Monday, September 12, 2005

Municipal Primaries Tuesday

Election Alert: Municipal Primaries September 13th!
Results Here

Municipal primaries will be held all over the state on Tuesday, September 13th. The Courant has a nice overview of some of the important races, and has a full list of which towns are holding primaries. My list, which is incomplete, lists a few of the cities and towns and the politicians running for office. I got most of them.

The most intresting primary by far is being held in Stratford, where three candidates from each party are contending for the mayoral nomination. This is the first time a mayoral election has been held in Stratford, and apparently the race is hotly contested.

Another primary to watch will be the Democratic mayoral race in Waterbury. This is what passes for the general election in Waterbury, long dominated by Democrats (although the opposition Independent Party has made strong gains of late). A slate of challengers led by mayoral candidate Karen Mulcahy is taking on Mayor Michael Jarjura.

For those interested in New Haven politics, contentious primaries are being held for aldermanic seats all over that city.

Hartford is not having primaries this year, as the new city charter provides for four-year terms instead of two. Hartford is one of the few Connecticut municipalities to have four year terms for its elected officials.

I will post results as they become available on Tuesday and Wednesday. I encourage you to post the results that I will inevitably miss.


Shonu said...

Something else going on Tuesday, September 13 besides municipal races is a huge event in the campaign for Governor. Mayor DeStefano is going to be announcing the first major political endorsement of the campaign tomorrow (Tues) at 9:45 a.m. on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford. Check out later for more information.

Genghis Conn said...

All right, I'll keep an eye out to see who it is. If it's Bysiewicz, Blumenthal or Sullivan, I'll be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Here's a hint. Her name is Rosa DeLauro.

CT_Guy said...

Delauro? That's news? Of course she has to endorse him, that's her home territory. Honestly I'm surprised she hasn't yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's ever endorsed a candidate in a primary for governor before? Anyone else know for sure?