Monday, September 19, 2005

Open Forum

Ernest Newton submitted his official resignation today around 1pm. A special election for his replacement will take place during the first few weeks of November. Because voting machines are sealed for two weeks following an election, and state elections cannot by law take place on the same day as municipal ones, it may be difficult to get voting machines. Perhaps Hartford, which isn't having elections this year, can loan them some.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan stopped by the city of President Bush's birth and college education yesterday. Sheehan drew about 1,000 people or so, according to estimates; apparently none of them city or state leaders.

What else is going on?


DeanFan84 said...

Re Cindy in New Haven.

I was happy to see New Haven Board of Aldermen President, Jorge Perez in attendance, -- as well as the reliable John Olson.

Yes, many of us were disappointed that John DeStefano didn't show up for the event. You'd think Cindy deserved more respect from New Haven's lead Democrat.

I estimated the crowd at 700-800 people. Given that people came and went, the 1000 person attendance number is probably spot on.

Most moving moment was when they started reading off the names of all the CT people killed in Iraq. It went on for at least five minutes as they read somewhere around 50 names. The crowd was just movingly quiet. Then they played taps. Incredibly beautiful, but sad.

DeanFan84 said...

I misspelled John Olsen's name. And I forgot to point out that he is CT's president of the AFL-CIO.

MikeCT said...

Some random local political sites:

State Senator Bill Finch has a regularly updated blog.

Jim Vumbaco is running for Mayor of Wallingford against a way-too-long-term (over two decades) Republican incumbent. His father, Rocco, was the last Democratic Mayor of Wallingford.

Roberta Willenkin is a candidate for for first selectman of Madison.

Also, this is not a political blog, but CT Windows on the Natural World is a cool guide to things to see and do in the outdoors of Connecticut. Great photos, too.

FrankS said...

The New Haven Register reported today that the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that New Haven's civil service practices violated the law, that critics say opened the process to favoritism and cronyism "The Supreme Court saw this for what it was — an attempt by city officials to thwart the charter so they can hire and promote their friends."

I will be interested to see how Mayor DeStefano addresses this finding, after appealing the initial court decision.