectman in today's primary election.

* indicates incumbent.


Mayoral Races

Craig Henrici (D) 2,973
*Carl Amento (D) 1,960

Anthony Colandrea,Jr. (R) 218
Glenn Colby (R) 137

Domenic Costello (R) 1,119
Thomas Moore (R) 987
*Edward Goodrich (R) 755

*James Miron (D)
Dennis Broedlin (D)
Robert Calzone (D)

Karen Mulcahy (D) (Final numbers not in)
*Michael Jarjura (D)

First Selectman
Robert Burke (R) 546
*Judy Novachek (R) 364

*Neil Dupont (R)
Leslie Wrigley (R)

*Timothy Irwin (R)
Timothy Mrowka (R)

*Mary Johnson (D)
Robert Johnson (D)

*Donald Gladding (D)
Kevin Cunningham (D)

*John Firlik (D)
Jimmy Folco Jr. (D)

*John Izzo (R) 658
R. Gavin Anderson (R) 600

*Michael Eldredge (R)
Robert Lisiewski (R)

Genghis Conn said...

Unofficial Waterbury numbers:



Anonymous said...

Here are the results from the Democratic primary for Windsor Town Council:

Paul Broxterman 452
Lenworth Walker 432

Tim Curtis 1135
Bill Herzfeld 983
Cathy Moreton 1035
Al Simon 1039
Don Trinks 1089

This, after three party-endorsed candidates declined the endorsement and joined the two other challenge candidates to force a primary. Their slate won a lopsided victory.

Genghis Conn said...

A link to WTNH's list of results:


Dave Mooney said...

Just checking in from Stratford. My man Jim Miron did very well. The raw numbers are above, but the percentages tell the real story:

Miron: 48%
Broedlin: 27%
Calzone: 26%

Also, there was a Democratic primary in Stratford's 4th District Councilman. Mike Singh ran against endorsed, incumbant Councilman Angelo Stavola. Stavola won the primary 103 (60%) to 70 (40%).

Also, the Republican mayoral primary was a split decision:
Costello: 39%
Moore: 34%
Goodrich: 26%

Goodrich was the endorsed candidate but the endorsement took 13 ballots as Moore's support and some of Costello's support faded over to Goodrich. Whom the establishment Republicans will throw their support behind remains an unknown because Costello is a polarizing candidate and another Republican, Jonathan Best, has petitioned to run in November. The November ballot contains five candidates in all: Miron (D), Costello (R), Best (R), Bill O'Brien (I) and Tom Carroll (I).

As a reminder, this is an open seat election for Stratford's first Mayor. We revised our charter in '03 to enact a strong-mayor form of government, doing away with a council/manager form.

Dave Mooney said...

What's up with WTNH not having the Stratford D results? It's been official for a couple of hours now and they were at town hall! :)

Anonymous said...

This just in from Waterbury...

The only Aldermanic defeat in Waterbury for the Jarjura slate was Sandra Ramirez's loss to the Mulcahy candidate.

Jarjura, and one Aldermanic seat. Rather odd, don't you think?

There is a story in that, but I'm not telling stories out of school.

Genghis Conn said...

The New Haven Independent has good coverage of aldermanic races in New Haven.

Aldon Hynes said...

The Yale Daily News also has a good article on the New Haven aldermanic race.