Friday, September 16, 2005

Newton Places Blame Elsewhere

Apparently, when Sen. Ernest Newton resigned, he blamed everyone but himself.

The media, the racist FBI, and racial injustice in general took the brunt of his invective.

A choice Newton quote: "I have been the Moses of my people and all I've ever asked for is to let justice be served." (Pazniokas)

"Moses?" I'm not sure what to make of the racial elements of Newton's speech. Does he really believe that race played a part in the FBI "targeting" him? ...Did it? I have a hard time believing that, especially following Warren Godbolt's admission that he bribed him.

As for who will replace him, the Connecticut Post has interviews with many possible candidates, including Bridgeport NAACP chair and Newton supporter Carolyn Nah, community activist Cecil Young, Rep. Robert Keeley (D-Bridgeport) and others.

A special election has to be called within 56 days of Newton's resignation letter being delievered to the Secretary of the State. Late October/early November are the most likely times, although a state legislative election can't take place on the same day as a municipal one.


Disgusted Dem said...

Two comments:

1) Ernie Newton is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. Rather than go with a shred of dignity to defend himself, he calls everyone a racist and calls himself Moses (really, did he do anything for Bridgeport?) I am ashamed to be a Democrat today, and hope he finds time with his soulmate John Rowland.

2) The special can't be held the same day as the municipal? Genghis, are you sure? Because that gives the Republicans a shot (although a long shot) at the seat. Special elections have such low turnout that funny things can happen. Ernie has DOUBLY screwed us over if this is true.

-Disgusted Dem

P.S. Genghis-- thanks for the tip about "other". I will use a handle from now on....although I have to find a better one than what I feel tonight!

Genghis Conn said...

Disgusted Dem,

I'm sure. The Post article quotes Bysiewicz saying so.

Disgusted Dem said...


You are right! Very interesting...and the Post also says there cannot be a primary, but everyone can petition on if they don't get their party's nomination. Could be 10 names on the ballot! If nine Democrats run and one Republican, that Republican has a shot!

Also, it will likely be a paper ballot, so fraud could play a larger role than normal!