Friday, September 30, 2005

Open Forum

Municipal elections are starting to get more interesting. A lot of municipal candidates have websites this time around (far too many to list here right now), and I'm even starting to hear some radio advertisements for candidates. I heard one today attacking the mayor of Middletown for messing up a new high school project.

One of the pieces of campaign finance I hope will pass (if anything passes) is the option for municipalities to use public financing of campaigns. There can be some pretty large disparities at the local level.

What else is happening today?


MikeCT said...

Here's a look at some of the more obscure and colorful candidates in Connecticut politics:

Alexander Kanevsky, Republican candidate for Governor, doesn't have a campaign site, exactly, but here are excerpts from his modest self-description on his artist Web site:
* "Like nobody before in the history of mankind, he's shocking and smashing. He's shattering our senses, quaking our souls, and blowing our minds."
* "leading and revolutionary contemporary artist"
* "World's Most Extraordinary and Unique Painter"
* "U.S. Media Celebrity on Frontier of Culture and Politics"
* "Super Renaissance Man!"
Watch out Jodi! You're no match for the renaissance man. In an ironic quote, John DeStefano says, "Alexander, I hope you continue to challenge us. It would be a dull place if it weren't for people like you."

Kevin Miner, former SCSU student, is registered as a Democratic candidate for Governor. In a New Haven Register article (posted on Kanevsky's site), he promises, "We’re going to keep it small." And since the CT Constitution requires that a Governor be at least 30 years of age, he will not be on the CT ballot. That should keep his vote totals sufficiently tiny. I can't disagree with his few position statements, though.

David Bedell, Green candidate for Constable of Stamford, offers a promise sure to win over the voters: "four-season delivery by bicycle—clean, quiet, and unthreatening," with "no firearms carried or needed". I've had enough of those trigger-happy, gas-guzzling constables myself. Got to love his graphics, too.

Mel Thompson, the most obscure Secretary of State candidate, was forced to drop out before anyone knew he was running. And he has a few choice parting words for incumbent Susan Bysiewicz, who fibbed to thousands about not returning to the Secy of State race: "I am not going to lie to the public about my view that what Susan has done is break her word to the people of this state and the other candidates. What Susan has done today is disrespect the state of Connecticut. I wish her luck." Yeah, and don't trip on your way out the door, Susan.

Bill Davis, a playwright and Green candidate for Congress in the 5th District, says this of his "Religion/Spirituality" platform: "The integrated experience of being alive and healthy in your homeland is a transcendent reality." Far out, man!

Aldon Hynes said...

I guess it says something (I'm not sure what, and whether it is positive or negative), that I've met two of the candidates that Mike has listed.

I met Kevin Miner at a progressive political event earlier this year. He's a nice guy.

I've also know David Bedell for quite a while. He is working hard to build a Green presence in Fairfield county. He's doing a good job of it too.

Darek Shapiro is the Green candidate running for Mayor in Stamford. Darek is a good guy and unlike the Republican Mayoral candidate in Stamford, is actually bringing some new ideas the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting slip up by our AG in this fox61 podcast clip... Is this a sign of things to come?

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